shiny finneon


It was the Biscuit-Jarine incident all over again.

Name: Kiwi

Timid nature

Stats are up there ^

Ability Storm Drain

Started: 8/18/15

Hatched: 8/29/15

Remember the last time I tried doing two breeding projects at once, and they both ended up taking a ridiculously long time? To the point where I actually abandoned one of them entirely and just went DexNavving instead? Yep, I’m referring to Biscuit and Jarine, my mantine and flygon. I tackled both projects at the same time and unfortunately, they were both very stubborn. (Well worth it, though! <3 They’re both incredible. Especially Biscuit.)

The exact same thing happened yet again, only much worse.

I started breeding roggenrola a little while before I hatched Ara, while still hunting for the Platinum bird. After Ara, I immediately started finneon. At that point I was about 300 roggenrolas in. I’d hatch five roggenrola, then switch over and hatch five finneon,switch back, rinse and repeat. It was refreshing to do a different hunt on the side, rather than just SRing all the time.

While it was a nice change of pace, both roggenrola and finneon decided they wanted to be incredibly stubborn! Like, worse than SANGRIA levels of stubborn.

Kiwi took about 1800 eggs before she finally decided to hatch: a new record. I was pretty angry about the whole thing, but as soon as I saw her… I just couldn’t stay mad. She’s too adorable.

Hatched in Pokemon X. Masuda method + shiny charm.

Also, as a side note, that is not her final moveset XD


Shiny Finneon (1st Shiny of Alpha Sapphire!) by Me