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What about an octopus mermaid, though?

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Cecaelia is the name often given to half-human, half-octopus creatures, though they may also be refereed to as octofolk.

Be very careful searching for images of this species because frankly a creature that is a beautiful human on the top half and gratuitous amounts of tentacles on the bottom half inspires a particular type of art from the internet.

Octopi, and cephalopods in general, have a number of abilities that make them interesting from a fiction or monster perspective.

  • Known to be highly intelligent
  • Willing to leave water
  • Associate with ocean floor, shallows, reefs and shorelines
  • Can change color
  • Masterful mimicry
  • Ink squirting
  • Carnivores

So you have a highly intelligent carnivore, master of disguise, that for some reason looks human on the top half.

Why on ‘Earth’ does this creature resemble a human?

Here is a simple octopus anatomy diagram for your consideration:

(Image Source)

The octopus has no bones, but related species such as the squid and cuttlefish do have an internal shell, which serves a similar function. The Cecalia may have this sort of modified internal shell instead of a skeleton. This internal shell would allow the torso to be held upright, and additional internal shells may also allow the limb to move like a human.

However, this seems too simple to me. In the octopus and its tentacled friends, the mouth is located between the tentacles, and the eyes just above it. You are rearranging a lot of anatomy to move the eyes and mouth far away from their original position onto a humanoid torso, while presumably leaving the anus out of sight where it belongs.

That’s a bit… suspiciously simple.

Then a far more interesting possibility occurred.

The octopus is a master of mimicry.

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What if the top half of the Cecalia is merely an imitation of a human torso?

I wouldn’t put it past a highly intelligent carnivore to mimic the upper half of an attractive human, especially if they have a culture that values shiny things you simply can’t mine under the ocean (gold and other loot)

It’s entirely plausible that the mouth of a Cecalia is still located between the tentacles like a regular octopus, with the real eyes just above the tentacles, but the ‘head’ of the octopus being reshaped to mimic a human. They may then attempt to lure humans into shallow waters to prey upon them.

The implications of such anatomy, where the humanoid torso is essentially an excellent mimicry, are:

  • The humanoid segment can resemble any humanoid, and can change
  • Different individual Cecalia could imitate the same humanoid at different times
  • A bold adventurer could ‘decapitate’ the humanoid torso and only seriously wound the octofolk.
  • Any voice the creature has is likely to emanate from its tentacle region.
  • They may leave the water for a short period of time but will always try to return there for a confrontation.
  • Octopi produce ink and have excellent vision. They are highly likely to be artistic.
  • But they have a completely different evolutionary pathway to humans and are unlikely to share the same goals, motivations to aesthetics.
  • If they have perfected the art of mimicking humans then they likely spend a significant portion of their time either preying on or scavenging from them.
  • Octopus eggs are cared for in batched of hundreds or thousands, and the newly hatched octopi are tiny when they emerge. Imagine all these tiny creatures innately trying to mimic humans but not quite getting it right. Nightmares, anyone?

So as far as an octopus mermaid goes, yes they probably would lure men onto the rocks, they probably would appear beautiful, they might not sing, but they are most definitely dangerous.

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*Suspicious Niffler* Newt x reader

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Hellooooo! May I request an imagine where the reader is pregnant and is scared to tell Newt cause she thinks that he might not want the baby. However, Niffler somehow finds out and starts to take care of her and always cuddle which makes Newt suspicious. Very fluffy ending❤ *sending virtual hug to this amazing writer👐🏻*

*sending virtual hug back in return!* Thanks, hun!

You sat on the couch in your hotel room awaiting Newt’s return. He had head out that afternoon in to the country of Hungary to examine the mating of Hungarian Horntails up close. He advised you to stay and sit this one out; afraid you would get hurt. 

Playing with the lace on your nightgown, you eagerly waited for the door to open and to see the wizard come in. You had some big life changing news for him. You were pregnant! Normally this would call for celebration, but seeing as Newt was currently in the middle of writing his book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, you were afraid that this news would only cause his dream to be put on hold. Newt was working so hard on this book and you knew he was excited to finally finish it. 

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Clones reacting to you giving them a hickey:

These are short and too the point.
TW: Hickey’s, mentions of being intimate

+Not nearly as open about it as Fives, but definitely doesn’t deny it

+He has no problem letting people know that he’s intimate with you, it’s just not his conversation starter. (He’ll let Fives embarrass his S/O)

+”Echo is that a hickey under your ear?” “*swigs his caf* Yep.”
+if he could cut a hole in his armor so people would know, he would.

