shiny blissey

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Also, Pokemon like shiny gengar and blissey-- you can't even see the difference! Why, pokemon?

(someone correct me if im wrong with this but this is the story i was told)

for the older gens (i think by gen 5 they stopped? or gen 6) they used an algorithm or something that shifted the color palettes to make the shinies. thats why a lot of blue pokemon (kyogre, wailord, mudkip, dratini…) are ALL pink. their colors got shifted the same way.

but certain pokemon, because of the way their colors were in relation to others, the shift did not take them to a drastic color at all. so sadly gengar and blissey and seel and scyther got crappy new colors and they didnt get fixed, ever.

some shinies from gen 2 got “redone” (like charizard was purple but they made him black) when gen 3 came around but i wish they helped out the “no difference” shinies as well

but anyway thats (supposedly) the reason that some shinies have no difference

Supersonic Trainer’s AU: Team EGG Members and Pokemon

Note: Pokemon in bold are the first Pokemon these characters owned.

Here’s all the Team Egg members currently that people have suggested and I’ve added.

Dr. Eggman: Shiny Blissey (Not fighting), Bisharp, Skarmory, Aggron (With Aggornite), Magnezone, Klefki, Probopass

Maw: (Added by @ultyfox-777) Genesect, Mawile (with Mawilenite), Swalot, Metagross, Porygon-Z, Klinklang

Battle Lord Kukku XV: Toucannon (THE ANGRY BIRB), Pidgeot (with Pidgeotnite). Braviery, Pelipper, Altaria, Talonflame

Thunderbolt: (Added by @spirit-animal-sisters-official) Mimikyu (Drake-gon’s Idea), Parchirisu, Emolga, Dedenne, Togedemaru, Stunfisk

Blue X: Zangoose, Lurantis, Glisor, Septile (with Septilenite), Alolan Sandslash, Roserade