shiny black bob

story - PIVOT!

A Naruto ‘Friends’ AU. I don’t own Naruto or Friends, but this was written for my love for writing and I intend on continuing this series for a long, long time. Hope you enjoy it, and please leave feedback!


It begins, one would say, in a small ramen-house in the middle of Konoha.

The time is Spring, during which Tenten finds herself walking out of her workplace and onto sunlit streets. She purchases a green tea smoothie on her way to her friends’ meeting point, beaming up at the sunshine that’s peeking through sweeping skyscrapers. Her work is largely confined to the kitchen of Yakiniku Q, where she’s been steadily working her way up from waitress to sous-chef over the course of four years. She likes to think that she’s a hard worker with a good head on her shoulders and an expansive knowledge of the culinary arts.

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