+he wants everyone to know just how sexy you can be.

+”Fives is that-” “A hickey? yes, my brother, it surely is.” “One of your blasters? Wait what?”

+He’s not embarrassed that it happened at all.

+if someone managed to see it, (through his armor and blacks) he’d blush.

+he’s silently daring anyone to say anything
-”Commander, is tha-” “Shiny, if you value not scrubbing astromechs for the rest of your career, I suggest you stop talking. {insert The Wolffe Glare™}”
+Would probably be embarrassed, but really doesn’t get why it’s such a big deal.

+you’re probably more embarrassed than him.

+”It just means that we made-” “Just pull your collar up!!”

+He’s not embarrassed, but how did you manage to make it the one place his blacks did not completely cover?
-He just knows Anakin will tease him.
-Also then having to explain what a hickey is to a young Ahsoka…
-he’d just rather keep it between the two of you. {cue dirty little secret by American Rejects)

+He’s a blushing mess all day. Even if no one saw / mentioned it.
-”Hey, Tup, is that-” “NO NO IT IS NOT.” “One of your hair ties on the ground?” “Oh. Hehehe… yeah.”
+He’s not embarrassed that you gave him one, but like /his brothers just don’t need to know somethings /

Requested by several anons, I know there was some other Clone requested but I forgot to write him down so whoever requested them please message me so I can fix it! xx

Looking to hatch some shiny Ralts.

Ralts (F) - Calm, Trace, 13\3\31\31\2\29 [87]
Ralts (M) - Calm, Trace, 1\3\31\15\2\31 [2610]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\3\31\31\28\29 [1882]
Ralts (M) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\3\31\16\2\31 [2864]
Ralts (M) - Calm, Trace, 22\2\31\31\2\29 [640]
Ralts (M) - Calm, Trace, 31\3\31\31\2\31 [2469]
Ralts (M) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\3\31\12\31\31 [2166]
Ralts (M) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\2\31\31\26\31 [3910]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Trace, 31\27\31\15\31\29 [3905]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\2\3\15\31\31 [2260]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Trace, 31\2\31\15\31\25 [214]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\3\31\21\31\31 [2531]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\2\31\31\7\29 [2800]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\2\31\15\2\29 [2351]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Trace, 31\2\31\10\2\29 [1092]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\2\31\31\2\23 [1386]
Ralts (M) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\3\22\15\31\31 [756]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\3\13\31\31\31 [336]
Ralts (M) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\1\31\15\2\29 [3434]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\2\31\31\2\31 [3113]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\3\9\31\2\31 [2201]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\24\31\15\2\29 [3618]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\2\31\31\6\29 [4009]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\2\31\15\2\2 [4091]
Ralts (M) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\2\31\17\2\31 [1462]
Ralts (F) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\3\31\15\31\23 [1405]
Ralts (M) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\2\31\15\31\24 [684]
Ralts (M) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\2\31\31\13\31 [3170]
Ralts (M) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\3\7\31\31\31 [619]
Ralts (M) - Calm, Synchronize, 31\3\31\3\31\31 [3498]

Shiny Values are [BOLDED] within the brackets.

The Shiny baby Ralts I want to keep are completely bolded.

Anyone else who have the same shiny values as the rest of the eggs may have them for free. All I want are the 1882 and the 2531 babies. The rest are up for adoption! 

If anyone would like me to hatch any eggs with the Shiny Value of: 1808

Just message me your friend code and I’ll happily hatch it for you.

My Friend Code is: 4167 4861 5620


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I saw that someone else had incorporated Yeen into their D&D setting, and honestly I was just gonna do that! They would meet him on a random encounter and then he'd planeswalk away when they were finished trading.


There’s a few important things for running Yeen!

The first is that he is not aware of his ability to planeswalk. He’s blessed by the D&D god Fharlangan to be able to use roads as a method of planeswalking! So by “taking many steps”, he’s referring to a long travel. Yeen can literally walk from Theros to Ravnica and from his perspective the worlds are all connected by roads.

The second is he does not value gold for being gold. Maybe for being shiny? But he will value wares for wares in all circumstances. I used Yeen as a miscellaneous trader and magic Item reroller. Take whatever item they present Yeen and reroll it, and let Yeen present his version of it!

