Is the Warboy Max strangles Slit?




I saw a while ago someone mentioned that it looked like Max shoved his chain into a Warboy’s mouth in the opening sequence and that that’s how Slit got his slits… it’s kinda obvious that Slit’s scars are older than that, and Max hooked the Boy around the neck with the chain anyway, but I was still curious about who the unlucky Warboy was and it really does look like Slit… (new headcanon: “Decapito” was payback for this)

Getting close to completing the dex, I think it’ll be further once I evolve some of the Pokemon I got, which I should be able to do tomorrow.~
Thank you so far guys! I may not have participated in all your giveaways but I have at least once so you deserve a mention just as much as anyone else.
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Thank you all so far, I’m almost there so I’m really exited since I haven’t gotten this far before.
/This time, thankfully I think I got everyone so now I can thank ‘em properly–now I’m gonna go to sleep so g'night everyone. u.u

@shinywhimsicottgiveaways (can’t tag you for some reason??) too Wow this is late I’m sorry–now I’m heading off to bed–

I got both! The male came first, and I was really expecting to hatch a looooot more shiny males before the female, but NOPE! He hatched on the 393rd egg, and she hatched on egg 492. IM SO MAD I DIDNT GET HER HATCH SCREEN! I was busy talking to someone and didn’t even notice I had her until I almost released her by accident. O.O they have different characteristics and abilities, and he’s missing a perfect speed stat, while she’s missing a perfect defense stat. Aaaaand now I have 3 and a half more boxes to hatch……