daintypansy-deactivated20150320 asked:

(dlt my last trade) LF: 4+ ivs shiny female frillish FT: shaymin, shiny jirachi, shiny poliwrath (pokerus), 2iv shiny ponyta, 3ivs shiny ninetales, 5ivs shiny aegislash, 5ivs shiny steelix, 6iv HA shiny arcanine, 1iv shiny furret (pokerus), shiny espurr, 6iv shiny lugia, victini

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merluvlee submitted:

You know these Pokemon are known for their current track record of poisoning prey and dragging them down into the depths below, but you never thought they’d attempt it on humans. Nor did you think this one would be particularly…well, sub-par at it.

But this shiny Frillish has yet to look away from you, watching you as you sit on the dock, dangling your legs above the water. He’s tried to wrap his tentacles around you once or twice, but evidently you’re too high up and he’s not willing to pop more than his head above the water. You’d probably be a lot more careful if you didn’t think he was cute and a beginner at this.

You toss him a bit of bait that you had been intending to use for fishing today, and he stares at the food curiously before taking a bite- and he soon makes a little cry of surprise and delight. Seems he likes it!

And food seems to be the way to his heart, as he’s soon floating out of the water and circling around you before taking a seat next to you. When you offer him another piece of bait, he takes it gratefully in his little arms, and shows his crown to you, which you carefully pet. Seems like you’ve made a new friend today, who has decidedly chosen Pokemon bait over human flesh.

AAA CREEPY AND CUTE, MY FAVORITE… thank you so much, this is adorable!  You did an awesome job! <3