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Sandygast and Palossand’s shiny forms are black because they are based off of Hawaii’s Black volcanic sand beach! The beach is black due to dark volcanic rock being weathered over time. Another option for the shiny could of been •Red •Orange •Green •Purple •White

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Shiny (Russian Translation)

Moana has been out long enough that some people are starting to post different dubs of its songs, including, of course, “Shiny.”

The Russian dub of “Shiny” sounds pretty good, but you might suspect, the lyrics in Russian can’t be exactly the same as English. That’s just a fact of dubbing. Due to the differing nuances of each language, as well as the need to lip-synch and produce lyrics with certain beats and inflections, you’re going to have to change the meaning of the words.

I know nothing about the Russian language whatsoever, but a user on Youtube by the name of StarTsurugi was kind enough to provide an English translation of the Russian dub.

And, oh man, it’s pretty great. Some of the Russian lyrics and really dark and biting as well as hilarious. The English lyrics are too, of course, but it’s like… a different kind of darkness. 

In case you’re interested, the translation is below:

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