shiori edits


少女革命ウテナ画集 The hard core of UTENA, 2013

shiori is a severely anxious 13/14yo EDIT: 15yo with low self esteem and internalised homophobia who believes the girl she likes only hangs around with her because she pities the pathetic her, and who avoids talking to her or listening when she tries to apologise and open up about her feelings. she lashes out in a hurtful way in order to try and feel better about herself but only feels worse and more confused… and is then manipulated by a man she liked and still thinks the girl she likes is laughing at her because juri hadn’t shown any interest in her except after shiori was humiliated in public……… and even after all that she’s shown to be trying to open up again and build a better relationship w juri

shiori was mean, yes, cruel like nanami was, but ultimately it takes two to tango and she’s not some evil demon like certain people make her out to be

i have a better post to make on this at a later date but just venting rn it makes me so sad and annoyed to see shiori hate and especially when juri is made out as having done nothing wrong or bad to shiori (or anyone) whatsoever


“This place offers heroes eternal dreams. But it seems you’re unworthy of them.”

↳ (  Μορφευς ) Modeler Morpheus, the Dream God who shapes the dreams of Kings and Heroes (¾)