Some Pokemon GO shiny edits by me.

On the other hand I can’t wait for them to add shinies to Pokemon GO. As a shiny hunter and breeder I’d love to have a slim chance of finding something fancy on my adventures.

But on the other hand I’m terrified of how having shinies available would influence the already manifesting hacking community of the game. IVs are confirmed for the game already, as well as connectivity to Sun and Moon, so I’m very concerned what adding shinies could cause.

Niantic announced they want Pokemon GO to be the “Pokemon MMO”. In that light I hope hackers in GO will be treated with the same viciousness as other MMO cheaters: instant ban on all of the user’s accounts.


Before ORAS came out, I spent an absurd amount of time in Pokemon X breeding a shiny team to transfer into the new game.  Now, tons of adventures later, they’re all grown up and champions of Hoenn.  

Also, I love playing with Pokemon scale.  Cause seriously, if a Pokemon is going to learn Fly and carry me all over the world, it had better darn well be big enough for me to realistically ride on its back.  

Box Giveaway!

I don’t really care to do box giveaways that much because they take up a lot of trading time. But since I’m not trading for WTW this week, I thought I should do a box giveaway to make up for it.

All of these shiny Pokemon will go to one lucky person. That’s right, one person will win 30 shiny Pokemon from me.

To enter, simply like and/or reblog this post (They both count). I’ll choose a winner this Saturday (July 2nd) at 6 PM PST.

All these Pokemon come as is. Some have nicknames, IVs, rareballs, some don’t.

If you win, I’ll make a post and tag you in it AND I will send you a message. If the winner doesn’t claim within 24 hours, then the prize goes to another person.