shiny wigs

Shiny wigs no more!

Ok listen up everybody! here’s a little trick for your shiny cheap ebay wigs, yes super cheap can be super perfect! the only thing you have to do to reduce the shiny look of your wig is to spray dry shampoo everywhere!
Example speak louder than words:

Buy - wash - cut and style - dry shampoo.

the lighting is different i know but believe me, it look really great in real life. It almost take all the shine away!
Here’s another: it is a 4$ ebay bob style wig I bought:

That is all, it as been a PSA, for any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!

Peace out Cosplayer around the world!

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can we get some more long haired jin? better yet, long haired bts?

Hobi: …So uh Jiminie… 

Jimin: Yeah I know

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hey since that anon talked about suicide baiting let's remember the time that a guy (who's profile picture was him cosplaying with his face painted white and a shiny wig) threatened to kill himself bc I wouldn't send him feet pictures. I'm 15 and I look even younger. HE SENT ME A PICTURE OF HIM HOLDING A KNIFE AND IT LOOKED LIKE THOSE ONES YOU GET FROM THE DOLLAR STORE PUMPKIN CARVING KITS. HE SAID THE FEET PICTURES WERE FOR A CLASS AND HIS PARENTS WOULD KICK HIM OUT. GOSH I LOVE FACEBOOK

There’s a “lemme smash” joke just waiting to be made.

Also yes, Zuzu in her newest outfit (read: the custom made one for my Serenade she decided looked better on her) and her super shiny eclipse21 wig that got its first proper pic. All of this to appease the evil queen cause I did not drag her on vacation with me (oops)

The ‘what is what’
Iplehouse JID Violet with DollLegend Jointed hands, face-up by Pearls of Danube, eyes from DollBakery, wig from eclipse21, outfit by silje, hotpants and fishnets by Iplehouse, bracers by nezumitoo, necklace by BlanchingQueen
Hammer by Leeke (blushing by Ara)

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So I had a question, if you don't mind. A facebook friend of mine who is pretty into cosplay said while looking for a wig that she didn't want recommendations for Arda because their wigs suck. I had always thought Arda had really nice wigs. So as someone who has a lot of wig experience I was hoping I could see what you think of that statement? Thanks in advance!

Arda wigs are some of the best you can get depending on what you need it for.  Personally I think there’s nothing better for short, super thick styles, for blended colors, or for base wigs that you will then spike or fluff.  This is because of the type of fiber they use - I really like matte fibers, and part of the quality of this is that they are thicker and more “toothy” so the hairs grip to each other more when teasing.  This also means that they get super tangly when you’re wearing a long wig, so a super long Arda may not be the best idea unless you’re really looking for volume (and even then, I have had mixed luck with wefting hair into long wigs because it’s just so dense and tangle-prone).  They have an updated version of their Silky line out which has been made for less tangle-prone, long wigs - I have not tried it myself but I quite liked the silky my friend bought recently.

Also remember that opinions are subjective!!  If you like shiny fibers or long wigs that don’t  tangle, you are probably not going to like Arda.  Instead, consider what it is that you like about wigs, and then decide what brand is right for you.

Fantastic Wigs and Where to Get Them (and also, how to make your other wigs look great too)


Okay I’ve gotten a few of these kinds of things in the past so I’mma just check ‘em all in one post here. 

So most of the wigs you’ve seen me in are from WigIsFashion (Cheryl, Remus/Fem!Remus, Marilyn, Siri, Bellatrix), MatchWigs, TrendyWigs (the lacefronts like Lily, Marlene, and my new Tonks) or Arda (Draco, Elsa). I’ve gotten a few from Etsy too (Snow and Merida), and I’ve heard good things about wigs from Lightinthebox, yes, they can be expensive.

Usually they’re expensive because they’re made of a high-quality synthetic material that allows them to be heat resistant, they’re also expensive because I live on a goddamn island in the middle of nowhere that requires a human sacrifice and the blood of an innocent koi fish as well as a shipping fee.

