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A round of applause for these badass chicks! Guys arent the only ones who can be awesome band members! 💜✨🙌🏼👏🏼

Society on female rock/metal artists:

Hayley Williams is nothing but hair dye

Maria Brink is a whore/sex metal barbie

Taylor Momsen is satanic and a slut and needs a sandwich

carah Faye’s too inked and so is LIGHTS

Amy Lee’s too fat

Lzzy Hale’s too bitchy

Avril’s a bad girl and is a attention whore

Lynn Gunn and Alexa San Roman should not exist cuz they’re gay

Jenna Mcdougall and Tay Jardine are ugly(?)

Cherri Bomb is pop band because their name sounds poppish

Joan Jett’s too old

Jen Ledger and Korey Cooper weren’t meant to play drums and guitar

Now you ask why girls suicide due to fucking stereotypes and always being lower than men.

This is the reason.

Our society is so fucked up for women.And it’s fucked up for men too.

These women here,who are classified into categories,are Saviors of a million people.People put down razors,put back pills,got a life because of these amazing women.Give them the chances they deserve.

.All girls can rock.

Note: this post is not meant to defame the opposite sex in any way.


So I’ve literally had 90% of this mapped out in my head since December 2015, and only just now got around to finally making it because it was imperative that I make it before the next movie comes out (and possibly ruins my life). It’s basically a love letter to Finn, Rey, and Poe, ngl. Also, credit goes to @shenanigana for the name. XD


One of my fav songs ever 👌🏻👌🏻

Each and every one of us has a fire that burns inside us. They can try like hell to put it out, but as long as we know in our minds who we are meant to be, they can’t stand a chance.
—  Andy Biersack, Black Veil Brides