For the final episode of Physics, Shini shows us how the things we’ve learned can help us understand the universe.

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Wait. Wait. Do you like Hatoful Boyfriend? *^*

((I LOVE THOSE GAMES SO MUCH, EVEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!! Nageki is my favorite character, though I also care a lot about Ryouta and Anghel and Kazuaki - well at least I find Kazuaki really interesting. Also, did you play Holiday Star?? That’s what made me love Nageki even more, though that was so bittersw– AUGHJSDKF))

P: You’re going to break my neck like that!! Don’t you also have an art blog for things like these??


Ares: “We can take a hit or two, so we’re mostly training dummies. We heavily encourage the children to learn as many moves as they can to help them survive in the wild.”

Arty: “But we aren’t as fast as a Ponyta or as strong as a Tyrunt, so some things they have to learn on their own!”

Ares: “I swear, I was born with a little fighting-type in me. You should see my jabs.”

Arty: “… You should stick to four legs!”