shiny perfume


A/N: i reluctantly fell in love with this as i was writing it and im so proud of myself i think my writing is actually improving 

Genre: AU. The idea is that it’s set in the 80′s just like the film Submarine, but there’s no indication of any time period bc it’s so neutral.

Words: 3.9K? i think

Warnings??: food mention, swearing, pyromania, um phil says something about getting hit by a train but it’s supposed to be purely #banter and dark humor

Excerpt: He wants to have the same closeness he did a minute ago, with breath in his face and thoughts running so wild that everything goes blurry and it feels like water is rushing up his esophagus and throat and filling his mouth with things he wants to say, to scream at this strange boy that doesn’t blend in. His black boots splashing in muddy water. Holding a sparkler as the colors of red and blue reflect in his pupils, swirling and dancing. Hiding in abandoned junkyards and setting things on fire.

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