For me, they’re worth the investment, I wear these on a casual basis, I do a LOT of cosplaying outside of RP, as well as lots of character work that requires me to be as believable as possible, thus, shiny, cheap, wigs are a no-go. They’re also resilient as heck, Just one of my blonde wigs has been made into Cinderella, Tinkerbell, a bimbette, Rapunzel, and soon to be styled back into Cindy. My black Siri wig? It took three days to turn it into the crazed, curled mess that is now “Bellatrix”. I wig-style for fun. 

However there are some tips to help make cheaper wigs look better, for example, DE-SHINE THEM, there are lots of different ways to do it, whether it be baby powder for a blonde/light coloured wig or soaking it in a fabric softener/water solution for a couple of days, I can’t remember the exact ratio, but there’s a tonne of tutorials on YouTube.
(That’s another pro-tip, a spray bottle of water and fabric softener used as de-tangling spray with a wide tooth comb, winner, winner).
Also, STYLE THEM. Pretty much every wig comes in a very similar style (often with a side fringe), play around with what you can get away with on camera, hiding your hairline or using some eyeshadow/makeup to create a fake hairline. It’s worth it, like I’ve said before, it takes roughly two/three hours for me to re-style my Elsa wig after events, Helga Hufflepuff’s hair took me longer than her makeup, Ariel’s wig (two wigs sewn together) took me over a week to hand-sew. 

I mean, if there’s anything else you want to know HMU, but yeah, that’s where I get most of my wigs from and some tips on what to do with ‘em.

How to make a wig less shiny

So as some of you may know, i bought a wig at a party store and it turned out to be incredibly shiny. like so shiny you had to wear sunglasses. So i looked up some ways to get rid of the shine and i saw that you can use fabric softener and baby powder! though none of the tutorials were specific and a lot of people said it didn’t work for them so i decided to try it out myself and it worked for me! So here is a little tutorial on what I did below the cut!

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u ask, i answer…::::::: MORE BATHROOM SELFIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not being able to put text before pics is fucking stupid what the fuck i mean yeah there’s text posts but those dont allow you to format pics properly (at least 4 me i’m dumb lol)

Fictober 5-Sentence Challenge: Day 12, Vampires

Fandom: Akagami no Shirayukihime

Mitsuhide twirled in his black cape, shooting air bullets with the two toy guns Kiki had asked him to bring, anxiously waiting for her to come out of the bathroom.

She walked out slowly—black combat boots heavy with each step, taut black leather creaking as it clung to every curve on her body, her once-blonde hair now covered in a black shiny wig.

“Well, that explains the guns,” Mitsuhide said, clearly impressed by her likeness to Selene from Underworld and sighed, “Now my Dracula seems basic compared to you.”

“Selene is a goddamn badass…” her voice trailed, heading toward her vanity to give herself one more look in the mirror, “right, Mitsuhide?”

Mitsuhide stared at her, his eyes scanning every inch of her body and his brain working overtime to muster up the right words to answer her, but all he could say was, “Yeah, that ass.”

***another snippet to my Halloween chapter for “Every Day is a Holiday with You.”

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Do you have any specific recommendations for wigs? Context: I recently went through chemotherapy and so I don't have any hair and I want something that looks realistic enough to pass as my real hair. Thank you!!

hi!!! i’m not the most knowledgable when it comes to buying wigs and of course the most natural wigs will be the ones that are human hair;;;; but those are expensive so this is more my advice on searching for realistic synthetic ones!

i’m thinking back to the times when people have thought a wig was my real hair + the stuff that usually makes it appear real for me (besides the wig not being too shiny + here’s ways can make it less shiny :

1. you can always get a lace front but i’ve only bought one once and i’m just too lazy to apply it properly to make it look real laskdjflksjdf so i always go for a wig with thinner/sparse bangs! (example 1 + 2) because really full and straight bangs typically looks a bit more fake to me 

