shinzart asked:

What is the name of the meme that's used in your recent post parodying The Creation of Adam? I'm always trying find her but don't know the proper name :/

as far as i know, it’s a nameless meme at this point. 
i’m sure tumblr will give it a name within the week :p

Tumblin' down, tumblin' down...

Well I suppose it’s time to “Get on the Tumblr” as my Grandmother says. I was kind of dreading adding yet another social media site to my ever expanding repertoire…  Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Reddit, Digg, and the list goes on. I suppose they go in and out like the tides. Things just move so much more quickly on the internetz. The life cycle of a meme is lucky if it makes it more than a week before becoming fodder to over 40 office workers chuckling awkwardly at their peers desk and shouting periodically “oh watch this part, look at this!” in their desperate plea for acceptance/attention.

But enough of that. Anything you absolutely must know about me can be found via my website. I’m a Graphic Designer, went to school in Charleston, born and grew up in Brooklyn. Yadda yadda yadda. 

I’ll post more later.


If you’re lucky.

Thanks for visiting.

In exchange for your patience and undying patronage here is a random picture. Part of you may be wondering why this crudely drawn image a of a unicorn is seemingly farting out stars and rainbows but the joke’s you. That is what actually gives the unicorn its magical powers. Duh…

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