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Buff Cinnamon! VS Blush!

Ready for battle!


*pet* *pet* *pet*

She might be a buff Cinnamon from an alternate universe but its still Cinnamon.

@dailyshinycutiefly.​ you just got obliterated, PUNK!


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 2.20.17

leather ponytail hair cuff by precocious

looking for a teeny bit of shine to add to your daily ponytail? look no further than washington-based etsy shop precocious, where you can find hair-friendly leather-wrapped ponytail holders that provide a glint of metallic sheen in gunmetal, rose gold, gold, silver, and more colors and also in several sizes. and guess what – they’re only $10!!


im just gonna jump right in so enjoy and try not to cry



‘be nonchalant, styles. just play it cool’


this one is precious and such good quality (look at his teeth i acanf)

lil goofy pjs ask me if im alright (i,m not)

WITH FRIENDS plus the little girl. does his shirt say school idk but its cute


he is cheesing so hard…he still does this smile im upset



so animated so cute rocking that c cup

speedo and goofy ears, he should have been walking the runway (the goofy ears are even pierced and for some reason that just makes the whole thing better)


back in his blonde days (AND MICKEY SHIRT!!!)

HIS CREW NECK THE DOG HIS SHINY SHOES (tell me he was dressed for school tell me he had a disney themed lunch box tell me his mom cut his sandwich into little shapes like butterflies and dinosaurs TELL ME)


well he doesn’t look very impressed by class picture day

just not impressed at all

u got it dude!!!!!! plus STRIPED SHORTS YEA (and his hand on the girls thigh like here little girl let me use your leg to help get off of this bench, much love .xx)


playing with the older kids ;( lil blue shorts

once again who knows what hes doing with his hands…..but still adorable


thrusting his fist in the air he cant contain the excitement ‘YES GOLF CART RIDES!!!!!!!’

ah good old family photos

he sleeps with his mouth open :( look at his tiny fist :(


just casually straddling that fence like a pro (the other boy is no where near as comfortable up there that is evident)

enjoying story time and rocking that vest he has been a little fashionista since day one (do they make baby sized glitter boots? if so, he owned them)


kisseskissesskd (quirky ears before he even had the curls to make them so)

nice family beach day when harry breaks out the ninja moves

everybody was kung fu fighting!!!

working that camera! owning those angles!

just too damn cute 

Height Chart Main Cast of the LLSxHarryPotter AU!

In The Forest

depressed after his boyfriend’s Bill’s defeat, Dipper finds a statue in the woods that looks awfully familiar.

(fun fact: This idea was the reason I started writing drabbles)


Dipper walked through the woods of Gravity Falls. It was nice to be back again. Everything was the same as he remembered. Still, everything felt empty, like something was missing. It wasn’t a mystery as to what was missing of course.


The summer before they’d gotten rid of Bill Cipher, defeated him as Ford says. Dipper was the only one against the idea. He knew if they just let him talk to Bill he could make things better. They refused, literally locking him away until it was all over.

They said it was to keep him safe but he knew it was to keep him from interfering. His relationship with his family hasn’t been the same since. They have yet to make up for what they did or make him understand. He is held together with tape, in one piece but the cracks will always show.

“Dipper, where’d you go?”

Mabel’s voice was heard nearby. Dipper changed direction to get farther away. He wants to explore alone. Stan and Ford wouldn’t let him so he had to take Mabel with him. He’s not sure why. Is there something they don’t want him to find? Dipper took Mabel with him then quickly lost her on purpose. He will only let her find him when he is ready.

Now he’s on an unfamiliar path. He explores it. Mabel’s calls get farther away. Soon he arrives in a new clearing. He stops and stares. There’s a statue of a triangle. It has a top hat and a bow tie and it’s arm out stretched. It can’t be… is it? Dipper approached it. He dropped to his knees and hugged it.

“Bill… what did they do to you? I’m so sorry.”

Dipper glanced up at the hand outstretched. He looked at it for a moment. It was reaching out like asking someone to… Dipper let go of the statue and stood. He looked at the hand a second longer then reached out and took it.

Nothing happened at first. Then Dipper felt the whole statue shake a little then the cracks appeared. They started at the hand then moved down the arm and throughout the statue. Gold lights shined through the cracks.

It got brighter and brighter and the statue started vibrating. Dipper was forced to let go as the hand crumbled. The statue exploded with a noise Dipper was sure was loud enough to tip off Mabel. He was forced to move back and shield his eyes but did not fall.

Coughing was heard and after the smoke had cleared Dipper got a look at what was there. Where the statue had been was a blond man in semi-formal clothing including a small top hat that floated about three inches over his head and a shiny gold bow tie. He coughed a bit more then hit his fist to his chest once.

