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okay but I feel like Harry would definitely send you nudes n shit while you’re in class

Like, you’d be listening to your professor lecture and your phone would vibrate and you’d take a quick glance and just about scream– it’d come out as a tiny garbled squawk.

And it’d be a thread of pics of him, starting from a selfie where he’s slumped into the couch in his donut hoodie with his messy nest of hair bc he didn’t feel like brushing it this morning so he just ran his fingers through it a couple of times and then called it a Grammy-worthy hairstyle. His face is neutral as he’s staring at the TV, the hood of the jumper hanging over his right shoulder and he just looks cozy and lazy. And then the second pic would be a pic of him looking down at some unknown thing off camera, but by the angle of the pic you deduce it’s his lap. And then the pic after that would be of him with his hand tucked into his black Nike running shorts, the outline of his knuckles showing that he’s cupping himself underneath. This picture would be followed by the caption, “im hard :(”

And you’d roll your eyes, typing back a quick “handle it” and locking your phone, setting it back on top of your textbook and continuing taking notes. It’d vibrate again, but you’d ignore it bc you don’t want to miss anything important. Then it buzzes again, and again, and again, and it keeps going at faster intervals and you know he’s aware that you’re ignoring him. You snatch it back up with a small, exasperated sigh, flicking through the 19 messages he’s shot at you. “help me!” “It hurts!!” “Don’t be so cruel :(” “baby I need you to cocks me through this!” “Get it? ‘Cocks’? Sounds like coax :D"

Then a pic of him all pouty with his big emerald eyes all doe-like. “just a quick one, c'mon. Just tell me what you’d do to me if you were here :)”

“I’d tell you that you sound like a fuckboy.”

“You answered so it worked”

“Because it was annoying. Now leave me alone I have work to do!”

And then a pic would come through of his bare hard-on, tucked out of his shorts and in his large hand with his fingers wrapped around it, pearls of pre-come shiny on the tip. “But I’m so hard for you :((”

You’d yelp, lowering your brightness to the lowest setting and tapping out an angry reply: “I’m. In. Public. You. Dipshit.”

“Scandalous ;))”

“do you want to get blocked again?”

“Tell me you wanna suck me off :)”

“if you use one more smiley face…”

“what, these? :)))) :-)))”

“Har, please. I have to go”

And before you shut off your phone a vid pops up and you see his face as the thumbnail, so you click it, glancing up quickly to make sure no one is watching and putting one earbud in.

“I’m really hard– s'like, it hurts a lot. And you’re not here and I just want you wrapped around me.” He frowns like a child, knuckling at his eyes and you can tell he woke up recently, even if it is one in the afternoon. “So ’m just gonna…hold on…this new phone’s a slippery one, innit? I’ve dropped it more times than I can count…”

The camera flips and, sure enough, there he is, all shades of red and purple, thick and veiny and bubbling over with jizz as he strokes himself at a medium pace, twisting every now and then to give the handjob some variety. “I just want you so bad, minx. Wanna push myself inside you while you’re all hot, wet, soft and tight…fucking hell, you’re so tight…”

You’d shift a bit, legs clamping out of instinct. He’s such a dick for doing this. You glance up and there’s 5 minutes left of class. You can make it.

He flips the camera back over to his face, where he’s leaning his head back against the sofa and biting his lips raw, tiny feathery moans oozing from them as his breathing gets heavier, his shoulders visibly jolting. “Oh, fuck me, doll. Make me come so hard, so much…Wanna taste you– just shove my face in between your pretty little legs and lick into you until you’re shaking.”

His jaw clenches, the muscle ticking and the veins in his neck chisel themselves into existence, his Adam’s Apple bobbing slowly as he swallows thickly. Sweat is beading his forehead, a few teeny curls sticking to his skin. You can see the hint of stubble that curtains the lower half of his jaw and trails onto the underside of his face and it only worsens the ordeal because you can just about feel it now, rubbing against your thighs as he’s in nose deep or scratching down the back of your shoulders as he takes you from behind. The little shit is staring directly into the camera and smirking, for fuck’s sake, licking the corner of his mouth and humming out a long groan. “Nice and hard for you, babygirl. Want you to fuck my brains out…”

The video ends there with Harry’s back arching off the couch, cutting off as he gives a watery yelp. You sit there, blinking tears of desperation from your eyes and trying to force the blush from your cheeks.

