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Welcome to speedy, electric hell

Incidentally, I have to fail to apologise about the fact I’m really into Formula E and I just hope Lynn and Evans can drag some of you fuckers into this thing with me after you all broke me with GP2.


  • Electric
  • Super quiet but high pitched, so pronounced Formula EEEEEEEE
  • Everybody there is very upset, VERY UPSET
  • Apart from Nico Prost and he’s probably upset now because Bruno Senna is out
  • The cars are very shiny. Very, very, very shiny. So shiny.
  • And the new wings make them look like whale sharks so that’s an interesting variation
  • SEASON 3! It’s season 3! We’re gonna have more fun and be less weird than the first two years combined! We’re gonna be less crazy! We’re gonna finally be - nevermind, it’s motorsport.
  • Things happen like Buemi and Di Grassi being on joint points for the final race, crashing each other the fuck out and then spending the entire rest of the race diving into the pits to recharge to try and get the fastest lap point and thus win
  • If you go to a race you can get properly close to the track also everyone has a lot of fun and can I just reinforce fuck you, Battersea for ejecting the double-header from London because that was A+++
  • Everyone is basically a bit sad not to be an F1 driver, but also super excited to be a FE driver and it’s eligible for super license points so hopefully this will make it less of a retirement option
  • Holy crap they are very fast when they’re on the go and the tracks are SO TIGHT - the cars are slightly smaller than in F1 but not THAT much and like wowsers
  • Multiple pile ups occur on the regular and everyone’s pretty chummy about it
  • Apart from the Buemi/Di Grassi beef which is hella
  • Simona does not have a ride anymore :((( I cry
  • OH. Oh. My favourite stupid feature of Formula E is there’s this thing called #Fanboost where they can basically get …ok let’s call it the equivalent of DRS if enough people tweet about them. It’s star power, basically. It’s such a ridic feature I really love it.
  • It’d be shit in F1 cus Verstappen’d just get it all the time BUT FORTUNATELY FE IS NOT F1
  • Everyone is Kvyat and we must protect and nurture them all
  • Even the teams tbh - oh yeah, there’s two new ones this year, Jaguar and Techeetah; JEV is in Techeetah and either Mitch or Alex or both is extremely likely for Jaguar so get yer faves here, etc.
  • I was gonna list all the other ones that are cute babes and then realised it was all of them
  • Simona :((((( my broken heart
  • Anyway, come and watch Formula E with me guys it’s absolutely horrific
Prompt project

This one is a gift to my editor ( @randomly-awkward-thoughts ) Who still thinks im a flaming whore for writing that sad fic with the song

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Reader 

Written by: @dean1winchester1dreams1of1pie

Edited by my shiny new temp editor: @sleep-silent-angel

Words: Over 900

Warnings: Uhhh I mean it’s a little painful but psh you’ll be fine

Summary: …I just, okay do we really have to do these. WE KNOW I SUCK AT THEM

Prompt: “Excuse me for falling in love with you”

And away we go…


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“I can’t believe you! I asked you not to come and you did anyway.”

“Sam you can’t expect me to always sit on the sidelines! I’m a hunter too! I worked my ass off to get as good as I am and I’m not letting myself get soft just because you don’t want me to hunt.”

“What?! So I’m just supposed to be okay with you going out everyday and putting your life on the line?”

“You do the same thing! What, is it because I’m a girl? Is it because I’m smaller than you?”

“Y\N you know it’s not because you’re a girl. It’s neither of those reasons.”

“So let me fucking hunt! We’re used to getting knocked around and thrown all over the place! Let me do what I’m good at!”

“I’m not letting you hunt anymore Y\N, that’s the end of the conversation.” Sam turned and grabbed his coat. “I’m going to go get dinner.”

You ran forward and shoved him.


He stumbled forward but caught himself. He turned back around and grabbed your wrists, slamming you into the wall.

“Say it to my face.” He growled and you fought to get your wrists away.

“I hate you Sam Winchester!” You spat, “I hate you for not letting me do my job and acting like I’m some princess. I can handle myself, what the hell has gotten into you?”

Sam let go of your wrists and grabbed the keys to the Impala.