“God, lungs are awful.”

That voice. It was a little different, it wasn’t as high pitched or nasally and the echoey effect was gone so it was easier on the ears but it was still unmistakably Bill’s. Dipper stared, frozen. Bill, it had to be Bill it just had to be, looked at Dipper. He grinned showing of teeth that were a little sharp to be human’s.

“What’s wrong pine tree, it looks like you’ve seen a ghost?”

Dipper tackled him. If Bill hadn’t already been on the ground the force of Dipper’s tackle would have put him there. Only by bracing both hands behind him on the ground did he manage to stay sitting up.

Dipper threw his arms around Bill from where he’d situated himself straddling the demon’s lap and hugged him. Bill laughed and now that he wasn’t in danger of being knocked over put one arm around Dipper in an attempt to hug back.

“I’m guessing you missed me then, kid?”

“You have no fucking idea.”

“Ah I missed you too.”

Dipper sniffed and Bill sensed the impending tears.

“Oh kid, don’t cry.”

“I- I’m s-sorry. I just. It’s been hell without you. At least I think it has. Everything’s been so dulled. I’m- I was just s-so numb. Everything felt so empty without you.”

“Pine tree, look at me.”

Dipper did despite the fact there were tears flowing down his face. He looked in to Bill’s eyes. One was blue like his magic fire and the other gold like his triangular form. Bill moved the hand that wasn’t supporting him up to Dipper’s cheek then up behind his head to thread through Dipper’s hair. He pulled Dipper to his lips and kissed him like he’s wanted to for years. Dipper melted immediately and kissed back. They parted reluctantly.

“I’m never going to leave you again, alright? You don’t have to worry or miss me ever again because this time I’m always going to be there.”

Dipper smiled.

“Thank you, Bill.”

“Of course, pine tree.”

“Hey Bill, why do you look human?”

“It was part of the deal.”

“What deal?”

“The deal we made to get me out of that statue. Did you think shaking my hand would do nothing?”

Dipper blinked, he was kind of comfortably cuddled up to Bill and seemed unconcerned.

“Oh. I was kind of acting without thinking. What are the terms of the deal?”

Bill laughed like he found Dipper’s impulse endearing.

“Well kid since I like you so much I’ll tell ya. You gave me some energy so I could get out of that statue which is what I wanted. You on the other hand wanted me to be back and be with you forever. You also seemed really interested in getting me this body.”

“I was?”

“You wanted me to be in a form you could make out with.”


Dipper blushed.

“So, I fulfilled your requests. You now have me in a body you can make out with, and I really do expect you to since I went through all this trouble to tailor it to what you find attractive, and we’re bonded.”

“What do you mean bonded?”

“We’re magically connected. We share energy, you technically belong to me but I also technically belong to you, and if one of us goes we both go which I believe will have your uncles singing a different tune about killing me. You can probably do a little magic now too. That’s basic bonding so, yes, we will be together forever.”

Dipper smiled and kissed Bill again. Bill was more than pleased with this and kissed back.

“I love you Bill.”

“I love you too pine tree.”

Mabel watched from the edge of the clearing unseen. She was sent with Dipper to avoid him finding the statue. They all knew he had a weird attachment to Bill and they were trying to keep him from doing something stupid like letting Bill out.

Well, now Bill’s been let out. She had always puzzled at Dipper’s obsession with Bill. She had thought their relationship had been bad because Dipper had started acting weird but now… Mabel thinks she may have been the blind one not her brother.

Maybe he wasn’t acting weird because Bill was tricking him maybe he’d been acting different because he was in love. That explanation made a lot of things fall into place. It explains Dipper’s distance.

Mabel sure wouldn’t trust or want to be close to the people who killed someone she was in love with. Dipper looked so happy with Bill, happier than she’s seen him in a year. Maybe this won’t be so bad. After watching the boys cuddle, hug, and kiss for a few more minutes Mabel backed up and went back to the shack by herself.

Hey Ya

Title: Hey Ya

Summary: Dean and Donna have a fight. The Trickster takes advantage of it.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum

Word Count:  4474 (includes song lyrics)

Warnings: Canon typical violence, mentions of blood

Author’s Notes:  This was written for @melbelle45 Dirty Pop Challenge. My song was Hey Ya by Outkast. This is partially based on a question Richard Speight, Jr. was asked at the Phx Con 2016. Who would his character (Gabriel/Trickster) take to the Supernatural prom? His answer was Sheriff Donna. Also, Speight said at ATL Con 2016 that Gabriel kicked the Trickster out of that body - head canon accepted.

Originally posted by rhetthammersmithhorror

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The past, the present... The future.

Summary: In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state.

