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Okay. I’m gonna clear something up. I defended Shiori yesterday and people are assuming I’m “excusing Shiori’s crap because of her age.”

No. I admit I didn’t make this clear, so let me clear it up: what Shiori did to Juri was bad. And there is no excuse for it. At all.

But, Juri isn’t a perfect person either.  And calling Shiori a pathetic leech is not cool.

So. My point. Shiori wanted to make Juri hurt. And she did. She made Juri hurt. But not in the way that Shiori thought she did. As Juri herself says, “Shiori is innocently cruel.”

I get not liking Shiori. I get that. But she doesn’t deserve all the hate she gets. And I wish I made that clear in the post where I defended her.

Because Shiori is an awesome and interesting character once you look past the “what a bitch” facade.

*sighs and slumps*