“When i get home, you’re fucked.”

“Wouldn’t want it any other way ;)”

so fresh so clean

okay so heres a quick niall imagine collab done by me and @squirrely83 . it was a convo that turned dirty and we thought we should share our misery with all of you! 

inspired by this glorious selfie:

its all about the freshly showered blowjob, yall :) enjoy!

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Rubber duck - Tyler Seguin (smut)

A/N: I don’t really know how our conversation got to the point of talking about vibrating rubber ducks, @carey-pricemas. But you sure know that I wasn’t going to let that prompt go to waste. This wasn’t requested and it’s quite filthy, but i hope you enjoy it.

Word count: 1856

Warnings: THIS IS FILTHY KIDS. Smut. Cussing. 

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Notes (Part 1)

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Warnings: Hints of 6th year Draco??? idk

Word Count: 1379

Summary: Draco Malfoy has been acting out of character, and the reader is determined to find out why.

A/N: Ok this is pretty much my first fic and i have no clue what i’m doing, but hang in there bc i think it’s a little decent (my apologies if there’s any mistakes). I’m always open to requests, currently Harry Potter only bc it’s my whole entire life and i literally don’t do anything else. But i can always start a new book, tv show, etc. if anyone wants me to write about something else… don’t be afraid to ask!! No one’s gonna want to read about Harry Potter forever (except me of course). Thanks for reading & i hope you enjoy!! Also, i’m most likely making a part 2 (with lots more dialogue). I feel like the story would be incomplete without another part, so yeah look out for that.

Y/N = Your name

E/C = Eye color

Originally posted by daisiesanddraco

Draco Malfoy. What a git.

Ever since first year, he’s despised you. To be fair, you’ve never been quite kind to him either, but that’s only because he provokes you much too often. He’ll stop you in the corridors to poke fun at your appearance, your blood status, or anything else he can discover that doesn’t fit his extremely high standards. His friends will often blindly do his bidding, adding their own touch of slight physical violence. Slytherin would refer to this deceitful manner as “cunning,” but you prefer to call it cowardice. Maybe he acts this way because you were born to muggle parents, or because you’re best friends with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. But most of the time, you can’t seem to find a justifiable explanation for his extraordinary rudeness.

However, today is different.

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~ FLAT MESS TO FAB FRO : How I take care of my hair

                               04/07/2014 ► 07/30/2015

Finallyyyyy ! A post about -almost- everything about my hair ! In this post, you’ll be able to know the phases I’ve been through to get my hair all healthy, then my hair routine/hair regimen.

1 – Going Natural

I used to hate my curly hair, like most of curly girls I would say. My cousin offered me a straightener for my 14th birthday and made me swear to use it for special events only. It was the case, though. I’ve used it for my birthday, it was my first time ever seeing my hair all straight and flat like pastas. But, people at school were complimenting me on my long straight dark hair, saying how much I look better. These same people used to bully me because of my natural curly hair, and the fact that I was half Black (it was a catholic school where I was the only « person of colour »), but that’s another story. I was so happy to receive COMPLIMENTS from people who were hating on me since day one, to see these White boys trying to approach me in a seducing way and all, asking me to hang out…you know, that I began to straighten my hair once to twice a week.

We’ve moved to another city, a bigger city in fact where there were much more diversity. But, every Black or Mixed girl was straightening/relaxing their hair, wearing straight weave.

I graduated to High School. Unfortunetely, it was a little High School -but its reputation was really good-. One more time, I was one of the rare coloured person. During my first year, I realised that my hair was damaged. But I wouldn’t let my curls take a rest. I’ve cut my hair -not that much comparing to my big chop-, it was my first time ever cutting my hair. My hair was wayyyy more healthier, but I couldn’t let my curls appear.

