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Day 28: Halloween Party

I’m catching up slightly! Anyways, longer one shot today cause I had more time to do it! This is based off of a post I found on Tumblr. For @drarry-halloween-fest !!!


Harry walked down the stairs from the dorm room and yelled, “Ready!”

Ron and Hermione grinned up at him. Hermione was wearing a blue dress complete with blue and pink ears. Oh. He recognized the character. It was Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, her favorite movie. He grinned at her and flashed her a thumbs up. Ron was painted white and he was wearing a pirate’s hook and a pirate cap, both painted white. He was a pirate ghost. The two were smirking at him. Well, Hermione was smirking. Ron was slowly turning purple under the white paint.

“What?” He asked, knowing exactly what she was smirking about.

“Oh nothing. Nice hair by the way.”

Harry reached up to touch his slicked back hair. “It took me forever to get my hair to stay like this!”

She smiled and then lifted her wand. “Do you have it? You want it ‘just right’, right?”

He nodded and held out the strand of blond hair. “Found it on his robe last night. We were in the Prefects Bathroom and I was giving him a good sha-”

Ron was definitely purple now. “Hermione, remind me to never step foot in that bathroom ever again.”

They laughed and Hermione murmured a spell. They were done.

He was itching to see the look on his boyfriend’s face when he saw the costume Harry was wearing. The Slytherins were hosting a Halloween party in the dungeons and he knew his boyfriend would be there.

When they got to the dungeons, they heard music blasting and loud talking from behind the entrance. They entered and found the party in full swing, with people dancing in costume. He easily recognized Parkinson, her shiny black bob of hair accenting her bird styled mask nicely, wearing a sequined top and a feathered skirt. Then, he saw him. And promptly started to choke on air. Ron thumped his back.

“Oi mate! What happened there? Is it-” Ron also turned to see him and also started to turn purple.

“The cheeky bugger copied me!”

Draco Malfoy walked up to Harry and smirked. “Malfoy,” he said.

For yes, Harry had dressed up as Draco Malfoy. His hair had been charmed blond and he was wearing those poncy robes he used to wear. But Draco was dressed up as Harry. His hair was black and was in a mess, wearing rounded glasses like his. Only tonight, Harry had gone for contact lenses. Harry decided to play along.

“Potter,” he snarled, trying to make his voice as Malfoy as he could.

Draco grinned at him. The git had even drawn a lightning bolt scar on his forehead and was showing it off shamelessly.

They stared each other down and then started to laugh, Draco’s light and somewhat musical and Harry’s loud and obtrusive.

“Hey babe,” Harry grinned and kissed Draco quickly.

“Hello love,” Draco replied quickly pecking Harry’s cheek.

“Nice costume,” they both said at the same time and then promptly burst into peals of laughter again.

story - PIVOT!

A Naruto ‘Friends’ AU. I don’t own Naruto or Friends, but this was written for my love for writing and I intend on continuing this series for a long, long time. Hope you enjoy it, and please leave feedback!


It begins, one would say, in a small ramen-house in the middle of Konoha.

The time is Spring, during which Tenten finds herself walking out of her workplace and onto sunlit streets. She purchases a green tea smoothie on her way to her friends’ meeting point, beaming up at the sunshine that’s peeking through sweeping skyscrapers. Her work is largely confined to the kitchen of Yakiniku Q, where she’s been steadily working her way up from waitress to sous-chef over the course of four years. She likes to think that she’s a hard worker with a good head on her shoulders and an expansive knowledge of the culinary arts.

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