The third is Yeen has the statistics of a gnoll commoner. Maybe a bite? Possibly? Largely he cannot defend himself. But the gods watch over him



this is my complete collection of 18 shiny vivillon (event vivillon excluded) shown in the order i’ve gotten them in. to make the collecting process a bit more challenging, i’ve had them bred to be 31/xx/31/31/31/31, timid/modest nature, and each in a closely matching pokeball. this meant that i had to enlist people from different areas of the world to help me breed scatterbug and then have the eggs hatched through matching shiny values. collecting everything except meadow vivillon only took me around 2 weeks, then it was around a month until i finally got help with the last one

thank you to everyone who helped out :)

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Rant about kobd

Different castes and different value (shiny vs tough) but they still love each other, and they both have their demons and struggle with them, and Knock Out is fiercely protective of Breakdown’s position in the ‘Con hierarchy and Breakdown is fiercely protective of Knock Out in the physical sense and everyone knows not to mess with them because they are a team and ahhhhhh

Gramander and the Niffler Prompt

I really love the Niffler. He/She is so cute!! We can see that the Niffler is intelligent and truly understand human language. So imagine Graves and the Niffler. Their strange friendship began with the Niffler often stole Graves’ pocket watch (or something shiny and important to Grave). It made Graves annoyed and upseted at a first few time but after that he just accepted it and end up had a soft spot for the Niffler. 

One day something happened (maybe a crime case or something?) and there the Niffler hided in Graves’ coat. The two looked in each other eyes and Graves said “Go get that thing for me and I’ll reward you with my old shiny high valued cufflink”

To Newt’s surprise the Niffler really did what Graves said which in his case it’ve never happened before. After that the Niffler was very happy with its new cufflink. Percival tried to act cool but Newt could see that his lover was smiling smugly.

“He/She is truly the Papa child” said Newt and then laughed happily when he saw Graves openly proudly smiled at the Niffler in his hand.

What is Powersave for the 3DS?

Powersave has been described as “this generation’s Action Replay,” because it is a cheating device for the 3DS. (Note: Action Replay 3DS DOES NOT let you hack 3SD games, Powersave does.) It is made by the same company that makes Action Replays.

Powersave DOES work for Pokemon X and Y.And has since mid to late February (best to my knowledge, anyway).

What can Powersave do?

  • Back up save files.
  • With Powersave, a person can turn Pokemon shiny. It DOES NOT CREATE a Pokemon, it takes a natural born Pokemon (one made by the game through wild encounter or breeding) and turns it into a shiny. However, the ID number will be changed (to match the Pokemon’s Shiny Value, or SV). So yes, Kalos born shinies can be hacked, just like any other shiny.
  • Powersave can also give you max number of items, money, BP, and Pokemiles.
  • It can also be used to access event Pokemon/event items early. This is because the coding is already in the game, the device is just accessing it. It cannot pull illegal, hacked Pokemon out of the air like an Action Replay can (lookin’ at you, Wondertomb).
  • By also using Pokemon Bank, a Powersave can be used to clone Pokemon. To do this, a person takes what Pokemon they want copied on their game and backs up the save file with Powersave. They then take those Pokemon and put them on Pokemon Bank. After the ‘mons are in the Bank, they restore their save file from Powersave. Now the Pokemon are in Pokemon Bank, and on their game file.

This information has been gathered from various Google searches, as well as these two Tumblr posts: post one and post two. The first posts talks generally about what a Powersave can do, and the second post demonstrates the ID number changing when a Pokemon is turned into a shiny.

If you have any questions or would like better clarification about something, feel free to send me an ask.

Hey guys so Im having no luck with ralts eggs and Ive hatched well over 1500 of them with the shiny charm and zilch. So I got my mate to check the shiny value of one of my eggs and its 1335 so if thats anyones trainer shiny value would it be possible for you to hatch it for me. I don’t know if I will find anyone with it but like Ill continue hatching eggs in the meantime. Itd be greatly appreciated! 