Finally, I was 16, I began to be more curious about things that were surrounding me. I began to be curious about my African side, that I’ve always wanted to deny. I’ve fallen in love with my own culture, and since that moment I started to embrace my Black features more than ever. I decided to stop using my straightener during Summer 2013. But it was too late, my hair was fried to the max. My hair was kind of straight, but in a really mysterious way … my curls were non-existent, my hair was flat, wavish, my ends were horrible. I realised the impact of 2 years of trying to hide my beautiful curls. I didn’t know what to do! I didn’t know how to take care of that mess that was on my head ! Then, back to school, I wanted to get a pixie haircut in order to start all over again. I couldn’t trust the hairdressers of my city; they were White, and didn’t know anything about Afro Hair. Everytime I would visit one of them, I could see their faces looking at my hair like “how am I supposed to style that shit ?”, literally. Nobody in my family wanted to cut my hair, saying how I will regret it after. I started to transition SERIOUSLY; I was doing homemade protein masks once a week, then I was using the Hair Mayonnaise which was awesome on my poor curls who were struggling to pop. I was using a really special technique to curl my hair while transitionning. I was using a handband, placing it on my head, and I would just wrap my hair arround it. If you want to try it, you should be able to find loads of tutorials on YouTube. The results went quickly, I was really happy. But not as quickly as I wanted. In February 2014, I decided to pass the step of the big chop, finally ! I just took my pair of scissors and cut my hair quite randomly to be honest, hopefully the shape was pretty nice ! I went to my bathroom to wash my hair… right after, my curls were popping like … damn ! I was so surprised, I didn’t even know my “real curls” were looking like that, even though they were a little weak and not as tight as now. At this point, I was altering between protein and moisture. But my hair was so short, I was too … “shy”… to appear with my hair down in public. It was still pretty flat, but my curls were alive and almost healthy ! I was always wearing various protective styles, except the week-end. Until July, my hair has grown and was easier to “assume”, if you want to. Plus, my curls were tighter. In August, my hair was completely healthy, and beautifuuuul. I was so happy. Since August, I’m just letting my hair grow. But, as you can see, I don’t have that much tips for my ladies who are transitionning. I was just waiting mostly, using some proteine and moisture, but that’s all.

By the way, I really advise you to take pictures every month to really see your evolution. It helps a lot because sometimes we have the impression that there is no evolution but when you look at your pictures you see how far you’ve come !

The story of my hair in some pictures here.

2 – Taking Care Of My Hair

I don’t know where to start so I’ll follow my instinct… sorry if it’s a little messy. Lol.

What I do monthly :

Masks targetting protein or moisture : I make my masks. I don’t buy them. Except for the Hair Mayonnaise that I was using while transitionning but I don’t use it anymore. I just use 2eggs or Avocado with Olive Oil to do my protein mask. When it comes to the moisture, I use Yogurt, Olive Oil and drops of Lemon Juice to make my hair shines. I put a plastic bag on my head, with 2 beanies (LOL yeah I look really ridiculous when doing that) to assures some heat and make my hair infuse all the good nutriments. When it’s time to wash my hair, I do it with cold water. When there is nothing left on my hair, I rince my hair using Mineral Water with 1 or 2 tablespoon of Vinegar Cidar. Your hair may smell a little, but when you’ll use your products after the smell will be gone.

Trimming my hair : Well, I don’t do it monthly. I do it between 2 to 4 months. When I feel the need to, to be honest. I’m so lazy when it comes to do that. Personally, I love to twist my hair with some Coconut Oil on my hands and cut the end, which should be “thiner”.