Chapter 1: My curse

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: your name

Warnings: Contains references to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and the inhumans, but nothing that would count as a major spoiler. Also, references to weapons (guns).

Word count: 1,676

A/N: This is my very first time writing a fanfic, so I hope you enjoy it! I would love to have some feedback so let me know what you think! I’m planing on doing a series. This part is pretty light, I have a lot more dramatic scenes as the story goes on.

Y/N POV’s:

Light floats through the room, creeping across my eyelids to remind me that a new day has started.  I sit up and look around my room to orientate myself after another busy night fighting off nightmares. The right wall is made completely out of glass, giving me amazing views of the forest that expands all around the facility. It also fills my room with light at any hour of the day, which is fortunate, as the walls are painted black. Next to the window I have an immense desk covered in papers and supplies and equipped with the latest technology, just like about anything in my room. I also have a boxing space, bookshelves (not enough for my books: a lot of them are lying on the ground), a full body mirror that doubles as a computer and, of course, my bed. The walls are covered with posters of any topic imaginable, from movies to the latest science innovations along with photos and… anything hangable, really.

As I’m covered in sweat, i decide to take a shower before heading out into the new day. While I let the warm water drip through my body, mixing with the coconut scent from my shampoo, I ask the personal assistant in the mirror to go through my timetable today and fill me in with anything I may have missed.

Good morning, Agent Y/N. Today you had a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs to coordinate SHIELD’s missions off borders. You also had agreed to help agent Daisy train the new recruits for the inhumans. Finally you were going to take part in the planing of the mission to take down the latest HYDRA facility found. However, all you plans for today have been cancelled, and your daily revision with agent Jemma Simons was been delayed.

“And what’s the reason for all this change?” I ask, stepping out of the shower while drying my hair with a towel.

Director Fury wanted to have a meeting with you before breakfast.”

I nod, wondering what Fury might want to talk about. I come out of the bathroom and open the sliding doors to enter my closet. Aside from the clothes, which I do not have a great variety of as I spend most of my life in uniform, my closet is filled with objects that do not fit in my room, from my electric guitar to boxes with case files. Cameras, souvenirs … even my skate is here!

I dress in my black jumpsuit, with a SHIELD logo on my shoulder, and tie the numerous leather straps that incorporate weapons into my uniform. It’s not like I expect to be attacked at the base soon, but the protocol requires that all active agents carry at least one weapon around, and I must admit that I feel much more comfortable knowing I’m not defenseless. I place the pistol inside the holster on my hip, put on my fingerless gloves and tie my shiny black boots. I put my hair in a braid and finally step out of my room, my brightest smile on, ready to fight the world.

I make my way to Fury’s office, smiling politely at everyone. As I happen to come across Daisy on my way there, I also stop to apologize for not being able to help her this afternoon.

“Don’t worry” she smiles putting a hand on my shoulder “I’m sure you’re going to go up another level or something. Can you go up another level if you already have maximum access to everything? Well, never mind. You have to tell me everything!”

“I’ll meet you for lunch” I promise her as I wave goodbye.

When I enter Fury’s office, he is looking at a report, but puts it down as soon as he realizes I’m  in the room. He stands up, smiling.

“Y/N! I’m glad you have finally decided to show up.” I open my mouth to complain, but he carries on in a more serious tone “I have something important. Something really important I need you to take care of. Come here, I’ll explain you everything while we have breakfast.”

A while later, we both sit in front of a steamy plate of scrambled eggs and bacon.

“Nick, all this tension is getting on my nerves. Would you mind to explain what exactly I’m required to do?” I say, my knee bouncing up and down under the table as I try to liberate energy from my body.

He solemnly looks up from his plate and passes me a file. It’s pretty thick, and I recognize the man in the front picture immediately. My heart stops for a millisecond and I have to remind myself to breath. I inhale deeply, fighting against panic, and recompose my smile as well as I can.

“The Winter Soldier…” I say, looking at Fury for more explanations.

“I trust you know his story.”

“I do, I read about him on some files a few months ago. And all the rumors going around..”  Nick looks at me in the eye as if he expects me to say something else, but that is all that’s going to come out of my mouth. He leans back before asking.

“What is your opinion on him?”

“My opinion, you mean, as in whether he is innocent or not?” I ignore the ghosts of memories that pass before my eyes and carry on “According to all the data we have, he is. Right?”

