A long time ago, in a region far, far away.. I was wandering through the ole Hoenn Safari Zone in Pokemon Emerald when out of the blue, a pink little Wooper showed up. Well, me being the dumb 13 year old(at the time, this was 2007 wowie) that I was, I had no idea just the significance this Wooper in particular held. I had no clue what a shiny Pokemon was or that they even existed. But, I knew there was something about this Wooper that made me HAVE to catch it. But, being the Safari Zone and all, I knew there was a risk that I wouldn’t. I chucked the first ball. It broke out. I chucked the second ball. Guess what? It broke out. But, despite breaking out twice, it stayed. As they say, third time’s the charm and on the third Safari Ball, I managed to catch the little cutie. Fast forward 2 years, I hand off the then Quagsire to a friend to hold onto while I took a break from Pokemon. Well, long story short, he lost it somehow. It took many years for me to gather the heart to start a reclaim hunt for it, and I started just this May(2015), as what I believe to be the perfect 300 YouTube subscriber special. 

5,306 random encounters later, a brilliant, pink Wooper graced my screen again! I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am to have found this incredible shiny once again! And this time I won’t lose it, ever. I promise! Also, a shoutout to the 237 of you that follow this blog! I really appreciate your support more than anything! 

Until next time, best of luck on all of your endeavors!


Yay! More Wooper quilt progress!! The long strips lower down will be sewed Into the tight squares like the higher up spot! So even though they look awkward now, they’re only jumbled up. Again I take no credit for the pattern, it was a cross-stitch pattern I found on google images, but apparently it’s from, by makibird (hopefully I spelled that right! >.<) I take no credit for the pattern, only the work that’s gone into this XD