2.   getting a wig with a scalp cap ! but if you’re lazy (which i always am) + it’s the good season for berets + beanies now LOL so even if the top doesn’t look really realistic you can wear a hat which i usually do with my normal hair anyway

3. this is kind of similar to the sparse bangs but i look for realistic styles like darker roots like this wig i bought ( example here ) looks a bit more real too. also weirdly i once had a wig that was wavy + thinned at the bottoms but it looked real because it looked like i did dye my own hair and get slight heat damage LOL (basically looked like this)

4. try to make sure your wig is heat resistant or else the fibers are probably going to look cheap. 

also just trying in general try not to buy wigs where there’s no customer photos. store photos really can be misleading about shiniest and color + sometimes the photos are stolen so it’s hard to tell.  i don’t really buy from any specific brands so i’m sorry i can’t recommend >< but aliexpress + amazon usually has customer pictures! so many times i almost buy a wig but then when i see the customer pictures it just looks really sparse+flat+shiny

i’m sorry i don’t have that much new advice but i hope this helped a little! wishing you an easy and safe recovery + let me know if you have any other questions! 

edit: @heroican recommends uniwigs!!! 

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Tell us another theatre story!

Okay so the theater we used to perform at was on a college campus, and it was usually deserted when we were there, but there’d always be some stragglers walking around outside, right.

So, I was in like 9th grade and in a production of Hair, and I had to play the main character’s mother in a few scenes but I was a Hippie Tribe member for the rest of the show. Now, for most of the scenes, I’d just do a simple quick change- I rolled up my jeans past my knees so you couldn’t see them under my dress, and then when I got offstage I’d have someone pull the dress and wig off me while I got my heels off and my shirt/headband/necklaces/whatever else I had back on and head right back out for the next scene. Quick, but simple, right?

Okay, but the last scene I appeared as the mother in- during Claude’s acid trip, and his family sends him off to war- the scene was blocked in a way that I exited stage left, but I had to appear on stage right for the very next song as a Hippie. And for this show, we didn’t have a traveler backstage. There was a couple other people in this predicament with me- the guy playing Berger, who in the earlier scene was dressed with army gear over his hippie clothes, the guy playing my husband, who had to change out of a full suit and tie and into the hippie clothes, and like three other people who I honestly can’t remember but I feel it’s safe to assume they were going from soldier to hippie.

So, the backstage is set up that when you exit left, there’s a room with all the props, and then you go through there to a hallway, where the girl’s dressing room and the exit to outside is. At the exit is a long winding ramp of cement that takes you down to the entrance of the building, but if you make a left there you can run around the building, through a field, and get to the backstage right side, which just has two huge doors to come in, some props, and the stage. I probably described that awfully, but the point is, it’s a slight hike.

So, the five or six of us only had one song to get changed and from one side to the other. So we’d have to run off stage, out the door, down the ramp, around the building, past all the staring bystanders just trying to get to class, through the other doors, in like under two minutes, stripping our clothes off the entire way. All the hippies went barefoot, so of course the cement had to be cold and the grass wet. All the boys had long, shiny, crazy wigs flowing majestically behind them as they ran like hell. Do you know how hard it is to take clothes off your body while running and not drop them??? It’s very hard. I almost lost the damn old lady wig and all the boy’s army gear was loaned from actual Vietnam Vets, so they were so scared of ruining them omfg.

Can you imagine just being a college student, out trying to enjoy your day, when a bunch of 15 year olds suddenly zip past you, all bare chested and bare foot with long wigs flying and loose fitting jeans falling, the little clothing on them ratty and multicolored, carrying army jackets and helmets and screaming at the top of their lungs? Seriously, can you imagine? Because I’m cracking up thinking about it.

Seriously, Hair was such an iconic show to be in, but every time I’m asked to remember it, the first image to immediately flash in my head is looking at the back of the kid playing Berger, his waist long pitch black wig flying so hard it’s hitting me in the face, as he runs and tries to pull a fringe vest over his bare chest. Truly amazing.