shiny monsters

Day 325 - Nidoking | ニドキング (Shiny)

Its poison pins harden and become rough in adulthood, making its appearance even scarier than before. Using energy from the moon, Nidoking’s muscles grow to massive sizes. Its tail can crush just about any man-made material to bits.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day. Desktop won’t POST. No beeps. No mobo LEDS. All fans on. Why, oh why? Back to the drawing board…)

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my Grass type collection, I thought it would have been a cute idea if tamed grass types just hung around in pots like how dogs have beds, and their trainers decorate the pots and water their mons and take a billion pictures of their mons loafing in their pots on the window sill.

the only down side I could imagine is muddy little foot prints or sand/gravel spread all up and down the house after the mon is done hanging out in their pot

Day 254 - Kachikooru | カチコール | Bergmite

Kachikooru nibbles on ice cubes to grow big and strong. The bigger a Kachikooru, the closer it is to evolving for good. They get sluggish in the sun, so they’re most active at night.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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This feels very important today.

Also, @evilsupplyco, if you haven’t seen this, you need to. Trust me, my darling. You need to.

I’ve been super busy offline, irl kicking my butt some; so got some time to sit down and work on a commission thats overdue and draw this up quick. Just super super self indulgent Naga Excalibur and a chibi Camelot. Its no secret mun adores monsters so its surprising i didnt do this sooner :’3c

also no post tomorrow or thursday I’ll be without net ;v;


More Porygon Posters!

Had a pop up gallery in my town look thorugh my portfolio of prints and they liked the Porygon one so much they asked if I would like them put up in thier window as ‘illustrator of the week’, they did ask if I could do some variants to go along with the original, so I made a shiny Porygon, and a printer dotted version of them both, and then a mis-print version just because it looked cool!

Day 277 - Houou | ホウオウ | Ho-Oh (Shiny)

Born of sacred fire, Houou spreads its ashes amongst the Johto region. Ancient civilizations believed this ash to have medicinal properties, and modern Potion technology was developed out of its application.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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