Shiny Starter Giveaway

I will be giving away these shiny starters all are 5/6 IV and Kalos bred (you can see their Ivs from their special markings )

Reblog and like as much as you want but each will only count as 1 entry

I will randomly select 3 people

They will each choose ONE shiny Starter pokemon

The remaining starters will be a part of another shiny starter giveaway

This giveaway ends tomorrow !


As a huge thank you to everyone that helped with completing my dex, and for hitting 1000 followers(!!) I am doing a little Pokemon giveaway! You all are so amazing, and I hope you all know you mean a lot to me and I love chatting with you! On to the giveaway!

First Place
Both Mew and Meloetta

Second Place
A choice between Mew and Meloetta

Third Place
Whichever Pokemon second place didn’t pick


  • You don’t have to be following me. But I appreciate if you do, and I will be having more giveaways before and after this giveaway ends.
  • Only reblogs count. You can like this for reference though! :D
  • You must have a working 3DS/2DS/N3DS, Pokemon XY/ORAS be willing to give me your friend code so we can trade.
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • I will give the winners 48 hours to contact me after I message them. You will then have a week to claim your prize!
  • I will be using a random number generator to determine the winners.

This ends on Friday, April 3rd at Noon Eastern Time!

Giveaway is over! Thanks so much for participating! :D:D


they show you a shiny mew and tell you that you can have it for 2 SHINIES but once you trade them two they keep insisting. I canceled the trade after this happened to catch a pokemon to name “igaveyou2” but when I traded him again he told me to talk to him on game chat

when on game chat I told him I didn’t want the mew anymore and he kept insisting I give him 3 more shinies and refused to give my pokemon back saying “3shinies or bye”. I lost a shiny dragonite and rhyperior because of this



Member Spocktakular here, I’ve decided to giveaway 6 cloned shiny 6IV Dittos with destiny knots. Breeding can be difficult when having to switch from ditto to ditto, and friend safaris with ditto in them are pretty rare to come by so here’s your chance to get a 6IV ditto.


  • each reblog is an entry, so you can reblog all you want
  • likes also count as an entry
  • although optional, followers count as an extra entry 
  • no giveaway blogs please
  • the more notes this gets, the more dittos I’ll throw in
  • this giveaway will end probably on thanksgiving since that’s when I’ll have a break from school
  • please have your ask open
  • you have to be okay with giving me your fc and ign (in game name) 
  • good luck~~



EDIT: This giveaway ends tonight at midnight (CT)


Hey guys! So for my first post I’d like it to be a giveaway! umm I’ve never done a giveaway before, but all winners will be chosen at random by a generator. This will end June 11!

-Only one like/reblog (both count)
-no giveaway blogs
-you don’t have to be following me

Pokémon: None are nicknamable, only Gogoat is KB
Gogoat(girl): Jolly 2iv lv 51

Nickname: Gobolt

Pikachu(girl): Timid 1iv lv 100

Special event flying Pikachu (she knows fly how badass)

Tailow(boy): Mild 6iv lv 1

Eevee(girl): Docile 6iv lv 1

Ralts(girl): Lonely 6iv lv 1

Ralts(boy): Relaxed 6iv lv 1

-1st place gets to choose 3 of the above pokemon
-2nd place gets to choose 2 out of the remaining 3
-3rd place gets the last pokemon


Winners will be posted soon!

Shiny--milotic's Shiny Hoenn Giveaway!

I’ve been wanting to have a shiny giveaway for ORAS, and while looking through my bank I realized I still had these three! I got all three of them off of wondertrade, so they don’t count towards my collection. Why not give them away? 


  • You have to be following me.
  • You need X or Y
  • No giveaway blogs
  • One reblog and one like per person!
  • Ends November 21st, 3:00 CST
  • If you will have your copy of ORAS by the time the giveaway ends, you can enter even if you don’t have X or Y

The winner will have 24 hours to respond. If you don’t respond, I pick another winner! Good luck!

The winner has been chosen! thank you to everyone who participated ^^


Hey there Tumblr Pokemon trainers, I’ve decided to post here and maybe try and find some shiny-for-shiny Pokemon trades! Here’s the list of what I have as well as the list of what I want :D

If anybody is interested or wants to know the natures or IVs of my shinies just message me and I’ll let you know.

I really love to nickname my Pokemon so if you have a shiny and it’s nickname-able I will be super happy :3

None of these are hacked btw, many of them I caught myself from my Emerald Version back when I was 16….hence the weird nicknames for some of them XD;

I’m back, bitches~


Anyways, here are today’s clones until I get Pokebank this evening. Then I’ll throw in the rest of the legends. 

Most of the legends shown here are Shiny, so yeah. :3 

Anyways, here are the rules of how you can request a clone!!

  • I’ll need your FC and IGN (If I already have you registered on my 3DS, just give me your IGN. :D)
  • Pick one or two of the Legendaries above that you want. You can only pick one or two!!
  • Tell me what your offer is!! I’ll take any offers ranging from Shinies down to just a simple Bunnelby. :) Seriously. I will take a freaking BUNNELBY for these Legends. No fucking joke, no catches. Just offer up that little dumb looking rabbit and I will send you a legendary.
  • Anything else you would like to say!!

So, if you are interested, please leave a message in my Inbox!! :D


The babies that I got from wonder trade Wednesday this week. Tyrunt is amazing as he is in a heavy ball…and anyone who has seen my blog knows how long it took me to breed one of those so getting that guy is extra special, also check the nickname on chatot…brilliant!! Thanks to everyone, hope you enjoy the level ball 5iv riolu’s or upgrade porygons.

Also I’d anyone has any nicknamed shiny terrakion either from wonder trade or elsewhere I’m still looking for them…will check my shiny/event dexes to see I have something you want :)

The Blue Pentagon

This is starting to become a big pet peeve of mine: The blue pentagon simply means the Pokemon was born/caught in a 6th gen game.  I know that for some competitions, only KB Pokemon are allowed, BUT.

While Pokemon you get wonder traded without the pentagon may be hacked (and people seem to have the biggest concern with shinies here, which I understand, shinies are harder to get), they may also simply be older gen!  That shiny Fennekin you just got WT’d lacks a pentagon?  Yes, you’re right, no way.  Otherwise, wow, I’ve transferred up shinies/non-shinies from my older games; they’ve got no pentagon.