Cleaning my scalp : At the end of the month, I like to massage my scalp with Coconut Oil, to remove all the dirt on my scalp (and it’s also soooo relaxing). After that, I shampoo my hair using the Shampoing Sunshine Clean Citron Grenade by Les Secrets De Loly, I stay a long time massaging my scalp again before focusing on my hair to remove all the products that it could have accumulate during the month. After that, your hair and your scalp is all pure and ready for another month !

What I do weekly :

Co-washing : I co-wash once to twice a week. I’ve just remarked that I tend to wash my hair more on Sunday and Wednesday. But, sometimes I do it another day, depending on the circumstances. I usually do it the evening, so I can let my hair airdry and pineapple it to stretch it, and be ready the next morning. That’s the best option for me, personally. I don’t wash my hair and my body at the same time. I start with my hair. I just bend over my bathtub, so my head is “reversed” (I do the same thing when I wash my mask, by the way). I do this because I want to avoid having spots on my back, because the products you use stay on your skin and the back is the space I tend to forget sometimes while taking a shower. I don’t touch my hair, I don’t try to detangle them before applying the Too Shea! Conditionner from Jessicurl. I let the products on my hair for few minutes before detangling my hair using my fingers, simply, or a wide tooth comb when I find it, lol. I rince with cold water. Then, I crunch my hair and put a t-shirt as a turban on my head. I let my hair dry a little in it, so during that time I can wash my body, wash my face, do my make up, put my clothes… After that, I can apply my Lait Capillaire “Litchi-Mûre” by Les Secrets De Loly, a little bit of Confident Coils blended with Rockin Ringlets, both from Jessicurl, and seal everything with some Oil (Almond, Olive, Jojoba or Argan, it depends of my mood,lol). Then, I let it airdry. When my hair is like 90% I like to use a blowdryer (not hot) while shaking my head, to not have my roots “stuck” to my scalp, and encourage the volume of my hair. After that, I can use a pick and comb through my roots to maximise the volume. Et voilà !

What I do everyday :

Peanappling my hair before sleeping : This is my technique to sleep while not crunching my poor curls against my pillows, since I move a lot when I sleep. I just take a satin scarf that I wrap arround my head and I tie it on the front. I helps stretching my hair, and the next morning my hair is longer and even bigger !

Refreshing my fro : After the night, comes the morning, when your fro has been enduring all your movements during the night. To refresh my fro, all I do is putting some cold water on my hands, then I -kind of- massage my scalp. After that, my hands still a little wet so I take advantage of that to reshape quickly my fro and the wild curls. Finally, I put some moisture back on my hair, but not too much because I don’t want the products to weight down on my hair. I spray my hair with cold water lightly, I put my Lait Capillaire “Litchi-Mûre” by Les Secrets De Loly and my favourite oil in my fro, especially the “outer” curls which tends to be drier than the rest.

Hope I didn’t forget anything … I hope it was clear too !

Bisous ! :-*

glow : hs

A/N: Was going to post this tomorrow but couldn’t wait! Couldn’t proofread since it’s like 3 am here but will do tomorrow! Check out my about me page to learn about what I can write for you ;) 

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Pairing: Harry Styles x Y/N

Word count: 1,099

What you’re about to read: Y/N sees a picture of H and is determined to put highlighter on his face  

Requests open!

Wha’ you lookin’ at?“ Harry said under his breath, sweaty from the workout he’s been dying to do for weeks and fingers touching his oh-so-pink lips.

He was back from his afternoon session and was ready for a hot bath.

Y/N was having too much fun with the idea that popped up on her mind.

"Nothing,” she said despite the thoughts clouding her mind.

Harry didn’t care, to be honest. He was too tired to do so.

Sure, he always had time for Y/N but for now, he wanted to bury his body in the rose bath-bomb Y/N bought for him couple weeks ago.

“Yeh definitely up fo’ somethin’. Wha’s it?” He tried again. He let the trainers -the ones that looked so worn out and nasty-  drop on the floor and made a thud sound.

When she didn’t reply, Harry raises his perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Y/N was sat in the same position since Harry left her in the morning and played with her makeup. She knew she had papers to write but procrastination seemed more fun.

