shiny cherubi

Rare Ball Giveaway!

The time has come, and the wait it over. Thank you to all of you who shared their Pokemon with. Now its my turn to give back to you. So without further ado, here are your new babies!

Shiny Ponyta (Moon Ball)

Nickname: Buttstallion

Gender: Male

Level: 1

Moveset: Tackle, Low Kick, Hypnosis, Flame Wheel\

Code: TinJack


Shiny Corsola (Lure Ball)

Nickname: Azure

Gender: Female

Level: 1 

Moveset: Camouflage, Icicle Spear, Aqua Ring, Mist

Code: TinCoral


Shiny Cherubi

Nickname: Maraschina 

Gender: Female

Level: 1

Moveset: Morning Sun. Tackle

Code: TinCherry


Deposit a Tentacool into the GTS with the correct code for your new friend. Giveaway ends in 2 hours. <3 All Pokemon are marked for IVs. Happy Trading! 



Young Couple Nayeon and Momo wants to battle!

@namo-or-death  In between Momo asking out Nayeon with her old gameboy team and Nayeon proposing to Momo with her Pokemon Moon team, they played pokemon together from time to time. Mina definitely set them up with a Plusle and Minun cause she wanted them to have cute couples pokemon. Also when Mina saw that Momo had a shiny Cherubi, she was in awe. Although she was confused when Momo said it was a peach pokemon, but Mina thought it was too cute to correct her #dynamogiveaway


Pokemon SouRin AU~

Rin: Your Lapras looks funny!

Sousuke: Is not! He looks fine.

Rin: Why is it purple? That’s just weird!

Sousuke: No it isn’t!

Later that day, they found out that Sou found a rare shiny Lapras and Rin became jealous and went in hunt of his own shiny pokemon… but gave up shortly after. Getting frustrated, he challenged Sousuke to a Pokemon battle.

He lost.


I created this thinking that it would be a really cute idea after I’ve been attempting to find a shiny Lapras in my own game.


My Masuda method shinies! The last five are all LITERALLY FROM THE LAST TEN DAYS AND I WASN’T EVEN TRYING FOR THREE OF THEM??? (Seriously, I’ve had literally one random shiny before now and now THIS. T H I S.)

  • Régalienne:  about 550 eggs
  • Soufflé: 12 eggs
  • Claribel: 14 eggs
  • Pandora: 904 eggs
  • Miki: 20 eggs
  • Désirée: 266 eggs

Soufflé, Claribel, and Miki were COMPLETE surprises - thankfully I’d already thrown the balls and egg moves on two of them before they showed up! And surprisingly the two that weren’t nature-locked got decent natures anyway (quiet for Soufflé and modest for Claribel). And all have at least four perfect IVs, even the accidents.

Régalienne is still probably my favorite of my shinies though. WHAT A CLASSY PRINCESS. *w*

Speaking of Haruka, here he is!

I was hoping for a girl, but I knew I got too lucky with Deerling being male like I hoped. Never happens twice.

Anyways, I’m a little embarrassed because I was just hatching mechanically while watching Nagi no Asukara and I was rejecting the nickname option when something caught my eye, but I didn’t think anything of it.

I go to put the first 5 back into the PC and ta-dah!

I’m really satisfied with my babies right now, so I’m going to take a break from hunting to put my team together.


Look at all that cute! <3

Name: Azalea

Stats are up there ^

Started: 1/20/16

Hatched: 1/28/16

I didn’t expect this to take as long as it did. I should have known better after Raneb, whom I hatched in the same game, hatched so quickly. That seems to be how my luck goes, for the most part: get a quick shiny, pay for it in the next hunt. But finally, after 894 eggs, I got my dear shiny cherubi. She had a few other egg moves, but weather ball is the only one I kept. (Grass whistle, seriously?) It’ll be interesting because I have a grass team I’m gonna use her on, and no one else has a “fire” move. Anyway, I love how she came out and I can’t wait to use her :D

Hatched in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Masuda method + shiny charm.