there’s a program named keybv, created by a programmer named kaphotics, that helps you view hidden information about a pokemon. it’s not a “hack” in terms of game modification; it simply helps you view data you cannot see in normal gameplay in pokemon xy. anyone can use this program (if you use mac, run it on wine or bootcamp, etc)

here’s the program:

the data you can view includes ivs, evs, ability, nature, egg shiny values (esv), and trainer shiny values (tsv). so this is why shiny values are significant: your trainer id and secret id (you cannot see the latter in your game) generate a static tsv. an egg, when it is generated, is assigned a random esv. if someone hatches an egg with an esv that matches their tsv, the egg will hatch as a shiny pokemon

so how can you find people that match up with the eggs you want shiny? go over to /r/svexchange on reddit ( which is a community based around shiny hatching. you can also read more details about it than what i have covered there

you can find someone to hatch your egg there, but please also consider giving back to the community by posting your tsv on that subreddit and offering to help hatch eggs too. the more people who post their tsvs and offer to help out others, the EASIER it will be for EVERYONE to find matches for eggs and not have to go through more breeding just to get new ones. take a glance at their rules before doing stuff there though


p.s. yes this is the sequel to instacheck

Hey guys so Im having no luck with ralts eggs and Ive hatched well over 1500 of them with the shiny charm and zilch. So I got my mate to check the shiny value of one of my eggs and its 1335 so if thats anyones trainer shiny value would it be possible for you to hatch it for me. I don’t know if I will find anyone with it but like Ill continue hatching eggs in the meantime. Itd be greatly appreciated! 

My boyfriend wrote this and is sending this letter to Nintendo

Hello. I am writing you to voice my opinion regarding Pokemon X/Y patch 1.2. The following message I am about to express is not only my personal opinion, but at least 95% of the players will agree. As of patch 1.2, Instacheck and Battle Analyzer were no longer usable. From my understanding it is because the pokemon data was previously not encrypted and is now encrypted. Either way that is not the point. My point is that it is AMAZING that Battle Analyzer is gone. With it gone, it completely balances the playing field for everyone. However with the removal of Battle Analyzer, Instacheck had to go as well. Now I (and the whole pokemon community) understand those applications were not made my Nintendo, were 100% exploits, and completely not intended to ever behave been created. That being said, Instacheck was by far the most useful thing ever done for Pokemon by the hacking community for two main reasons: It 100% guaranteed you were not getting scammed in your trade, and it actually allowed players to obtain competition-ready shiny Pokemon (and let’s be realistic, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a 6 31IV shiny). Shinies should not be something you rarely ever encounter and when you do, your shiny will have bad IVs and will get laughed at in competitions. Even with breeding it is not easy to get a Shiny with even close to great IVs, let alone perfect. That is where Instacheck comes in… Instacheck had actually given MORE worth to shinies because they could actually give the player a real fighting chance at getting a high IV shiny and you will actually see people use those in competitions. Now instacheck does not give any player advantage to getting perfect IVS, only shiny value. So instacheck DOES NOT hurt competitive play, only makes it beautiful. My point is, Patch 1.2 was absolutely necessary because Battle Analyzer was a terrible thing to ever have been dreamed up, but Instacheck actually gave shiny pokemon some value and it encouraged people to look for them. If you go on reddit, tumblr, smogon,, literally ANY site dealing with social media and you can find MANY people creating and joining communities completely dedicated to shiny hunting and shiny value checking. It really brought people together and it guaranteed everyone’s safety because you could not get scammed in trade with Instacheck on. All I (and the entire pokemon community) is asking for is a way to guarantee we will not have to deal with malicious traders and a better way to get shinies. It is just a suggestion, but it may be a good idea to encorporate some way to see pokemon ID or shiny value of eggs or SOMETHING to have the player do some math to figure out their egg’s shiny value and find their trainer shiny value. This will give players SO MUCH more to do in the game, give them motivation to keep playing after beating the game, and educate them all at the same time (as it is evident through existing game mechanics that pokemon is not all about fun, but also about learning). There is also currently the ability to mark your pokemon when accessing the PC. This allows you to mark icons representing stats to show which are perfect IVs. If you code in the game to not allow people to mark pokemon and have them automatically marked if statIV=31, that will guarantee trades just as well as instacheck because you know the stats are perfect and the same as what you traded (other than shiny value but you will see if you get a shiny back). These are only some suggestions for X/Y or future releases as MANY people have played into the Instacheck and shiny egg hatching community and really played the game solely because of that. It is greatly disappointing that Battle Analyzer had to come out and push this patch on so quickly, so I hope that Gamefreak will learn from this and try to implement a consistent method for obtaining competition-ready shiny pokemon and to give trading a better sense of security. I understand if what I am suggesting never gets put into play as Instacheck was never the intention of Gamefreak, but it broke the entire Pokemon community’s heart when Instacheck no longer worked. Thank you for your time and consideration while reading this. Pokemon has been an amazing game series since the beginning and only continues to get better with every release and I hope future patches/games will learn from this.