“Yes Y/N, Bucky is completely innocent.” he says. The pause that follows warns you that I may not like what’s coming next. “Y/N, Bucky needs psychological support after this traumatic experience. Not a psychologist, but someone to help him adapt and to be his friend. Most importantly, to help him move on. Before you say anything, Steve is not completely qualified to do so, as he doesn’t understand what Bucky has been through. We are still trying to get the trigger words out of his brain and that’s only the beginning of the process of healing. He was taken to the Avengers’ compound about a week ago, as we thought it was easier to treat him from there. Unfortunately, Mr Stark isn’t very happy with the idea. Bucky needs help as soon as posible and I have decided you are the most indicated person to do the job.” He looks at me apologetically, demonstrating, once more, how instinctive he is. I have never told anyone about it, but he somehow knows, somehow feels it.

“Why me?” I whisper, not trusting my voice. Nick looks at me.

“Because you know what it is like, you have lived it. You know what HYDRA does to its prisoners. You probably know something about the mind wiping and you definitely are one of the most empathic persons I have ever come across.” He pauses for a second and then his look softens a little “And you are by far the happiest and more optimistic person I have and will ever meet. All that happened to you, and you are somehow here, in front of me, still smiling.”

I take a deep breath. Nick has a point and, as much as I fear it, I can’t deny my help to someone who needs it so badly. But man, this was going to be difficult. Really difficult. I stand up and take the files.

“When am I leaving to the Avengers Compound?”

Nick smiles “I was hoping you would this afternoon”

I run through the Winter Soldier’s files wile I wait for Jemma to give me my results. I have skim-read the first few pages when Daisy enters the lab and walks towards me.

“I knew I would find you here.” she smiles “I heard you’re moving in to Stark’s.”

“You heard?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, Coulson may have talked with Fury about it and he may or may have not told me a little something” She stops and pulls a fake deep-in-thought pose “Or I may have hacked the system… again.”

“You really are incurable.”

“So… You’re going to be the Winter Soldier’s personal phsycologist?”

“That may, or may not be true.” I laugh “Do you know something about him that could be useful? I’ve read he used to make really good impressions on people.

“That would explain why his name is in the memorial to the agents lost in the line of duty, even though he died before SHIELD was created.”

“I know. Someone has to fix that, by the way. I mean: he was lost, but now he is found. Or maybe metaphorically he is not the same person, after all he has gone through, so he is still lost. Or maybe your name stays there even if you are not actually dead…”

“Or maybe we are just too lazy to change it”

“Good point.”

Jemma laughs behind me. I turn around  and she presses the tablet in her hand.

“Before I show you anything, I wanted to tell you I have send the instructions of your revision to Mr Stark, so that you can get it done by him once in the compound.” I thank her profusely, even though I’m not extremely excited with the prospect of having a medical revision with a Stark. “Here are your results.” she says, showing me the projection coming from her tablet. I anxiously read all the numbers and signs I have learned by heart in the past years, desperately looking for something, anything, different to usual. I don’t succeed.

“Not a single second?” I ask, in case I have missed something. As she shakes her head, my shoulders sink. Someone would say I should have gotten used to it after all this time but I can’t help to have hope. Daisy puts her arm around me. I take a deep breath and smile again.

I try to think of the positive aspects, but the reality is, I haven’t aged a single minute in the past forty-eight years.

And no, it’s not as fun as you think.

Part 2.

A Happy Accident

Characters: Steve x Reader

Summary: After a chance meeting and the best night of your life you leave your future up to fate only to find that sometimes fate takes her sweet time getting her shit together.

Word Count: 1804 words

Prompt: Serendipity.

A/N:  Okay so I know it’s been a while but I am determined to finish this series for you all so here is the latest bit of Steve fluff for you all.

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Steve slumped in the back seat of the cab and ran his hand through his hair.  They had been to every goddammed second hand bookstore in the city and had come up with a big fat nothing.  “Maybe I am just getting cold feet.  It’s not normal to be hung up on some girl I met a lifetime ago when I’m marrying an amazing woman right?  Fate and signs and everything, that’s just crazy.” Steve reasoned.

“You trying to convince me or you pal?” Tony sighed, his feet were killing him. They had pounded the pavements all day and he wasn’t even convinced by this quest in the first place.  The cab pulled up outside Steve’s apartment and he bid goodnight to his friend, once again apologising for crashing his day.

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Can I request a headcannon on the guys reacting to the MC becoming an auction manager with them?

Okay, so I’m assuming that MC, after years of working under the bidders and proving her prowess, finally gets promoted as an auction manager to work alongside them. Her job would entail handling auction logistics and collecting feedback from the IVC patrons.

Eisuke: He’d be immensely proud of her (after all, Eisuke loves it when MC takes charge ;^)). It was he who brought up the suggestion of adding her to the team in the first place. At first, everyone thought he was joking, but when they saw the dead serious look on his face, they kept quiet. He’s known for a while that she had the potential to become a part of the business, and he’s extremely satisfied with his decision of making her an auction manager. Honestly, he’d purposely give her the most difficult jobs not because he wants to give he a hard time, but because he knows she can handle it. He’d also let her shadow him during meetings and MAYBE groom her into becoming the next leader, who knows?

