“Thanks for helping me to get him back.” Sango said when in front of the inn with a drunk Masahiko resting on him and Shinya, the name belonging to the stranger they met. Slightly tipsy himself, it was not smart to go back alone as neither knew the way so their new friend walked them home, to the inn at least.

Once getting back inside they were greeted by one of the staff, giggling softly the girl noticed that the boys made their first night in town unforgettable or very forgettable. “Shinya, can you carry him to his room? It is up the stairs and then to your right. The room number is on his key in his pocket. I just really got to use the bathroom.” Sango said before leaving Masahiko in his care.

“Look Shin…ya! Tree!” Masahiko pointed out while hiccupping in between his words while looking at the Christmas tree that Saburo and Xavi decorated that day. “So pretty…where is Sang?” He then randomly asked while going up the stairs.


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