shiny wigs

Shiny wigs no more!

Ok listen up everybody! here’s a little trick for your shiny cheap ebay wigs, yes super cheap can be super perfect! the only thing you have to do to reduce the shiny look of your wig is to spray dry shampoo everywhere!
Example speak louder than words:

Buy - wash - cut and style - dry shampoo.

the lighting is different i know but believe me, it look really great in real life. It almost take all the shine away!
Here’s another: it is a 4$ ebay bob style wig I bought:

That is all, it as been a PSA, for any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!

Peace out Cosplayer around the world!

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can we get some more long haired jin? better yet, long haired bts?

Hobi: …So uh Jiminie… 

Jimin: Yeah I know

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hey since that anon talked about suicide baiting let's remember the time that a guy (who's profile picture was him cosplaying with his face painted white and a shiny wig) threatened to kill himself bc I wouldn't send him feet pictures. I'm 15 and I look even younger. HE SENT ME A PICTURE OF HIM HOLDING A KNIFE AND IT LOOKED LIKE THOSE ONES YOU GET FROM THE DOLLAR STORE PUMPKIN CARVING KITS. HE SAID THE FEET PICTURES WERE FOR A CLASS AND HIS PARENTS WOULD KICK HIM OUT. GOSH I LOVE FACEBOOK

There’s a “lemme smash” joke just waiting to be made.

Also yes, Zuzu in her newest outfit (read: the custom made one for my Serenade she decided looked better on her) and her super shiny eclipse21 wig that got its first proper pic. All of this to appease the evil queen cause I did not drag her on vacation with me (oops)

The ‘what is what’
Iplehouse JID Violet with DollLegend Jointed hands, face-up by Pearls of Danube, eyes from DollBakery, wig from eclipse21, outfit by silje, hotpants and fishnets by Iplehouse, bracers by nezumitoo, necklace by BlanchingQueen
Hammer by Leeke (blushing by Ara)

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So I had a question, if you don't mind. A facebook friend of mine who is pretty into cosplay said while looking for a wig that she didn't want recommendations for Arda because their wigs suck. I had always thought Arda had really nice wigs. So as someone who has a lot of wig experience I was hoping I could see what you think of that statement? Thanks in advance!

Arda wigs are some of the best you can get depending on what you need it for.  Personally I think there’s nothing better for short, super thick styles, for blended colors, or for base wigs that you will then spike or fluff.  This is because of the type of fiber they use - I really like matte fibers, and part of the quality of this is that they are thicker and more “toothy” so the hairs grip to each other more when teasing.  This also means that they get super tangly when you’re wearing a long wig, so a super long Arda may not be the best idea unless you’re really looking for volume (and even then, I have had mixed luck with wefting hair into long wigs because it’s just so dense and tangle-prone).  They have an updated version of their Silky line out which has been made for less tangle-prone, long wigs - I have not tried it myself but I quite liked the silky my friend bought recently.

Also remember that opinions are subjective!!  If you like shiny fibers or long wigs that don’t  tangle, you are probably not going to like Arda.  Instead, consider what it is that you like about wigs, and then decide what brand is right for you.

Fictober 5-Sentence Challenge: Day 12, Vampires

Fandom: Akagami no Shirayukihime

Mitsuhide twirled in his black cape, shooting air bullets with the two toy guns Kiki had asked him to bring, anxiously waiting for her to come out of the bathroom.

She walked out slowly—black combat boots heavy with each step, taut black leather creaking as it clung to every curve on her body, her once-blonde hair now covered in a black shiny wig.

“Well, that explains the guns,” Mitsuhide said, clearly impressed by her likeness to Selene from Underworld and sighed, “Now my Dracula seems basic compared to you.”

“Selene is a goddamn badass…” her voice trailed, heading toward her vanity to give herself one more look in the mirror, “right, Mitsuhide?”

Mitsuhide stared at her, his eyes scanning every inch of her body and his brain working overtime to muster up the right words to answer her, but all he could say was, “Yeah, that ass.”

***another snippet to my Halloween chapter for “Every Day is a Holiday with You.”

How to make a wig less shiny

So as some of you may know, i bought a wig at a party store and it turned out to be incredibly shiny. like so shiny you had to wear sunglasses. So i looked up some ways to get rid of the shine and i saw that you can use fabric softener and baby powder! though none of the tutorials were specific and a lot of people said it didn’t work for them so i decided to try it out myself and it worked for me! So here is a little tutorial on what I did below the cut!

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u ask, i answer…::::::: MORE BATHROOM SELFIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not being able to put text before pics is fucking stupid what the fuck i mean yeah there’s text posts but those dont allow you to format pics properly (at least 4 me i’m dumb lol)

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In the selfie you posted are you wearing a wig? Wondering cause I really like it and wanted to know where you got it if it is. Pls don't take this the wrong way I just thought the hair looked shiny like a wig

LOL ITS A WIG!!! for halloween

Zodiac Signs as Irritating Cosplay Shit
  • Aries: Snagged thread
  • Taurus: Dried up body paint
  • Gemini: mismatched elf ear molds
  • Cancer: old contacts
  • Leo: shiny wigs
  • Virgo: doorway-impaired hoopskirts
  • Libra: inappropriate dye stains
  • Scorpio: tight wig caps
  • Sagittarius: fragile props
  • Capricorn: flaky iron-on transfers
  • Aquarius: miscolored plastic fangs
  • Pisces: flat-ass wigs