shiny versions


Moana - Shiny (Korean version song)!!
I really like Korean voice ㅠ//ㅠ ♥

모아나더빙은 타마모아가 정마ㅏㄹ..최고였어요 흑흑..

모아나 ㅠㅡㅠ 노래들 다 짱이야…♥


BTS Reactions:

*Order: Descending/ Newest-Oldest

*I didn’t include the reactions that were broken up into individual parts for the members or the old MTL’s. It would literally take me a million years to link all of them, sorry.

BTS React to finding out their s/o used to be on bad girls club

BTS React to meeting a cute shy male tattooed fan at a fansign

BTS React to S/O wanting them to join them in the shower

BTS React to gf stealing/wearing their boxers

BTS React to you taking off your cloths and playing with your boobs. BUT they can’t touch. NSFW

BTS React to their ‘little’S/O acting bratty

BTS React to gf squirting NSFW

BTS React to shy S/O wearing swimsuit in front of them for the first time

BTS React to sleeping over at their S/O’s house, but they have to sleep on the floor

BTS React to S/O giving them a cute pet name :)

BTS React to gf moving her butt muscles

BTS React to S/O having a biting kink NSFW

BTS React to S/O being really short

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