I’m late, again, but this one took a long time to create. I’ve struggled with Byakkomaru, I really did, for I never even tried to draw a tiger before. All this fur and the stripes aren’t really something I’m familiar with at all and there’s no way I’m attempting him anytime soon again. I love the white tiger demon, I really do, but he’s just way too difficult for me.

Enough of that, happy belated birthday, Bread Boy! May you be blessed with lots of love and free toast!

Guren: I love Mahiru even if she’s a demon and she killed a lot of innocent people.


Guren: I love Mahiru even if she’s a demon.


Guren: I love Mahiru.


Guren: Mahiru.



Shinya: -Growll ~ /Do I look like a zombie? )0))/

Shinoa: -Gaoww~
Shinya: -Growll?…~

Shinya: -Growll!..
Shinoa: -Gaowww!!!
Shinya: /They aren’t speaking like this! It must be like a../ -…Groowwwwlllll !
Shinoa: -Gurgurgur!
Shinya: -… /What is that?…/

Kureto: Grrrrrrrr…

It was drawn to Russian ask group of ons~
( ´・ω・`)_且~


i was rewatching owari no seraph and honestly guren needs to take his own advice sometimes

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