shiny oddish! !!!!!!!!!


my Grass type collection, I thought it would have been a cute idea if tamed grass types just hung around in pots like how dogs have beds, and their trainers decorate the pots and water their mons and take a billion pictures of their mons loafing in their pots on the window sill.

the only down side I could imagine is muddy little foot prints or sand/gravel spread all up and down the house after the mon is done hanging out in their pot

I was trying to complete the pokedex (which is complete now) in oras and when I asked for a random whimsicott in gts i got traded this cutie. Whoever didn’t want her, don’t worry, I will take care of her and stuff her with poffins and pet her all day long.

Ok, how many legit shiny Pokemon have any of you caught in your entire Pokemon career?

I caught a shiny Oddish on Gold version, an Onix and Nidoran male on HeartGold, and I stumbled upon a shiny Eevee on a used copy of Gold I bought for a friend.

Oh and I guess I got Pokerus on a Grimer in Sapphire. If that counts.