shiny wigs

Shiny wigs no more!

Ok listen up everybody! here’s a little trick for your shiny cheap ebay wigs, yes super cheap can be super perfect! the only thing you have to do to reduce the shiny look of your wig is to spray dry shampoo everywhere!
Example speak louder than words:

Buy - wash - cut and style - dry shampoo.

the lighting is different i know but believe me, it look really great in real life. It almost take all the shine away!
Here’s another: it is a 4$ ebay bob style wig I bought:

That is all, it as been a PSA, for any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!

Peace out Cosplayer around the world!


u ask, i answer…::::::: MORE BATHROOM SELFIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not being able to put text before pics is fucking stupid what the fuck i mean yeah there’s text posts but those dont allow you to format pics properly (at least 4 me i’m dumb lol)

Zodiac Signs as Irritating Cosplay Shit
  • Aries: Snagged thread
  • Taurus: Dried up body paint
  • Gemini: mismatched elf ear molds
  • Cancer: old contacts
  • Leo: shiny wigs
  • Virgo: doorway-impaired hoopskirts
  • Libra: inappropriate dye stains
  • Scorpio: tight wig caps
  • Sagittarius: fragile props
  • Capricorn: flaky iron-on transfers
  • Aquarius: miscolored plastic fangs
  • Pisces: flat-ass wigs