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Fantasy on Ice 2017 opening!

Happy Halloween/ Samhain!!

Ok, so I really wanted to get SOMETHING up for this Halloween, however I kind of ran out of time. SO this is a rough WIP… very rough…


【Magic Kyun! Renaissance】  Magic Kyun! No.1☆(1Chorus Promotion edit)/ArtiSTARs 【Hoshi No Mori Summer Festa 2017】


My costume is ready!!!!!! #moana #tamatoa #shiny #costume #cosplay #claws #heavy #comiccon2017

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review of Be More Chill!

i’m about to talk a lot about the show and the cast! if you don’t wanna read but you wanna hear about the talkback, the audio posts have just gone up and for those of you who want the review it’s under the cut!!!

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“A little ‘Scaring 101’ lesson with #ChristianFunk before my first Alfred show in Hamburg!”

Gonzalo Campos aka Actual Ray Of Sunshine bringing joy to the fandom as always, with his adorable Instagram posts

Through the Veil

Sirius’ mind went blank. A rush of silky, cool air swam across his skin as he fell, and his mind went blank. Harry’s voice, a broken, devastated scream, seemed distant and unreal. This had to be death, Sirius mused, and his mind went blank.

Somewhere beyond the veil, Harry Potter surged against Remus Lupin’s arms, fighting desperately to break past the barrier and reach for his Godfather, who was there one moment and gone the next. Bellatrix Lestrange was dancing around the room gleefully shouting, and suddenly, Harry’s anger swelled up inside him like a balloon. He broke loose of Remus’ grip and went racing for Bellatrix, his pure anger propelling him towards a fight that could leave him just like his Godfather.

Sirius wasn’t quite sure what this odd feeling was, but he was certain it was death. His body felt warm, calm, and tingly, and he was very much at ease. Yet, Sirius did not dare open his eyes. He had been brave in life, but felt oddly afraid of death now, despite having been claimed by it. For a moment, Sirius wondered if he was alone, but then a strange sort of high pitched, bubbling sound permeated his pensive state. Immediately, Sirius realized it was a child’s laughter. The comforting sound was soon followed by the thick scent of freshly baked treacle tart and the sweet aroma of Butterbeer, and the urge to see his surroundings consumed him, so Sirius gave in. Upon opening his eyes, he was greeted by the sight of his own feet, stretched out on a rather comfortable red sofa, and clothed in a pair of ripped black jeans, which Sirius had not worn in years. Without having the opportunity to contemplate this, Sirius noticed a new figure in his peripheral vision: a child, with extremely messy black hair and a huge grin.

“Uncle Sirius!” the child screeched, and Sirius immediately realized the child was Harry, at an age that Sirius had never gotten to experience Harry at. The realization hitting him like a ton of bricks, Sirius’ face broke out into a massive grin, and he reached forward to place Harry in his lap.

“Well, well, Harry, how are you doing?” Sirius asked, pulling his godson into a tight hug.

“It’s Halloween!” Harry yelled happily, as if this response would surely answer all of Sirius’ questions.

“Of course!” Sirius chuckled, “how could I possibly forget?” He now realized that Harry was dressed in a shiny green dragon costume, and was beaming like a madman.

“Harry! Are you ready to leave?” A male voice came booming from the kitchen, and Sirius felt his heart speed up miraculously. Harry jumped up from the couch and went racing into the kitchen, which he was promptly carried out of by a strong pair of arms.

“James,” Sirius whispered, tears immediately threatening to spill from his eyes.

“Oi, Sirius, when did you get here?” James asked, setting Harry down to make his way towards his best friend.

“I-I just got here now,” Sirius stuttered, taken aback with surprise.

“Mate, have you had a bit too much firewhiskey? I know it’s Halloween, but Harry’s counting on his godfather to be as alert and excited as he is, and I’m counting on my brother to not puke his guts out in front of a street full of children,” James laughed, pulling Sirius to his feet. Sirius chuckled along with James, pulling his best friend into a bone crushing hug that James was clearly not expecting, but which he accepted nonetheless.

“Harry, dear, here’s your pail,” Lily Potter said, strolling into the living room. Sirius felt the corners of his lips turn up even wider, and he darted forwards to embrace the redheaded woman.

“Woah, Sirius, are you smashed?” Lily laughed, patting Sirius on the back and handing a bucket to Harry, who was currently sat at his mother’s feet, grabbing onto her leg and pretending to be a dragon.

“Never, Lils,” Sirius grinned. Lily rolled her eyes and reached for Harry’s hand.

“Alright, I think it’s time for a little trick or treating, don’t you, Harry?”

Harry squealed with delight and started racing towards the door, pulling his mother along behind him.

“I’ve got the firewhiskey,” James whispered to Sirius as they stepped out into the cool October night. Sirius chuckled, wiped a few stray tears from his face, and followed behind his best friend. Lily and James were swinging Harry from their arms, who was roaring and pretending to breathe fire just like a real dragon. Godric’s Hollow was glowing, busy, and alive with excitement, and Sirius could not sense any trouble in the world. He was not sure how he had managed to end up at the place he had dreamed of being for fourteen years, but Lily and James were alive, Harry was happy, and he wouldn’t have given it up for the world. And so, Sirius set off down the street behind his friends, watching Harry dart from house to house collecting treats, and he couldn’t quite wipe the smile from his face. On that Halloween night, all was well.