“You won’t like it.” She said, grabbing the heavy makeup bag and went to their bedroom, leaving the door slightly open for him to follow.

She was driving him mad.

“Either tell me or I’m off to bath” he left the gym bag by the king sized bed and gave her a one last look.

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Stuck in traffic - Sidney Crosby (smut)

Requested by anon: Can you do a Sid Crosby imagine? Actually I have 2 if you don’t mind, I saw you said we can send in as many as we’d like. Could you do a detailed smutty one? The story line can really be anything, I’m not picky, just some smut. And for the second one can you do one where you have a one night stand with him but you guys have a real romantic connection and he ends up really liking you and leaves his girlfriend for you? If you can’t do two, you can just do the first one I asked for :) Thank you!

A/N: Hey! I hope you like it. The second one will be posted soon.

Word count: 1574

Warnings: EXPLICIT CONTENT UNDER THE CUT. Swearing. Spanking.

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I’m bored. Bored as hell. Bored as I have never been. And we are stuck in traffic. And the car doesn’t seem to move more than two inches at a time. And Sidney doesn’t stop changing the radio station. And I have checked all my accounts of social media at least a thousand times. And, and, and.

“This is bullshit.” I say, putting my phone down. “I refuse to think that all these people live in Pittsburgh.”

“We are almost there, (y/n).” Sidney seems calmed, but I can tell that he is as annoyed by it as I am. Sidney hates waiting.

“We were almost there two hours ago.” I complain, unbuckling my seat belt and turning on my seat, putting my bare feet on Sidney’s lap.

“Baby, this is really unsafe.” He warns me, but he takes his hand from steering wheel and runs his fingers on my ankle and foot absent-mindedly, caressing my skin softly. I hum, enjoying the physical contact between us.

Sidney and I have been together for a little over two years, which is kind of crazy to think about. I wasn’t a hockey fan, so when I run onto him in the grocery store I didn’t think of him as the town hockey hero but just as a really cute man with a really great ass; little did I know that we would become one of those ‘celebrity couples’ and that we would be on magazines and I would get offers from brands to promote them and our private life wouldn’t be so private after all. We are just Sidney and (y/n) for me, not Pittsburgh’s power couple.

“Extremely dangerous.” I say when Sidney’s hand travels up my calf to my knee, caressing the skin my skirt doesn’t cover.

Sidney smirks, but doesn’t say anything else, making the car move a little before stopping it again. Sid has finally stopped changing the radio station every two seconds and ‘only love’ by Ben Howard is playing on the background while we share a comfortable silence.

Sidney’s hand goes up and up my leg, drawing circles on the skin of my inner thigh teasing me and I draw a sharp breath, making him chuckle.

“That is a two ways game, sweetheart.” I warn him, shaking my legs a little.

“You don’t want to play with me, babygirl.” He says, squeezing my thigh with his big hand. “You know that I always play to win.”

“We’ll see about that.” I mutter, taking my feet from his lap and sitting straight again.

We stay motionless for a second until I fish for his hand and link my fingers to his, leaving them on his lap. The corners of his mouth go up a little, bringing our linked hands to his mouth and leaving butterfly kisses on my knuckles.


“Hey.” He says and I look at him. “I love you.”

I smile, leaning over his side of the car to give him a chaste kiss. I unlink our hands and leaving mine up his thigh, mimicking the caresses he was doing on my skin just minutes ago.

“You are playing with fire, doll.” He hisses when I bring my hand too far up, feeling his growing erection. I reach for the button of his jeans, but he grabs my hand before I can undo it, shooting me a filthy look.

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Fanboy Jack

Another Septiplier smut… this is a lil bit more dirty. Bit of d/s and roleplaying. No pain play nor blood. A bit of spanking. Dirty name calling (‘slut’ gets used more than once). But absolutely consensual between the main characters, and silly sweet ending.

If that’s not your style, then just scroll through. And enjoy the rest of your day.

