Shioka, Shironuri Enthusiast

I tend to kill off my characters and then feel guilty and make them live again in a new body because I screwed pretty bad the last one so I can’t really use it again. Dunno, soul theory in my universe?

Anyway, meet Kru. 


2/∞ Favorite Characters: Ikeuchi Shioka from 1 Litre of Tears (portrayed by Yakushimaru Hiroko)

But Aya, thanks to you a lot of people started to think about the meaning of their lives.They started to appreciate that they could live normally through each day with warmth and happiness.They’ve realized their affection for those close to them.The people with the same illness as you have realized they aren’t alone.The words born from all the tears you shed have reached the hearts of so many people. So, Aya… wherever you are, please don’t cry anymore.”