shiny blissey

Baby Snikt and Sneasel, Dad-verine and Ursaring

(if I were to give them more Laura would also have a Mawile/Riolu/Linoone/Absol/Genesect, and Logan would have Sandslash/Zangoose/Lucario/Excadrill/Scizor)

SPF 9000 and Sandile, Old man X and Reuniclus

(if I gave them more Caliban would have Umbreon/Blissey/Minccino/shiny mega Gengar/Lycanroc… day version, ironically. Charles would have Baltoy/Uxie/Alakazam/Metagross/Rowlet)

these are just some silly and fun ideas I had, but really just nonsense, pay my scribbles no mind~