For those who wanna stay for the ride… 

Enjoy yourselves you sinners :) 

PS if any of you guys reblog this i kindly ask no one tag jack nor mark to fanfiction. please. This is strictly for septiplier fans. The boys don’t need to be bothered. 

Jack slowly walked into the hotel bedroom in nothing but an oversized black Markiplier shirt. When he says nothing, he means nothing. His alabaster white legs showing the shirt just ending at mid-thigh.

He was self conscious at first. Every step he took he felt the need to back out.

“Come out Jack” that familiar deep voice called out to him. 

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nb-lesbian-umbreon  asked:

I'm having a hard time getting started shiny hunting >:O do you have any tips to do it right??? Bc I am frustrated


Alola made much easier shiny-hunting and its all thanks to chains, just go to the place where you can find the pokemon you want shiny! here are some tips! 

1. You see this shit? you see this lil fucker? THIS is SUPER important for shiny-hunting, get as much as you want, remember that just ONE can help you in the chain for the whole battle, so you don’t have to buy A TON, activate it in the middle of the fight and the Pokemon’s going to be calling for help more than usual! 

2. Get yourself a pal with False Swipe, it doesn’t matter how big the level is, False Swipe NEVER kills, it always leave the other Pokemon with 1 HP, which is perfect for catching AND making them nervous.

3. I personally recommend a Decidueye with Foresight, False Swipe, Roost and a Direct Damage Attack (Like Return or Acrobatics it really doesn’t matter that much) for shiny hunting, it would save you many potions and many troubles when “their help doesn’t appear”, foresight also lets you hit ghosts with normal types moves, which is super handy if you wanna shiny hunt something like Mimikyu or Gengar.

4. For the love of Arceus get yourself some FUCKING ethers, Elixires or fucking Leppa Berries because trust the goo, you’re gonna need that fucking shit, you are shiny hunting a fucking Pichu and then you notice, WOOPS! False Swipe is out of PP and all my other  Pokemon are level 100, that shit is the fucking worse because the chain’s gonna be over and you’ll have to do it again, HARVEST SOME FUCKING LEPPA BERRIES, DANG IT!

5. BUY A GOOD AMOUNT OF BALLS, if you ran out of Pokeballs the chain is over, and this is specially fucking awful because if you’ve been trowing balls it means you already found the shiny, ALWAYS BE PREPARED

6. Get your ass comfy somewhere, because IT TAKES TIME, even with the collar (i forgot the name) Shiny hunting is never guaranteed to be fast, I speak on the voice of experience, I wasted 4 months shiny hunting for a Shiny Furret in XY, in SUMO is faster because the chains are as long as you want/can hold them, but still, it can take days sometimes, and NOTHING assures you that the game won’t crash or the 3DS would run out of battery or you accidentally kill them or just some shit happens.

7. Legendaries are SHINY LOCKED, don’t even bother soft-reseting for a shiny Tapu Lele or something like that, Shiny Legendaries are only obtainable with events, if they ever do events of them ofc, I tried to Shiny-Hunt Zygarde and SURPRISE! its not obtainable! Go for some Bidoofs or idk. 

anonymous asked:

i been thinking about dad!harry edging and I NEED TO FUCKING LAY DOWN

oH JEEZ PLEAB because its his first time alone in SOOOO long because his kid is with his ex and he’s taking his time because he hasn’t gotten to just feel himself for such a long time and nobody has felt him, so he’s teasing, light strokes with his calloused fingertips, thumbing at his head and rubbing the precum oozing out all over his shiny tip, pressing his heels into the mattress, bucking up into his own hand before taking it all away just before he gets to where he needs to be

and he’s supposed to be alone all day so his door is wide open, but Y/N forgot her books there and she has to go get them and they gave her a key anyways – she’s the babysitter and a friend so Harry trusts her to use it sparingly and only when she needs to – and she needs to get those books because her friend was letting her borrow them for her essay but now he needs them. Though when she gets them from the living room, she hears noises coming from upstairs, and she was fairly certain Harry had things to do today. And from all the scary movies she’s seen you’d think she knew better than to go explore noises, but against her better judgement she creeps up the stairs

and harry was just about to let himself cum too! After a solid two hours of toying with his orgasm, he was going to finally bring himself to the brink, but when he hears a call of “Hello?” that sounds a lot like Y/N, who then peeks her head around the corner and time is still for a minute. Y/N with her eyes wide as saucers, and Harry with a hand surely on his prick, still drippy, and both of them aren’t really sure what to do. 