“Excuse me for falling in love with you.”

He walked out, slamming the door. The room shook and you sunk to the floor, taking in the words he had just said to you. You ran your hand through your hair, curling up against the wall. It hadn’t been the first time you’d had this fight. He’d just never said that was the reason.

“Y\N?” Dean came into the small room and crouched down next to you “You okay?”

“Did you know how he felt?” You looked up to him, tears streaming down your face. He got up and grabbed a tissue box from the nightstand and handed it to you.

“I had my suspicions,” he confirmed, and you grabbed a tissue, wiping your eyes. Not that it did anything to help you.

“How did I never see it?” You whimpered and he groaned, sitting next to you and handing you another tissue.

“Because you were too busy fighting him to see that all he wanted was to know you were somewhere safe. You should have seen his face when we found you on the ground all bloodied up. He freaked.”

You took the tissue and he threw the box across the room, “I shouldn’t have said I hated him.”

“No you shouldn’t have. He’s probably kicking himself in the teeth for saying he loved you.”

“Dean?” You wiped your eyes, standing up and taking off your shirt. “I - I think you’re going to need to get your own room tonight.” You took a shirt from Sam’s bag and pulled it over your head.

“I’m going to make this right no matter what, and I wouldn’t be okay with keeping you up all night with our fighting.”

You took off your pants and grabbed your brush, pulling it from the bun you had it in, You ran it through your hair, being careful around the tangles.

“Yeah,” He grabbed his wallet from the table and scoffed. “Because you look like you’re getting ready to fight.”

“Dean?” You said again, this time walking towards him and hugging him as tightly as you could. “Thanks for the chick flick moment.”

He rolled his eyes and hugged you back, “We never speak of this.”

You saluted him and he left the room to get his own for the night. You turned and went back to your bag, pulling out a bag of makeup you used for undercover work. You put on light mascara and lipgloss and tossed the bag back into your duffel.

“Y\N we need to-” Sam came into the room with food for the three of you and your favorite milkshake. You got up from the chair you’d been sitting in and sauntered over to him. He raised an eyebrow and slowly put the things in the mini fridge, keeping an eye on you. When he got done putting the stuff away you kicked the door shut with you heel and grabbed his shirt, bringing him to your level.

“What’s all this?” He asked, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“I - I owe you an apology… A huge one… And I don’t know how to make it up to you. I thought, hey, why don’t I be sexy. But these heels are totally killing me.”

Sam, laughed and lifted you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he carried you to one of the beds.

“I know something that might help make it up to me.” He kissed your neck, biting down, causing you to moan softly. “Be mine? Let me take care of you, Y\N. I know we can’t get out of this life, but maybe we can be miserable in this life together.” He laid you on the bed and pulled off his shirt.

“On one condition.” You watched him as he kissed his way up your legs, laying his body on yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed his nose.

“Anything, Y\N.”

“Let me be an adult and make my own decisions. If I decide to go on a hunt, let  me.”

Sam kissed your neck again, sucking on the spot he’d bitten.

“I promise to let you be your own person. I love you, but I can’t always make your choices in life.”

“Sam Winchester, you’ve got yourself a girlfriend.”


A local scientist has discovered the third hell of bird-kind the most heinous and evil out of all of them. SONG BIRD HELL. While it may not seem dangerous to the uninformed song bird hell is known for the many many many many many many birds that drag you inside to it’s gaping maw of doom. Punishments include but are not limited to, singing birds waking you up exactly one hour early, bird shit on your shiny new car, bird seed growing in places you did not know it could grow in the first place, and birds consuming all of your crops and you cannot do a single thing about it. 


This is my Photographic Atlas of Human Anatomy by Rohen, Yokochi; polish edition and its baby book - some anatomy schemes in this little baby-book.  In Poland we used to call it just Yokochi tho  ;) I had this baby delivered by post from a bookstore today. I bought a new one although I usually buy used books. This one will probably stay with me forever in my medical library so I wanted it to be all new and shiny ;) I will take some interior photos of it in a few days. I would like to compare how the same structures are shown in different atlases and textbooks. 

