shiny finneon


My Masuda method shinies! The last five are all LITERALLY FROM THE LAST TEN DAYS AND I WASN’T EVEN TRYING FOR THREE OF THEM??? (Seriously, I’ve had literally one random shiny before now and now THIS. T H I S.)

  • Régalienne:  about 550 eggs
  • Soufflé: 12 eggs
  • Claribel: 14 eggs
  • Pandora: 904 eggs
  • Miki: 20 eggs
  • Désirée: 266 eggs

Soufflé, Claribel, and Miki were COMPLETE surprises - thankfully I’d already thrown the balls and egg moves on two of them before they showed up! And surprisingly the two that weren’t nature-locked got decent natures anyway (quiet for Soufflé and modest for Claribel). And all have at least four perfect IVs, even the accidents.

Régalienne is still probably my favorite of my shinies though. WHAT A CLASSY PRINCESS. *w*


Shiny Finneon (1st Shiny of Alpha Sapphire!) by Me