Until Y/N breaks the silence and her gaze, crying out a short, “Oh! Sorry, um I forgot my books and then I heard a noise, I thought you were being robbed, but now that I see that’s not the case I will be making my exit, have a good day, see you tomorrow.” Before just about throwing herself down the stairs to make a quick departure, because holy fuck did she really just see what she thought she saw?

and harry should probably stop, from sheer embarrassment alone, but he can’t now can he? he didn’t get this far just to give up, so maybe as soon as he hears the door close he starts pulling at himself again, and maybe now all he can think about is Y/N’s pretty lips all hung open from seeing him hard and aching, and maybe he’s imagining them on his cock now, her tongue licking at the smooth, wet, angry red head, and maybe, just maybe does Harry finally cum to the thought of Y/N’s pretty face covered in thick white ribbons of his arousal. 

and maybe he’ll keep all of that to himself. 

Bite Me (Part 2)

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean (no pairings as of yet!)

Warnings: Minor character deaths, violence, swearing

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 1,059

A/N: This is the second installment in my first ever fanfic. Thanks to everyone who gave me support and love for Part 1! Still a slow burn, always a slow burn. We’ll meet a Winchester in the next chapter, promise! These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

Read (Part 1)

The only face that filled my childhood memories was my uncle’s. No mom. No dad. Just Uncle Jay. The thought of parents had never entered my mind until we came across a family camping in the woods a few miles from our cabin. I remember asking him about my mom and dad, an innocent question in my five-year-old mind, and his response being, “It’s just us, Small Fry. We’re the only family we need.” He always called me Small Fry, a reference that was lost on me as I had never visited a fast food restaurant before. I asked him what a fry was one day and he tried to make some in a pan on the stovetop, but popping grease and several swear words later and our potatoes ended up being mashed that night instead. I remember laughing at him as he danced around the kitchen with the hot pan, arm stretched as far away from himself as possible before he threw the whole thing into the sink. He kept his nickname for me well into my teen years, even into my early twenties when I would scowl at him and say I’d outgrown it. If I had known there would come a time when I would never hear anyone call me Small Fry again, I would have realized the blessing of an affectionate nickname much sooner rather than years later with the loss of its memory. 

I was in the final stages of having all of the people in the feeder room back as far away from the door as possible when it was splintered from its hinges by a massive force. The smell of rotting meat permeated the entire room as the vamp I assumed to be Iver slowly walked through the doorframe, followed closely by Marv and Gareth. My left fist tightened around the broken bedspring I had managed to pull from the mattress while the fingers in my right hand held a shard of glass, poised and ready to throw.

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Voltron Fanfic (1/2)

Summary: While out on a mission, Lance steps on something owie. The team removes said owie, with quite a bit of difficulty, a lot of arguing, and no shortage of complaining from the patient. Who would have thought a little cactus could do this much damage?

Warnings: None, really, unless you’re, like, RIDICULOUSLY squeamish about needles. A little language because of who I am as a person.

The paladins were tired. All five of them, bone-weary and exhausted. They’d been walking through the mud on this desolate, windy, cold planet for hours, and so far had seen no sign of their target.

“I can’t believe Princess Allura has us walking through this wasteland just to find a stupid rock,” Lance complained. While he was likely voicing what everyone else was thinking and he knew it, the whine was still met with a synchronized group eye-roll.

“It’s not a rock,” Keith argued, not for the first time since their search began. “It’s a powerful, ancient… something.”

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