Soryu: At first, he’d be a bit afraid for her safety and welfare. She’s a civilian, what if she gets targeted by their enemies? Can she handle the burden that comes with this job? What if she gets, well, killed??? The others call him out on overreacting, and MC tells him he should trust her more. Okay, he concedes. But he’s only truly convinced that she’s in her element when he sees her at the IVC party, skillfully mingling with the guests and keeping everything pleasantly under control. He’s proud of her for making it this far (but he still gives her a gun just in case things go wrong).

Baba: He’s really happy for her! He’s been the nicest one to MC since Day One of her (unwillingly) getting involved in the auctions, and he’s so happy to see her grow from a nervous employee to a charismatic auction manager :’) (basically this lmao). He’d be willing to show her the ropes of anything she has a hard time doing. He’d even take her out to drinks if he’s feeling like it. Also, you can bet he’d try to influence her into some debauchery lmaooo

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ohhh tim prompts maybe tim getting used to the idea that bruce is alive again?? maybe bruce realizing that tim had a hard time™ in the past months?

Thank you for this lovely prompt! I love Bruce & Tim hurt/comfort or fluff so this was a lot of fun to write. 

A black envelope peaks out from between the rest of his boring mail. Tim inspects it carefully; weightier than a letter, probably an invitation, his name printed across the front in silver cursive: Timothy Drake-Wayne. Formal, impersonal. No address: hand delivered. He slits the top carefully, shakes out a single piece of card stock.

Bruce Wayne cordially invites you to attend…

He blinks, scans the rest of the invitation with a frown. Party, Wayne Manor, black tie, the twenty-third, six-thirty p.m. A note, written on the back in Alfred’s neat print: You don’t visit as much as you should. Excuses will not be accepted. We look forward to seeing you.

Tim sighs, pins the invitation to the fridge so he doesn’t forget, and goes to check whether he still has a tuxedo that fits. 

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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 4.17.17

custom metal-patched wood serving platter by ohdierliving

in japan, they mend broken pottery with gold and call it kintsugi — meaning ‘more beautiful for being broken.’ apparently there’s a term for when you do it with wood, too — arikata! these gorgeous custom platters mix your choice of four woods with unique metallic accents for a one-of-a-kind, beautiful serving piece. you also get to pick general size and the shape of the metal patches — bowtie or cross. lovely.

anonymous asked:

Bendyyy! I have a present for you! *a shiny gold lamé bow tie appears* I hope you like it! Maybe you could wear it on a date sometime?~ (ps. it's ink-stain resistant!)

How snazzy!

When a man loves a woman

New Merthan fic just for you, hope you will like this one, it’s bassed on a promt you can find here

thank you @jordan202 for help :*

The room was already dark when he rolled over again, he wasn’t used to sleeping in her house, in her bed. After he rolled again, he looked at the woman who was sleeping next to him. Nathan looked at her pale skin lit by the reflex of the moon, he fought the desire to touch her, her locks of hair spread on the pillow had a scent of lavender and even if he wanted to caress them, he didn’t want to wake her up. After a few moments he realised that he not only loved Meredith, but also her kids and crazy sisters. He pulled himself up a bit and whispered.

“I love you Meredith Grey, I love every part of you, even the ones that are dark and twisty, I love them too.” he ended, kissing her forehead.

Meredith woke up just before her alarm went on, she didn’t remember when was the last time she was so relaxed and calm. She turned to the right side of the bed, Nathan’s side, but he wasn’t  there. She jumped from the bed and put on her slippers and one of her silky dressing-gowns. After few steps, as she made her way toward the stairs, Meredith already heard the voice of her children and Nathan making breakfast.

“Mommy! We made pancakes!” Bailey shouted from the kitchen.

“Pancakes!” Ellis repeated, with her mouth full of food.

“Will Mommy also eat pancakes or does she want only coffee and toasts?” Nathan asked, kissing her lips.

“Pancakes would be great.” she answered, sitting next to Zola. “Zola,  won’t you eat breakfast?” she asked.

“I’m not hungry. Can I go now?”

“Yes, if you don’t want to eat.” Meredith said, looking at her daughter.

“Girls make fun of her at school. That’s why she doesn’t want to eat.” Bailey said, chewing his pancake.

“Why?” Meredith asked her son.

“Because we don’t have a daddy and on Saturday there is a prom where girls go with their daddies.” he explained.

“Oh my God. I forgot about it. She doesn’t even have a dress.” Meredith jumped from the chair.

