New giveaway blog

My friend milesupshitcreek and I are collaborating officially on the blog shinygiveaway! (It’s not exactly a ‘new’ blog, although it’s the first time I’m truly bringing this up) Sheimi mainly puts together the giveaways and retrieves the Pokemon while I create most of the art!

It will be hosting giveaways involving charities, as well as general giveaways, so if you could go check it out and possibly even follow it would be great! Feel free to check out the about page! ;v;




Today for Farfetch’d’s Birthday I’m giving away a SINGULAR box of Shiny- Yes that’s right finally! SHINY Farfetch’d.
It’s a Male.
It’s Level 33.
You can use these modifiers to avoid getting sniped.
Now I can always clone more in case you get sniped, but don’t be mistaken we are keeping track of IGN’s so that people don’t get greedy. You CAN ask for more than one, but ONLY if we don’t have enough people in the first few hours that deposit.

Here’s what Farfetch’d wants. 
For today, we’ll make it nice and easy. Wondertrash. 
WE WILL TAKE ZIGZAG OR POOCHYENA! Just be sure to send us a message and let us know which one you used. 
The code we will use today is Umbreonest25. 
That’s Umbreonest25.

Remember, we are limited to a SINGULAR box of them today. 
Get them while they’re hot, and if you read our last post, you know why already! If you haven’t go ahead and go check it out! You won’t be disappointed C:

Shiny Delibird Giveaway

So while organizing my PC boxes and transferring my Pokemon from Y to Alpha Sapphire, I realized I have more shiny Pokemon then I had thought. Winner would be announced 12/29/14 (Since I’ll be back from visiting family) Reblogs and Likes are 1 entry each. You don’t have to follow this page, that’s optional. 

Name: Charity (Female) 

Type: Ice/Flying

ID No: 52843

Nature: Modest

Characteristic: Sturdy Body

Hustle - Boosts the Attack stat,but lowers accuracy

regram @galaxy_cosmic
Hey guys so here is a new giveaway. Ik i have not done one in awile soo heres a 30 box shiny pokemon giveaway !!! All pokemon are shiny except 4 legendaries. I wont say so ill let yall figure it out (; anyway there will be 5 winners wach winner will pick a line that is different from the others. Here are the lines-
1. Darkrai package
2. Giratina package
3. Arceus package
4. Suicune package
5. Darkrai package2
Every single one of these pokemon is holding a different item. Some are good others are bad but its all in the line luck. Anyway rules of Entry are
1. Must be following me
2. Repost, tag me, and Hashtag #Galaxys30PokemonGiveaway
3. You can enter only once but if you shout me out you get another entry
4. Ends at 700 followers
So goodluck to all of you!! #pokemon #pokemony #pokemon4ever #30pokemon #biggiveaway #shinypokemon #shinygiveaway #anothergalaxygiveaway #galaxy #enter #shoutout #goodluck #legendaries #thempackages

anonymous asked:

I'm not quite trans but i wanna ask something to clear it up, are these shinies bred to specification? Are the EV's pre-set up and since the gender can be chosen does that mean you have two of them and plan on utilizing the name rater?

I will clarify now that it does not matter whether you are trans or not, you can still enter the giveaway and be involved! It’s simply to give some love to all the lovely trans people in the Pokémon community, or all of Tumblr really! ovo (There was a question similar to that on the giveaway blog so I felt I should specify)

And secondly, all that I know of is any information in the giveaway post itself, so any questions on the details on the Pokémon will need to be directed to milesupshitcreek or just our shinygiveaway blog in general! I would try to answer although my knowledge is limited and I’m currently on mobile ;v;

Done Giving out Solosis!

The rest of these babies are going into WTW (: Congrats to those who got them on their new shiny friends!! <3

Favorite Nicknames during these giveaways!:

- Ralph (Classic)
- Hey Jude (Don’t make it bad! Take a sad song and make it better~)
- yes (of course!)
- Pearl (Mr. Krabs’ Daughter, the whale?)
- 3ivs!!!! (How wonderful :DD)
- Peaches (and cream <3)

ON A HAPPY NOTE! :D Tomorrow is dwultachill ‘s birthday!!! He will be doing a special giveaway of his favorite non-legendary pokemon (: (he’s not dead. i reassure you. just busy with life.) AAAAAAAND Wednesday is my birthday!! So I will be doing the same; my favorite non-legendary pokemon! <3

We are SO close to 250 followers! I’ll do a special giveaway if we can reach that many :D just 11 more followers to go! Please promote us and tell your followers about us so they can get awesome shinies too!

Until tomorrow, everyone have a wonderful night and we’ll see ya then ^w^

- maybe-dreaming

It has been a while since my last #shinygiveaway I’ve been very Busy!! To celebrate my birthday, which is Halloween, I’ll be doing several #pokemongiveaway starting tonight. In a hour or so I’ll post the Pokémons for tonight giveaway and how you can get them. I’ll keep you guys on the loop #pokemoncontest #pokemongiveaway #shinypokemon #pokemonxy #halloween #pokemon #ghosttype #pokehalloween