Revolutionary Girl Utena (少女革命ウテナ)

Animation drawings from the final two episodes, with key frames and corrections by key animator Akemi Hayashi (林明美) for episode #38, “The Ends of the World” and art by character designer Shinya Hasegawa (長谷川眞也) for episode #39, “Someday, Shine Together.” 


Rei and Asuka taking a walk on a snowy day in Tokyo illustrated by Shinya Hasegawa (長谷川 眞也) for Animage’s February issue of 1996 ! This classic art work was featured in “Groundwork of Evangelion, Vol.1″ (Amazon US / JP), published by GAINAX in Oct. 14th of 2000 ! 

Note: The tv series ended a month later…


[EPISODE] 131. Catch Pegasus! The Amazon’s Trap.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS

Kana: ペガサスを捕らえろ! アマゾンの罠
Romaji: Pegasasu o Toraero! Amazon no Wana

Original Air Date: March 25, 1995

Director: Yuji Endo
Writer: Genki Yoshimura
Animation Director: Shinya Hasegawa

Plot: Tiger’s Eye uses Naru as bait in his plan to capture Pegasus.


  • The author of the book that Tiger’s Eye was reading was S. Hasegawa. This was a reference to the episode’s animation director.
  • During the scene on the bridge, there was a billboard that read “SMSS Saturdays 7:00 PM.”


  • This was Genki Yoshimura’s first episode as a writer.


  • This episode featured Naru and Umino’s final official appearances in the television series. The couple did briefly appear in Ami’s First Love, though. In episode 151, two background characters at Fruit Parlor Crown resembled Naru and Umino.


  • Cloverway’s English dub (titled “Baiting the Trap”):

    The part where Tiger’s Eye tried to kiss Naru/Molly before she shoved him was removed from the television airing.

    When the monster revealed her knives, Sailor Moon mistakenly referred to the weapons as balls.

  • The original Korean dub:

    All episodes with the Amazon Trio were omitted.


  • The Dead Moon Circus
  • Ice Cream Frozen Beach
  • Hikawa Shrine
  • Mog Mog Burger
  • The Umino Residence

Animedia Illustrations Selection (Animedia - February 1998).

-Top left: Evangelion by Shinya Hasegawa (04/1996) 
-Bottom left: Macross 7 by Haruhiko Mikimoto (11/1994)
-Top right: Sonic Soldier Borgman illustration (no name for the artist) (07/1989)
-Middle right: Tenkū Senki Shurato by Masaaki Kannan (08/1988)
-Bottom right: The Irresponsible Captain Tylor by Tomohiro Hirata (06/1994).


[EPISODE] 48. For Love and Justice! A Sailor Senshi Once Again.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R

Kana: 愛と正義ゆえ! セーラー戦士再び
Romaji: Ai to Seigi Yue! Seeraa Senshi Futatabi

Original Air Date: March 13, 1993

Director: Yuji Endo
Writer: Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Animation Director: Shinya Hasegawa

Plot: Sailor Moon is reunited with the other Sailor Senshi when another cardian attacks.


  • Kae Araki played Usagi/Sailor Moon until Kotono Mitsuishi recovered from her illness. Kotono returned in episode 51, and Kae later voiced Chibiusa.
  • Mikan Shiratori from episode seven reappeared here.
  • TV Ashita’s name was inspired by TV Asahi, the network that aired Sailor Moon during its initial run in Japan “Ashita” means “tomorrow,” and “asahi” translates to “morning sun.“


  • This was Shinya Hasegawa’s first episode as animation director.


  • DiC’s English dub (titled "So You Want to be in Pictures”):

    The word “transform” was added to the transformation phrases (i.e., “Mars Power Transform”). Rather than cutting the quadriptych of the girls saying “Make Up,” the dub’s voice actors collectively shouted “Scout Power.”


  • The Tsukino Residence
  • Juuban Odyssey
  • TV Ashita
  • Juuban Municipal Junior High School
  • Hikawa Shrine