shiny volcanion

Jasper here! Today I have 2 requests from our followers! The first is a Volcanion for those who never got a chance to get one, or just want another one! The second is a shiny Darkrai! There is also a second chance to recieve Umbreon and Espeon in the link below (extas if you want!)

  • Volcanion
  • Level: 100
  • Gender: n/a
  • Code: fancy-a-legend
  • Riku the Darkrai
  • Level: 50
  • Gender: n/a
  • Code: fancy-a-darkrai

Missed the last giveaway? Click here!

How to get one:

Deposit a zubat into the GTS with the codes above! You do not need to send me an ask letting me know you deposited, it will clutter up the inbox.

If you do not have a zubat, let me know what pokemon you deposit with your IGN in our ask box. However, it may take longer for me to trade with you!

Rules and Info! Do not send an ask until your read this info and the FAQ below!

  • You can have one of each pokemon.
  • Do not send me an ask about how long you’ve been in the GTS. Please be patient!
  • I will hold a few pokemon, but only for 24 hours. I’m sorry!
  • I will announce when the giveaway is over, no worries.
  • Let me know if you have been sniped more than once! It means to have your pokemon traded with a nonshiny pokemon.
  • Reblogging and liking this post lets me know who deposited!
  • Mention fancy-a-ghoul in a post with a picture of the pokemon you got! I love it!
  • I always appreciate thank yous!

Here is the FAQ!

Pokemon Drinking Game (giveaway edition)

Take a drink everytime:

  • someone complains about their pokemon not trading
  • the reason the pokemon cant be traded is because it’s gts locked
  • Its a pokemon in an illegal ball
  • the person claims its legit because it was bred in 6th gen
  • but its a fucking espurr (or something)  in a love ball
  • they keep on with its legit, the pokemon is obviously hacked as fuck
  • they say all their pokemon are legitimate shiny
  • the pokemon all have the same ot but different trainer ids
  • someone asks for a boost, its the same five people tagged every time
  • try to giveaway more pokemon than they can handle
  • the giveaway needs to be paused because they hacked too many ivs and evs on to it
  • someone tries to do a shiny volcanion, celebi, and zygarde gts giveaway
  • someone reblogs your reblog giveaway that was over 5 months ago
  • no one reads the giveaway post
  • “i cant find a (insert common pokemon here) can i deposit something else”
  • its three hours after a giveaway, your ds is put away, someone asks for leftovers
  • “can i get another pokemon for my brother?” (its a scam 95% of the time)
  • you get an anon calling you a bitch for not giving them a pokemon
  • you get an anon saying youre taking too long when there are 50 people in line before them
  • you get an anon that says theyve been deposited for 20 minutes and if they should re-deposit
  • “why havent you traded my pokemon” they have the wrong level lock
  • they dont write the correct code in
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