My first dub! The voice could use a little work, but I’m happy with the result.

Comic by @jakei95


Right first of all have you ever seen a scorpion, or even a scorpion fly (an insect - google them, they are hilarious looking)? Aside from the tail and claw appendage aesthetic, there is really not much invertebrate about them, the ears and many other features giving a real mammal vibe. I think that they are partly based on manticores - chimeric mythical beasts, which can have lion bodies, human faces, sharp rows of teeth, bat wings, and scorpion tails.  Whilst I would put gligar and gliscor more in a mythical beast category, there is still enough bat inspiration (don’t forget gliscor’s ears!) for me to put them in a shitpost about bat and batlike pokemon. I just cannot agree that it definitively IS a scorpion, when it looks nothing like one. 

This arguement can carry on to noivern, who additionally, has NUMEROUS bat features, as well as evolving from something called noiBAT. As it’s typing suggests, it is bat first, dragon second. 

ask-mercury  asked:

Remi and Envy as shinies OvO

((Hahaha I’m actually not a super fan of either species’ canon shiny palettes so this was interesting! :0 except making shiny scrafty’s highlighter-hell palette look good on Remi was… A Challenge. Just a sketch bc I know I said i had unexpected free time BUT GUESS WHOSE BOSS MADE HER STAY LATE TO FINISH BUILDING SOME STAIRS MMMM SPICY))