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I was gonna send like a doodle ask of Meenah and Stardust asking Socket if she wants to get up to some trouble (cuz the one of a person asking for her to be their GF was dorbs) but then I remembered that I can't draw so instead just imagine that below this is a picture of Meenah and Stardust asking Sprocket if she wants to get up to some trouble and also Meenah is probably making a lewd hand gesture because her face got stuck that way eventually



Man, am I really going to have wait x-number of episodes before they dive into Ursula/Chariot’s story? That would take forever! Dx

From what I see, it looks like Ursula’s not entirely happy about her current situation. Whether it was her own decision to stop being Chariot or something else that put her old career to a halt (like the Shiny Rod not working for her anymore because she received some life-changing epiphany or whatever), it seems Ursula might have forced herself to come to terms with it.

Which may be why she keeps a neutral, if not somber, expression when she’s explaining to Akko that the Shiny Rod is hers now since it reacted to Akko and not its former owner who is standing right there in the very same room.

There’s no doubt Ursula means well for Akko and genuinely wants her to succeed in magic.

But it also must be tough for her.

To watch as the Shiny Rod accepts this new face, brimming with hopes and aspirations, while she becomes more and more like a relic of the past. It might be a reminder that Ursula no longer has what it takes to wield the Shiny Rod and it moved onto Akko because the new girl does.

Ursula obviously still believes in her mantra “a believing heart is my magic” but when she says it to herself here, it sounds so sad and lacking in conviction. Not the same as Chariot who was more lively and effervescent, someone who appeared bigger than life itself.

Really, what exactly happened to you, Ursula???

Well, in any case, it looks like Akko will be going down a similar road as young!Chariot/Ursula did if she maintains that passionate approach.

Which she will. She’s the gung-ho MC. It’s kinda required.

The only thing that sets them apart is probably their ability to use magic. I don’t know how Chariot was like during her school days and this commemorative relay victory photo is not enough to tell if she excelled at magic but I’m pretty sure Chariot wasn’t at level 0 when she won the race.

It just means Akko has a lot to learn and Ursula’s got her work cut out for her in mentoring Akko.

For that, Ursula has my respect. Or rather, as things are now, my condolences. ^^;