My boyfriend wrote this and is sending this letter to Nintendo

Hello. I am writing you to voice my opinion regarding Pokemon X/Y patch 1.2. The following message I am about to express is not only my personal opinion, but at least 95% of the players will agree. As of patch 1.2, Instacheck and Battle Analyzer were no longer usable. From my understanding it is because the pokemon data was previously not encrypted and is now encrypted. Either way that is not the point. My point is that it is AMAZING that Battle Analyzer is gone. With it gone, it completely balances the playing field for everyone. However with the removal of Battle Analyzer, Instacheck had to go as well. Now I (and the whole pokemon community) understand those applications were not made my Nintendo, were 100% exploits, and completely not intended to ever behave been created. That being said, Instacheck was by far the most useful thing ever done for Pokemon by the hacking community for two main reasons: It 100% guaranteed you were not getting scammed in your trade, and it actually allowed players to obtain competition-ready shiny Pokemon (and let’s be realistic, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a 6 31IV shiny). Shinies should not be something you rarely ever encounter and when you do, your shiny will have bad IVs and will get laughed at in competitions. Even with breeding it is not easy to get a Shiny with even close to great IVs, let alone perfect. That is where Instacheck comes in… Instacheck had actually given MORE worth to shinies because they could actually give the player a real fighting chance at getting a high IV shiny and you will actually see people use those in competitions. Now instacheck does not give any player advantage to getting perfect IVS, only shiny value. So instacheck DOES NOT hurt competitive play, only makes it beautiful. My point is, Patch 1.2 was absolutely necessary because Battle Analyzer was a terrible thing to ever have been dreamed up, but Instacheck actually gave shiny pokemon some value and it encouraged people to look for them. If you go on reddit, tumblr, smogon,, literally ANY site dealing with social media and you can find MANY people creating and joining communities completely dedicated to shiny hunting and shiny value checking. It really brought people together and it guaranteed everyone’s safety because you could not get scammed in trade with Instacheck on. All I (and the entire pokemon community) is asking for is a way to guarantee we will not have to deal with malicious traders and a better way to get shinies. It is just a suggestion, but it may be a good idea to encorporate some way to see pokemon ID or shiny value of eggs or SOMETHING to have the player do some math to figure out their egg’s shiny value and find their trainer shiny value. This will give players SO MUCH more to do in the game, give them motivation to keep playing after beating the game, and educate them all at the same time (as it is evident through existing game mechanics that pokemon is not all about fun, but also about learning). There is also currently the ability to mark your pokemon when accessing the PC. This allows you to mark icons representing stats to show which are perfect IVs. If you code in the game to not allow people to mark pokemon and have them automatically marked if statIV=31, that will guarantee trades just as well as instacheck because you know the stats are perfect and the same as what you traded (other than shiny value but you will see if you get a shiny back). These are only some suggestions for X/Y or future releases as MANY people have played into the Instacheck and shiny egg hatching community and really played the game solely because of that. It is greatly disappointing that Battle Analyzer had to come out and push this patch on so quickly, so I hope that Gamefreak will learn from this and try to implement a consistent method for obtaining competition-ready shiny pokemon and to give trading a better sense of security. I understand if what I am suggesting never gets put into play as Instacheck was never the intention of Gamefreak, but it broke the entire Pokemon community’s heart when Instacheck no longer worked. Thank you for your time and consideration while reading this. Pokemon has been an amazing game series since the beginning and only continues to get better with every release and I hope future patches/games will learn from this.

Best Regards, Grant

Shiny Update

It’s been a while since I last showed you guys my shiny collection: So here they are again with what I’ve got so far. Some of these are for trade if you’re interested send an ask. Any shinies you see more than once are not the same one, but rather I have multiples of. If you still have shiny values for your eggs and need the values for 2649 or 634, I am now available to start hatching again.

List of up for grabs!

Froakie (F) - Timid, Torrent, 31\4\2\31\31\31 [3360]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\17\31\2\31 [722]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\21\17\31\31\31 [1037]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\17\31\31\13 [677]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\17\31\31\12 [2435]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\31\31\0\31 [2591]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\31\31\5\31 [2727]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\29\31\31\31 [1134]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 1\18\17\31\31\31 [3518]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Torrent, 31\4\17\31\31\0 [1928]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\31\31\20\31 [2323]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\25\31\31\31 [3043]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\31\31\6\31 [3325]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\31\31\14\31 [683]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\17\6\31\31 [2323]
Froakie (F) - Timid, Protean, 18\4\31\31\31\31 [2613]
Froakie (F) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\31\3\31\31 [3628]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\17\31\31\31\31 [246]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Torrent, 31\4\4\31\31\31 [3305]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\17\31\30\31 [2135]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 14\18\17\31\31\31 [3037]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Torrent, 31\18\17\31\31\2 [3793]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\18\17\31\31\27 [1313]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Torrent, 31\0\31\31\31\31 [65]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\8\31\31\31 [3091]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Torrent, 31\18\31\31\4\31 [2093]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\9\31\31\31\31 [827]
Froakie (F) - Timid, Torrent, 31\4\11\31\31\31 [3534]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Torrent, 31\18\31\31\10\31 [71]
Froakie (M) - Timid, Protean, 31\4\31\31\7\31 [1269]

If your ID matches, it’s yours for free