shiny becomes things

My crows brought me a gift!

I started feeding the neighborhood crows when we moved into this house four months ago. Today, I was sitting on the front porch, and I heard a couple of them squawking in one of the pine trees in our front yard. Then I saw something drop, and they kept squawking until I went to check it out and…they brought me a shiny! I’m so happy!


Tie them up & string them along.

Leashes for the followers.

    1,2,3,4,5, etc…

Leaches for the wallowers.

Hide your COMpLainTS.

Flowers for dollars.

Love for money.

Love or money?

Does it need to be so mutually exclusive?

The color blinds your ambition & changes your motives.

It becomes about shiny things and new locomotives. 

It gives you ulterior motives & a yearning for fame.

It’s one of my favorite colors, too. What a shame.

“What if I find fame before I find myself?”

Green has got me feeling blue & seeing red.

It’s made people with resolve become fucked up in the head.

The scene fades to black & starts a new with tunnel vision.

It’s hard to look for an answer when your sight is blinded by the




Calm & relaxed & content.

On an emotion to color wheel that’s where I stand.

Taken in by an ever-loving, all consuming, enthusiastic quick sand.

Breathing in the lung consuming, hate confusing, compassion infusing, laugh inducing substance until you turn purple.

I’m feeling yellow.

       I think I’m gonna be sick.

I’d rather go to the street corner & turn a trick then sit around and watch this sink quick. 

I’m feeling mellow.

     I think I’m gonna be fine.

I’d trade in a sullied hundred for a few clean dimes.

I think I’m starting to understand vows of silence.

Although there is a difference between:

A monk and a mime.

 A well thought out lyric & a rhyme. 

  A lemon or a lime.

   Your worth or your time.

You’re not what they were expecting, Azure.