What an elegant lady! <3

Name: Vela

Calm nature

HP 384

Atk 140

Def 176

Sp atk 207

Sp def 339

Speed 156

Ability Cursed Body

Started: 9/10/15

Hatched: 9/11/15

As if I didn’t have enough ghost pokemon, right? ;P For this one, I was really hoping for a female! I love female jellicent. Obviously it could go either way, so I tried not to get my hopes up.

Sure enough, after only 80 eggs, I was in utter disbelief as I’d hatched a FEMALE shiny frillish!! Not only that, but she has 5 perfect IVs! Not bad for someone who doesn’t try very hard to IV breed XD “Vela” is a constellation, but it’s also Latin for the sails of a ship. I figured it was fitting, since jellicent drags lost ships to the bottom of the sea c:

Hatched in Pokemon X. Masuda method + shiny charm.

daintypansy-deactivated20150320 asked:

(dlt my last trade) LF: 4+ ivs shiny female frillish FT: shaymin, shiny jirachi, shiny poliwrath (pokerus), 2iv shiny ponyta, 3ivs shiny ninetales, 5ivs shiny aegislash, 5ivs shiny steelix, 6iv HA shiny arcanine, 1iv shiny furret (pokerus), shiny espurr, 6iv shiny lugia, victini

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