shiny happy cotton


It’s that time of year, your friend’s about to bring a new addition to the world and the pressure’s on to do something fun and innovative to mark the occasion (sorry, a night out on the tiles is not appropriate on this occasion).

Problem solved. Step forward the Baby Shower Blanket - our effortlessly cool personalised blanket. It’s not only fun to make but it’s guaranteed to be a keeper long after the kid’s reached college.

There are 2 options, you can either A) Buy a kit of pre-knitted squares where each friend at the party embroiders a shape or letter before joining to make the blanket.

OR B. Buy the yarn as a Knit Kit and knit the 24 squares yourselves, again with the 4 colours of cotton to customise your blankie and to crochet it up. If your friends aren’t the knitting types you can have fun knitting them in advance and they can finish them off. No-one will ever know ;-)

Both options come with all the sewing materials up to 24 people. 

Can’t wait to see your Gang make your blankie unique, and don’t forget to #shareyourknits! Happy Baby Shower!

Here are some other ideas as well for you to look at :)

Put your drawing skills to the test by helping to create an alphabet book all drawn by you and your friends! 

No Baby Shower is complete without a blindfolded diaper changing competition…no real baby poo allowed ;)

Decorate lil onesies and once you are finished hang them up on the line….to be judged in the competition and win a prize! 

Now put your painting skills to the test by painting and drawing on wooden blocks for the baby :)