Pokeddex Challenge for December - Day 27

Yesterday’s challenge was the Pokemon you think is coolest. I really had a lot of trouble deciding on this one. At first I was thinking of all the cool legendaries and stuff, but then I thought no. I started thinking simpler, and then I got stuck between Eevee and Ditto. Eevee because of it’s evolutionary uniqueness, and Ditto because of it’s ability to transform into anything! I ended up choosing Ditto because it’s fun to draw, and it’s definitely one of my all time favorite Pokemon.

The challenge can be found here!

I’m having way too much fun shiny breeding in Pokémon Crystal (◎ヮ◎) !!

This one was for my twin sister, it’s like one of her favorite pokémon and I though I could doodle it since I’ve like drawn it once in my life ((and sorry followers for my lack of activity, I’m really busy with school stuff!))