shiny umbreons


So I managed to SOS chain a shiny Eevee & I evolved and reset after drawing the QR code for every shiny Eeveelution.

My tablet camera sucks as you can see from my initial picture so I hope you all enjoy having all the shiny Eeveelutions in your PokéDex.

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Before ORAS came out, I spent an absurd amount of time in Pokemon X breeding a shiny team to transfer into the new game.  Now, tons of adventures later, they’re all grown up and champions of Hoenn.  

Also, I love playing with Pokemon scale.  Cause seriously, if a Pokemon is going to learn Fly and carry me all over the world, it had better darn well be big enough for me to realistically ride on its back.  

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I'm curious... what would a magical girl style shiny umbreon look like?

(Mod: You’ve activated my trap card! … That being, my love of magical girls. Pardon the long-ish turnaround time in addition to getting this online later than usual.)

(P.S. Would anyone be interested in a small print of this? Not for FanX ‘cause it’s too late for me to get new prints for that con but maybe for any other cons I do this year?)