“Stop. You will eat it and I’ll talk to her.” Nathan said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” he passed by her, kissing her forehead. “I have the day off today, I’ll drive the kids to school and later go with Zo to buy the dress.”

“Can you buy a dress for a girl?” Meredith asked surprised.

“There are some things you don’t know about me, babe.”


Nathan gently knocked to Zola’s door, she was lying on the bed, holding her favorite toy. He sat on the edge of the bed and after few moments, finally spoke.

“When I was little my dad died. There was a dad’s-son’s event, I really wanted to go there, but I thought that if I went with my mom’s new friend, I would betray him.” he finished his sentence, looking at Zola.

“Bailey told you about the girls.”


“I really want to go, but I thought that…that you wouldn’t want to go with me. You don’t have to do this, you like our mom, but that doesn’t mean you must like us.”

“Zola. I never had children in my life, I can make mistakes because I’m new to this, but never, ever say that I don’t love you or your siblings because it isn’t true.”


“Really, and since I have day off and your mother said yes, we will go shopping, you help me find a perfect suit and I will try to help you with the dress.” he smiled.

“Yes!” she shouted, falling into his arms.


“How did it go?” Meredith asked.

“We talked and Zola decided to invite me to the prom. We’re going shopping today.”

“You are amazing!” she said, kissing his lips.

“Can we talk when I get back from the prom?” he asked seriously.

“Yes,” Meredith nodded, “but it doesn’t mean you want to dump me?” she asked.

“No it doesn’t.” he pulled her closer.

Nathan looked into her eyes again, he perfectly knew what he wanted to say, he did that when she was asleep, but now with her by his side it was harder than he thought. Nathan pulled her once again and after a moment their lips met with a sweet kiss before work. Meredith looked at him and few seconds later she was on her way to work, thinking about how the two of them would buy a dress for a little girl.

“I want a pink or a blue dress with a bow.” Zola said, holding his hand.

“Your wish is my command, princess.” he smiled.

“Can we go for ice cream later?”

“If we have enough time. We need to go for Bailey and Elis.”

“It’s good that we bought your suit already.” she giggles.

“I think so too.”

Meredith opened the door after 8 hours of work, she was exhausted like it had been a 24 hour shift, the patients, nurses and Nathan’s absence made her day really hard. She left her things near the door, waiting for her children’s raised voice, but to her surprise she didn’t hear anything. She took a few steps toward her living room and after a second she looked at the floor, where all her children were sitting around the table. Zola was doing her homework, Bailey was playing with his toys and Nathan tried to convince Ellis to eat her apple. Meredith took a step back and tried to stop her tears from falling from her eyes. For the first time since Derek’s death, she knew that her children were happy.

“Hi kids!”

“Mommy!” they all shouted at once.

“Mommy you need to see my dress, it’s pink and it has a bow and the sparkles, I have new shoes too!”

“And I have a new toy too!” Bailey said.

“Apple.” Ellis added.

“You robbed the bank or did you go to work when I was away?”

“Nathan bought it for us.” Zola said.

“He did?” she looked at him, “so you were the one who robbed the bank.”

“Just wait till you see her dress.” he smiled, kissing her softly.

Meredith looked at her daughter with a smile on her little face. Zola almost ran to her room to put on her new dress, when she finally came out to show herself, Meredith couldn’t help holding her breath for a moment.

The long puffy dress with a bow on her back was shining from little diamonds on her top. Every time Zola made a move the dress rustled, making the girl more happier.

“Zola you look amazing.” Meredith said with tears in her eyes.

“Thank you mom. Nathan has a matching tie!”

“You will wear pink tie?” Meredith teased.

“Not only pink, but with diamonds on it.” he answered.

“Thank you.” she said soundless.

“You welcome.” he answered in the same tone.


Meredith sat down on her cream sofa, she was tired, but so happy that they already left. Zola was so happy and excited that after dinner she didn’t talk about anything else. Meredith helped Nathan to prepare himself, he looked so handsome even if he wore a pink, shiny tie. When they both were ready, she hugged her daughter and took some photos to remember how happy she was in her puffy dress, holding Nathan’s arm. Meredith lay down and closed her eyes. She was so tired that she totally forgot about the talk Nathan wanted to have when they came back.


Nathan entered the room with Zola in his arms, he was carrying her from the car, they were supposed to be back about two hours ago, but the prom went so well that they both didn’t want to leave. When he entered, he looked around, checking if Meredith was still up. He saw her lying on the sofa. He decided to put Zola to sleep and later went back for her mother.


“You’re already back?” Meredith asked sleepily.

“Yes, it’s almost midnight.” he answered, lifting her up.

“Did Zola have a good time?”

“We both did.” he smiled, carrying her to the bed.

“You wanted to talk.” she woke up a little.

