“You are my home, and I will always come back to you.”

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“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,

You make me happy when skies are grey,

You’ll never know dear how much I love you,

Please don’t take my sunshine away…”

(I actually got inspired by a situation I had in deathmatch, where my team’s Mercy hid somewhere, and I found her sitting with enemy’s Genji and “singing” this song on a chat Until their Symmetra came and killed her)

Mark: oh my god! Had you seen what hyuck did??? That was amazing😍😍😍

Jeno: he just breathed

Mark: i know right it was amazing 😍 the prince of breathing 😍 the air is shookth 😍

Donghyuck: *smiles*

Mark: *opens up the camera on his phone* YOU’RE DOING AMAZING SWEETIE!!!😍

Their First Date

-Slytherin planned their first date because when he asked Hufflepuff to plan their date, she asked this question.

-“What should we do on our first date?”

-“What did you do on your first date?”

-“Ermmmm, I had a date before.”

-Slytherin face palmed but was happy secretly because

-‘Guess I don’t have to kill anyone’

-You thought they will go on some adventure? Hahaha, no. They just went to Hogsmeade.

-Because “Slytherin, I know you’re an adventurous person but I just want to have a normal date because I don’t want to feel too tired after the date.”

-“You mean 'too tired’?”

-“Oh my God, NO”

-Just like everyone who went to Hogsmeade, they went to The Three Broomsticks to have some Butterbeer.

-“Will I get drunk after I drink Butterbeer?”

-“It’s okay. I will carry you”

-“That’s not the point!”

-While waiting for their Butterbeer, there was silence but it was a comfortable one.

-Hufflepuff get a little bit boring so she took off one of the glove from Slytherin’s hand and observe his fingers.

-“Your finger’s bone structure is so nice”

-“Please stop squeezing my fingers.” But secrely hoping she will continue squeezing his fingers because it felt kind of comforting.

-Slytherin felt a little bit disappointed when Hufflepuff stopped squeezing his fingers because she wanted to drink Butterbeer.

-This was actually the first time that Hufflepuff drank Butterbeer and didn’t notice the bubbles were on her lips.

-“You look cute when you have a small moustache on your face”

-And his signature smirk

-“You too”

-Slytherin blushed a little bit when he saw Hufflepuff’s smirk. Unfortunately, Hufflepuff didn’t notice.

-“I think I’m a bit tipsy”

-“You just had a tiny sip”

-“What if I’m drunk?”

-“I told you I can carry you”

-“Are you that strong?”

-“You wanna try?”

-“I think you should just drink your Butterbeer”

-When they walked out of The Three Broomstick, almost all the people on the street are couples.

-Hufflepuff was a bit nervous because she saw most of the couples were holding hands but both of them weren’t.

-Slytherin sensed her worries.

-He held her hand and led her towards to the next destination.

-He smirked (not evil smirk) to himself after he saw Hufflepuff was blushing.

-It seems like making her blush was his ultimate accomplishment.

-Before they reach their next destination, Hufflepuff got distracted by the small clothing store at the corner.

-“Why should we go there?”

-“I’ve never seen this store around here so we should check it out.”

-They were looking at those beanies and Hufflepuff just can’t stop squeezing those beanies.

-“Why do you have to squeeze all the things you see?”

-“Because they’re soft and fluffy?” And she tilted her head a little bit

-“Help me, Merlin”

-When Slytherin turned to Hufflepuff, he didn’t see her.

-He thought he lost her.


-Before he went out to find her, someone tapped his shoulder. It was Hufflepuff.

-“I bought you this scarf so you won’t get cold. I wanted to buy the pastel blue scarf but then I remember you like darker colours so I chose this dark blue scarf.”

-“Please tell me where you are going to next time. I almost had heart attack”


-Slytherin just made Hufflepuff wait there and he walked towards the cashier and then came back when a beanie.

-He put the beanie on Hufflepuff’s head.

-“Don’t forget your ears also need to be warm.”

-“Thank you” Hufflepuff thanked Slytherin with a cute smile.

-“Stop doing this” Slytherin hold Hufflepuff’s hand and walked away from the shop.

-“Doing what?”

-“Being cute”

-“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What if I don’t?”

-“Well, you can try”

-“Hmmmm. Okay. I’ll try again next time.”

-Before they reach their next and final destination, Slytherin forced Hufflepuff to close their eyes.




-“I will eat all the bacons on your plate from now on if you refuse to close your eyes”

-“So as long as I don’t put my bacons on my plate, you won’t eat it?”


-Slytherin took their scarf and wrapped around Hufflepuff’s eyes.


-Slytherin ignored her and “pushed” her to their next dating place.

-When he unwrapped the scarf, Hufflepuff almost squealed because he brought her to a book shop she never went before.

-She hugged Slytherin and almost squeezed his soul out of his body.


-“Oh my Lord, you’re squeezing me again. And I’m almost 6 feet tall”

-When Hufflepuff entered that book store, she was even more thrilled and her mouth opened even bigger becase that book store sold those books she liked - novel. By novel, I mean not those novels they can found in wizarding world but those novels from muggle world.

- Slytherin was smiling to himself and felt like he was the luckiest person in the world because he just made his precious smol bean’s day.




-“Maybe we can buy other books when we come here next time,” and pat her head.

-Hufflepuff gave him a big grin.

-“If you said so”

-Hufflepuff spent almost three hours in that book store and ended up buying almost ten books because you could never get enough of books.

-“So what do we do next?”

-“I’m afraid this is the end of our first date.” Slytherin said it with a sad smile because he didn’t want to end this date so quickly.

-“Maybe we can go to Astronomy Tower when we get back to Hogwarts”

-“For what? It’s cold up there”

-“To watch snow”

-“As you wish”

-Hufflepuff slightly squeezed Slytherin’s hand when she heard him quoting Princess Bride’s reference.

-And for the first time, Slytherin had no problem with Hufflepuff squeezing his hand.