Best Regards, Grant

Shiny Hunting

Spent more hours than is healthy over the last couple days trawling a friend safari for a shiny Charmeleon.  All these people told me shinies appear a lot in Safaris, but I have spent hours upon hours and found nothing. =’(

I’ll make a post soon about trading art for shinies, since that might be the only way I can get any at this rate! I need to spend more time arting, less time playing Pokemon. @_@

I also have Pokerus, so if anyone was interested in trading shinies for infected Pokemon I can do that.

I had someone look up my TSV with Instacheck (I can’t check my stuff since there is no Mac version yet) and it is 2180. (Click here and here for more info if you have no idea what that means.)

(Wish I was smart enough to make something like this.)
Instacheck is dead, but keep your Shiny Values! - Trading & Breeding

Instacheck is dead, but keep your Shiny Values! - posted in Trading & Breeding: A new patch for Pokémon X and Y, Version 1.2, adds encryption to the wireless communications between players in trades and battles.  Fortunately, this patch blocks the use of cheating programs that would allow players to scout their opponents teams.   Unfortunately, the patch also prevents Instacheck from working (for now…) but that doesnt mean that we didnt have a backup plan for allo…

Pokemon Shiny Values & Giveaway

For anyone interested I have some Jolly Riolu and Modest Eevee Eggs with their shiny values listed below. Match your SV and claim an egg! All are free except for ones with ***** next to them, those ones I would like to have returned to me, I can offer Yveltal or just one of these awesome Eevee or Riolu below as compensation. ^_^ Just send me an ask with your FC and which Pokemon you are requesting.

Also, my SV is 2256 and I’m more than happy to hatch a matching SV

I will strikethrough those that get taken.

Read under the cut for the list of Pokemon!

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Shiny Update

It’s been a while since I last showed you guys my shiny collection: So here they are again with what I’ve got so far. Some of these are for trade if you’re interested send an ask. Any shinies you see more than once are not the same one, but rather I have multiples of. If you still have shiny values for your eggs and need the values for 2649 or 634, I am now available to start hatching again.

List of up for grabs!

Froakie (F) - Timid, Torrent, 31\4\2\31\31\31 [3360]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\17\31\2\31 [722]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\21\17\31\31\31 [1037]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\17\31\31\13 [677]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\17\31\31\12 [2435]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\31\31\0\31 [2591]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\31\31\5\31 [2727]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\29\31\31\31 [1134]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 1\18\17\31\31\31 [3518]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Torrent, 31\4\17\31\31\0 [1928]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\31\31\20\31 [2323]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\25\31\31\31 [3043]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\31\31\6\31 [3325]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\31\31\14\31 [683]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\17\6\31\31 [2323]
Froakie (F) - Timid, Protean, 18\4\31\31\31\31 [2613]
Froakie (F) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\31\3\31\31 [3628]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\17\31\31\31\31 [246]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Torrent, 31\4\4\31\31\31 [3305]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\17\31\30\31 [2135]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 14\18\17\31\31\31 [3037]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Torrent, 31\18\17\31\31\2 [3793]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\17\31\31\27 [1313]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Torrent, 31\0\31\31\31\31 [65]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\8\31\31\31 [3091]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Torrent, 31\18\31\31\4\31 [2093]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\9\31\31\31\31 [827]
Froakie (F) - Timid, Torrent, 31\4\11\31\31\31 [3534]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Torrent, 31\18\31\31\10\31 [71]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\31\31\7\31 [1269]

If your ID matches, it’s yours for free

Shiny Update

Thanks to some very kind people who matched the SV’s of some of my eggs I managed to get:

Inque the Mandibuzz (31/19/31/29/31/31)

Saiko the Greninja (31/30/31/30/31/30)

This makes for my second shiny Greninja,but this one was specifically bred for Hidden Power Fire. I am also currently in possession of 3 more Shiny Froakies each with an IV Spread for Hidden Power Fire (31/x/31/30/31/30), for all you competitive battlers out there, if you’d like one, stay tuned for I may be giving two of them away and one away to a friend of mine,