shiny rhyperior


they show you a shiny mew and tell you that you can have it for 2 SHINIES but once you trade them two they keep insisting. I canceled the trade after this happened to catch a pokemon to name “igaveyou2” but when I traded him again he told me to talk to him on game chat

when on game chat I told him I didn’t want the mew anymore and he kept insisting I give him 3 more shinies and refused to give my pokemon back saying “3shinies or bye”. I lost a shiny dragonite and rhyperior because of this


A collection of little buddies that I’ve rescued from abandoned Pokemon games; I can thank my girlfriend and her job for this little perk! I’m not particularly attached to them, though, and would be willing to negotiate trades if someone would appreciate one of them more. ^_^
Darkrai and Ho-oh are Japanese, and I’m a little uncertain of Porygon-Z’s origin but he made it through the transfer, so… =/