“You are too sleepy for that, babe.”

“I’m awake now.” she sat on the bed, watching Nathan taking off his shirt. “I want to talk.” she said.

“I wanted to say something very important for me and I thought for you too.”

“Nathan, you’re scaring me.”

“I love you, I love you from here to the moon and back, I love your kids and if you ever, ever want to leave me, please let me see your kids.”

Meredith looked at him with wild opened eyes, she moved closer to him and touched her forehead with his, before she opened her eyes and looked into his blue ones. Meredith kissed him slowly with a passion they never felt before. When she was already in his arms, she finally took a deep breath and spoke.

“I love you too and I promise that you will be always someone important in my….our children’s life.” she said, looking straight into his eyes.

“You are the most important people in my life, Meredith.”

“You are important for us too, Nathan.”

After couple of minutes in his arms, Meredith closed her eyes,once again enjoying the amazing feeling of being in right place, exactly where she belonged, with a person she truly and madly loved.

Sunday Kind of Love

Skinny!Steve Rogers x Reader

Request: Could you write (if you fancy) a one-shot where 40’s Steve goes to a bar, and the reader is the bar singer and Bucky tries to push Steve to talk to her or something cute?
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
2,834 words

Notes: I TOOK TWO MONTHS TO WRITE THIS. I’m so so sorry for the long wait, dear nonnie. I’ve been lazing around with my writing and my college shit is just making it worse. Adding my sudden inability to even start writing something, it took WAY longer than I thought. It’s not that good but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Y’all tell me if there’s any mistakes since I didn’t proofread. Enjoy! <3

When you first see him, it’s a during a busy Saturday night and he’s with his friend, the sergeant, who you’re  already used to meet every now and then during his recent visits. 

The brunette is popular with the ladies, you can tell, and it’s rare the nights he comes alone rather than being with an usual short girl, their lips always in deep tons of red and hairs dolled up with perfectly made curls. 

But you really never saw him before. 

He’s got blond hair, blue eyes and a tiny frame. His hair looks good enough for your fingers to twitch in an urge to touch it, his eyes are light and soft so that you can notice them from across the room and you’re sure he’s a few inches smaller than your height – not that you particularly care about that. 

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Midnight Break

My second full on poster, and probably took WAY less time than others (complete and non) since I’m really getting this posing thing down. Lighting and camera angles, not so much :/ Dark maps suck. First time using a particle effect too, super easy~

The Candy Man Can

Title: The Candy Man Can

 Prompt: This is for @wayward-mirage challenge #wayward-mirages rat pack challenge.  I chose the song “Candy Man” by Sammy Davis Jr.

 Summary: Working in the children’s ward of a hospital can break your heart, but every Thursday, someone comes to make your day just a bit better.

 Warnings: Illness.  Slight Angst. Fluff.  

 Masterlist of FanFiction

Originally posted by treasureseven

“I need Kira Clonsten’s chart, please.”  You asked the nurse at the nurse’s station.  This little girl had been through the ringer, so many health issues and struggles.  And now on top of all that, she has pneumonia.  You sighed as you looked down her chart, noting allergies and other health concerns, trying to decide what medication you were going to prescribe to her.

“Doctor?” The nurse as you, making you look up wearily.  “She is going to be just fine.”  The nurse tried to re-assure you.  You put on a fake smile and gave a slight nod.  That’s what they always said, it will be fine…but that was the thing…you had been a doctor in this children’s ward for five years now.  You knew that wasn’t the case, not for every child.  

“I think I will prescribe…”  Your voice drifted off as your eyes caught sight of the clock.  The second hand ticked away and a smile graced your face, a true one.  Because you knew what was coming in five…four…three…two…

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anonymous asked:

Are there any fics that fill the gap between Knots Untie and East?

Hello There :)

here are some Richonne fanfics that take place between The Next World, Knots Untie  and East

Lover, Please Stay (Part 3/?)

I’m so unsure of how this part will go down, I hope you like it anyway!

Part One Part Two Part Four

Warnings: Slight angst and fluff?

Word count: 1191 (apparently I got carried away)

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

Taking one last look in your mirror and popping your lips, you smile at your reflection. You had to hand it to Natasha, she had made you look a million dollars. It was nice to get dressed up every once in a while, even if it was for this stupid annual “hero awards”. A silly idea really, but you were the Avengers, and you had to “humour the public” according to Tony. He just likes a party though, let’s be honest. You run your hands over the blood red silk and grab your bag off the side and head to the kitchen to meet Sam and Natasha. Everyone else had already left just before, and Sam offered to accompany you and Nat.
Sam and Nat gather at the front door as they hear your heels clicking down the corridor, and you laugh when you turn the corner and Sam’s mouth drops to the floor.
“Damn am I a lucky chauffeur tonight” He winks, and Nat shakes her head.
“Yeah yeah, lets just get to the damn place otherwise Tony will bollock us for being late!” You laugh again, heading out the door, squealing as Sam pats your bum on the way past. Such a damn flirt. The last car is already on the drive, and the three of you squeeze into the back seat.