All this stationery stuff is just because I wanted to imitate all those aesthetic studyblrs but come one… It turned out soooo poor :D 

I should start learning instead of studyblr improving I’m afraid. But who cares?

anonymous asked:

What advice would you give to a recent college grad (neuro/bio double major) with a huge interest in marine bio/animal behavior, but whose previous coursework and research experience are almost totally irrelevant to that goal? It seems like so many entry level research jobs really want people with direct experience with specific model organisms/methodologies/etc, and I've got.... a shiny new honors thesis in human neuropsych? Woohoo :) Any insight would be much appreciated.

First, I’m sorry it took me so long to respond, it’s been a crazy summer of science in the Nyholm lab. Any lab experience is actually a lot more helpful than you might think, so your honors thesis might really pay off! I would recommend reading any papers (primary lit from google scholar, etc) you might think are interesting. If you really want to pursue a career in marine biology or animal behavior (though I warn you, animal behavior is a poorly funded field so that’s a tough road you’d be walking), you’ll likely have to do some volunteer work to build your resume a bit, but it’s certainly possible that you could get a job that just needs someone who has had lab experience. You could even just straight up apply to a Ph.D. program in marine biology and hope that your honors thesis is enough. I basically did the opposite switch, went from an undergrad in marine science to a Ph.D. program in molecular and cell biology (that of course happened to work with a marine model organism). Really, any blank spots in your knowledge you will fill in as you need to. If you think marine bio or animal behaviour is really what you want to do, just go for it! Worst case scenario, you won’t get in and will have to do some volunteer stuff first, best case scenario you’ll either get paid on a job for a year before starting grad school (which means you’ll get a chance to decide if you really DO like the work before committing to a 5-6 year Ph.D.), or you’ll just start grad school.

Good luck!

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I need a gifset of Aly Raisman after the medal ceremony, where she took off her shiny new gold medal, ran over to her coach Mihai and then put the medal around his neck and hugged him really tightly

it was adorable and maybe I kind of cried

Office Job (M)

CEO!Jimin x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, oral, rough, anal?

Word Count: 3,853

Summary: You just started a new job as the assistant to the CEO of a big company. Turns out the CEO is your high school crush…

This is it, you thought as you walked up to the impressive building of your new company. It’s your first day on the job working at the company of your dreams. You look up, slightly intimidated by the sheer size of it all, and the expectations of your role. You take a deep breath and continue walking in, shiny new employee pass around your neck. You step into the crowded elevator and wait impatiently for it to take you up to the 20th floor. You step out into the reception area, and walk up to the desk.

“Hi, I’m y/n; it’s my first day here and I’m supposed to meet up with Mr. Kim?” you say, unsure if your information is correct.

“Hi y/n, I’m Ava. Welcome to Park Enterprises. Have a seat, Mr. Kim will be here shortly.” she says with a smile. You return her smile and take a seat, and wait. Two minutes later, a tall, lean, handsome man walks through the door.

“Y/n?” You stand up and walk to him, offering your hand. “Hi, I’m Namjoon. I’ll show you around and get you settled.” He shakes your hand firmly, offering you a warm, adorable dimpled smile. “Follow me.”

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It’s not always NRE

As a newly poly person, I was determined to be a good metamour and be patient with my husband’s behaviour, because all the books talk about that shiny New Relationship Energy, and I didn’t want to be the one who couldn’t handle it. And so I was patient, and patient, then less so, until I broke and things came crashing down.

Looking back, I see that managing NRE should have been my husband’s responsibility, and when I did find the courage to point out things that he did that hurt me, his response should not have been to tell me that I was being selfish and insecure, or to say that he understood but couldn’t change. Instead it should have been to listen to me and talk with me and work on treating me with more respect.

It is not ok to stop talking and blame it on NRE. It is not ok to stop considering your other partner(s) feelings and needs, and just blame it on NRE. I discounted some serious gaslighting for a long time before I realised that it was not a new relationship that was the problem. I didn’t trust my own feelings, because poly was new, and I didn’t know how I should feel. Let me tell anyone reading this- you should not be made to feel unimportant, abandoned, unheard, or unworthy.

A healthy poly relationship, brand new or well established, is one in which all partner’s needs and feelings matter and are heard and cared for.