shiny claydol


I think I like baltoy’s shiny more than claydol’s, but oh well.

Name: Cosmo

Bold nature

HP 257

Atk 153

Def 315

Sp atk 176

Sp def 320

Speed 171

Started: 6/13/15

Hatched: 6/13/15

Since I already had four shiny ground types, I decided to go ahead and go for a full shiny ground team! Of course, after the success of Vega, I figured it would probably take a while.

Nope! I was wrong. Cosmo here hatched in about 43 eggs, mercifully.

That’s more than I can say for my final ground team addition.

Hatched in Pokemon X. Masuda method + shiny charm.


Part ½

Spoopy Wondertrade Oct 31st at 1pm PST.

So I said I was doing a spoopy wondertrade for Halloween and I thought I’d show you exactly what will be going out. All these are shinys holding an evolution item. If you get one gimme a shout! OT: Kestrel ID no. 50367. And Happy Halloween to all!