The journey goes by quickly, the whole time spent laughing at Sam’s jokes and his hopeless attempts at flirting with Natasha. She plays along, teasing him, smirking at you every now and again making you chuckle. When you arrive, you can already hear the shouting and clicks of cameras, you almost groan at the thought of having to get out and dealing with it.
“C’mon (Y/N) it’ll be fine. Just stick with us!” Sam smirks. You roll your eyes and take a deep breath as Sam comes round the other side of the door, offering a hand to help Nat out and then you.
You’re momentarily blinded by the flashing cameras, squinting through them to focus on where to walk. Looking further up the carpet, you see Tony and Steve talking to some woman with a microphone, and when they spot you they shout you over.
“Here she is, deadly assassin number two and apparent glamour woman” Tony looks you up and down and you playfully smack his arm, smiling at the interviewer. Turning round again, you search the crowd of people, eyes not finding who you’re looking for.
“You look stunning (Y/N)” Steve distracts you. You thank him, taking in his handsome appearance. He rarely wears a suit and tie and it’s odd to see him do so.
“Weird seeing us all in something other than our gear or slacks right?” He laughs, reading your mind. You laugh with him, and then excuse yourself, eager to get out of the spotlight.

As you walk towards the end of the carpet, a figure catches your eye. There he is, stood in a corner by himself, his handsome features lighting up every time a camera flashes. You stop still for a moment, adamant you can no longer breathe. You’ve never seen him in a suit before, a shiny bow tie round his neck. His hair is slicked back in a bun, loose strands hang around his defined jawline. You’re pretty sure you’ve never seen something so beautiful in your life. But then you notice his expression, his eyebrows are furrowed, biting his lip nervously, and your heart sinks. You didn’t even think about what tonight would be like for him, this huge crowd of people, the cameras, the lights, the noise. Picking up the front of your dress, you rush towards him, at the same time trying not to draw any attention to yourself. A few feet away, he notices you coming towards him, his breathe taken away by the sight of you. He stands up straight, clearing his throat. You give him a sweet smile and his eyes light up for a second.
“Bucky! Are you ok?” You grab his forearm as he starts fiddling with his fingers again, not quite meeting your gaze. He hates looking vulnerable in front of people, especially you.
“I-im fine. I just wasn’t expecting all this I guess.” He shrugs, voice barely audible above all the racket.
You move your hand from his arm and tangle your fingers with his, ignoring the tingling feeling the contact is giving you. He looks up at you, mouth slightly open in shock and you give him a re assuring smile, squeezing his hand.
“C’mon we’ll go find the table inside.” You practically drag him along, smiling to yourself as his hand grips yours a little tighter.

When you find the table, Clint and Wanda are already there, and greet you with a glass of wine when you approach. You take a seat next to Wanda, Bucky on your right and join in with their conversation on how ridiculous this night was, and of course you all knew who the winner was going to be already.
“What’s the bet Tony voted for himself like 100 times?” Clint says, making you all laugh, and even Bucky smile.
The venue soon starts to fill up and the buzz of people gets louder and you see Bucky shifting in his seat. You scoot your chair closer to him and squeeze his thigh re assuringly. He looks at you and nods, giving you a small smile which you return. He leans in closer towards you, speaking you’re your ear.
“You look beautiful tonight doll. I like your lipstick, it’s like the colour they wore in the 40s.” His compliment makes your stomach flutter, and you’re pretty sure your cheeks are now the same colour as your lips. You thank him, and go to compliment him back, but are distracted again when the rest of the team joins the table. Steve sits on the other side of Bucky and starts a conversation with you, but who are you kidding, you’re not thinking about anything but close he was or how damn thick Bucky’s thighs felt between your fingers, and little did you know Bucky also isn’t listening to a thing Steve’s said after your hands set his skin on fire with one touch. You shake your head of those thoughts, and draw your attention back to your friends, taking a big sip (gulp) of wine.

“I can’t believe you’ve dragged us to this damn thing again Tony, but its free booze, so I’ll take it.” Nat scoffs.
“Don’t be sour because you never win Natasha.’ *queue eyebrow raise from deadly redhead* ‘Anyway, its Bucky first proper night out, and I can’t wait to kick your asses when I win tonight. So cheers!” He gives a shit eating grin, earning eye rolls and shaken heads, but you all laugh and raise your glasses anyway.

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