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Whatever Makes You “Yahoo!”

For me, today, it’s being able to listen to one of my all-time favorite albums, Joni Mitchell’s “Dog Eat Dog” without even a shred of a distant threat of guilt.

  • Anti-Religious extremism: CHECK
  • Environmentalist: CHECK
  • Against fanatical consumerism: CHECK


Why Joni Mitchell’s rejection of feminism broke my heart a little 



Whatever makes you “Yahoo!
Whatever makes your time feel satisfyin’
Whatever makes you
“Oh I’m so excited”
Whatever makes you feel
like you’re right on time

Party night
Good bands all over town
good good good
Mega lights and supersonic sounds
good good good
Flashy boys and girls that really play
good good good
Shiny toys when it’s over don’t you
hate to have to put your toys away

I am so happy to see all of these metas about why the writers can’t possibly be headed towards a canon Dean/Amara–not because I ship Destiel, but because Dean/Amara is so illogical it offends me as a story teller.  It would be so sloppy.  They’ve already shown us that Dean feels forced into the situation, and that Amara does not understand human love.  She wants to own Dean, like he’s a shiny toy her brother made.  She covets Dean, she doesn’t love him.  And she wants to destroy and control everything–the antithesis of what Dean wants for the world.  So putting them together romantically would just be a ridiculous mess.

It would be bad writing and that’s why my body is rejecting it like an incompatible kidney. 

After eight hours of swearing and sweat, I have a new stereo with Bluetooth, USB and AUX and a sweet interface with my iPhone along with non-stock speakers except in the dash.

And thanks to some credit card rewards, it only cost $120. Also, minimal help from my dad. Words cannot express how great it feels to do something like this successfully and without much help.

The Perils of the Knitting Machine....

Maybe not perils…but it sounded good didn’t it?  I have knitting machine number two set up now and working on number three.  Why three, you ask?  Hmm..Maybe you didn’t ask, but I’m telling you anyway.  Because, on some days I want to do something different than I worked on the day before. 

Like right now; I’m working on an afghan and I can go to another machine and work on something else if I choose.

I have to say, it’s been a trip.  This summer I bought the first knitting machine I have ever had that has a ribber and it’s been exciting learning a new tool that has so many nifty things to learn.  Now, I have my second machine with a ribber…

When I brought home the second machine, I sat the ribber box on the sofa and my youngest foster son, MJ, who is now 17, sat on the sofa near it and watched as I made tab A fit into slot B.  And, yes, my knitting room is the living room and what’s wrong with that? It used to the dining room which kept everything in life at our house out of balance.

Anyway, MJ was making me a little nervous sitting there near all my shiny toys.  He has ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome and likes shiny things a lot.  It would be nothing to find him twirling one of my cast on combs out in the family room, just to watch it sparkle in the sunshine.  So, I shooed him out of the room so I could concentrate on what I was doing.

When it came down to accounting for all my parts I found 2 missing.  Some knitters call then side hanger wires and some call them seven wires, because they are shaped in the form of a 7.  I haven’t had the nerve to see if they may have spilled out of the box and went down in the sofa, because they are very sharp and I’m not fond of skewering my fingers.  But, even worse, my imagination is waiting for the day when I find the boys using them to pierce each others ears. 

Of course, that’s after twirling them for awhile and watching them sparkle in the sunshine. 

Jeez…  I love my boys….  Quirks and all….

I mention to my husband this morning that it looks like our best shot at getting the white iPad 2 is to just go at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning. He looked crushed.

So do I skip my lunch break, take an extra 30 minutes (thus having to leave 30 minutes later after work) and run my ass to the apple store at 9:00 am? ::sigh::

It’s too early for this nonsense but he wants it SO BAD. 


NEW COVER: You Are The One (Shiny Toys Cover) -Bella Muerte

the carry on family

So here’s what’s been determined so far:

The dad who makes bad puns: @ask-hogwarts-a-question

The smol cute mom friend who’s actually a huge nerd: @shslshipper

The cool aunt who sneaks you mint aero bars and shares looks with you at the family dinner table: @carry-on-snowbaz

The deadbeat stepdad who shows up occasionally and has great intentions and does their best and will help you with homework and offer the best advice they can if you need it: @captainazzy

The hyperactive talking dog: @literal-snowbaz-trash

The old dog that never does anything but sleep and stretch: @snowbazrosebuds

The clowder of cats (!!) : Me @fuckthewaveringwood (a fluffy black kitten who loves to be patted and can get a little insane around cardboard boxes), Quinn @aleistercrowleysnow (a cat with too much hair who jumps at everything and could cuddle all day), and @starsinyourprettyblueeyes (a cat that loves laser pointy things and shiny toys who has warm brown eyes)

The house pet chicken: @cherry-scones-and-garlic

The mouse that lives in the wall and freaks everyone out a lil when they show up: (don’t worry, we are peace loving cats) @kidnappedbynumpties

The crow that sits at the window sometimes and gets fed table scraps: @spongiform-encephalopathies

A potted indoor coconut tree: @hotter-than-potter

The rolly chair that’s super comfy and everyone has to take turns sitting there otherwise it would be full out war: @ghosts-and-stars-xx

That one chair that everyone dumps their stuff on: @yesimaboatmaker

The household ghost: @aglixnbysweater

The coat rack that no one uses: @snowflake-soup

The weird sculpture in the corner that feels like it’s watching you all the time: @neptunecryptic

The grand double doors that open up to the foyer: @carry-on-snowflakes

The really old library that’s grand as f: @myrosebudboy

The snazzy dining table: @basiltonsnowpitch

The stale scone that no one managed to throw away: @theinsidiouspitch

The sorta stained couch that everyone hopes they don’t have to sit on: @cedar-and-bergamot

The lamp that everyone forgets to turn off: @simonsnoe

The writing desk that everyone kind of ignores: @asknormalpenelope

The dusty old copy of the Compact Oxford English Dictionary ( that sits on top of the writing desk that everyone kind of ignores): @violetbronte

The old-fashioned refrigerator that we still keep in the basement for extra storage: @sage-the-empress

The cat-sized kid dragon: @snow-and-pitch

The stairs: @heir-of-rowena-ravenclaw

The awkward giraffe that sits in the corner: @carryondammit

The actual house structure: @vellichor-levi