sleeplingsupernova  asked:

Long time trainer here! I've had my gengar Axyra for a while now. He's usually well behaved, but lately he's been really jealous of my new shiny zubat Screech and he's been terrorizing her all over the house. Is there any way to either help him get along or prove that she isn't getting all of the attention?

Screech is, worryingly, prey-sized for a Gengar. This might be less of an attention grab, and more of a hunting behavior. Get both of them into socialization classes as soon as possible.


etsyfindoftheday 2 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 4.28.17

ceramic home goods by paperandclaystudio

personal shop fave paperandclaystudio is run by maker brit whose smooth, understated aesthetic is right up my alley. i have one of her ‘fuck yeah’ mugs and it’s my #1 pick in the morning, but i’d also love to continue adorning our cottage with more ceramic goodies like these color-dipped trays and milk bottle-style vases, also available in other hues.

anonymous asked:

I'm about to shiny hunt for a Shiny Pichu in my sun game. If I get a female would you take issue if I named her Cinnamon?

No, thats is so cool! I’m really honoured! Good luck!

(i have shiny hunted several time, once for skitty (failed, i killed it) and once for rockruff (didn’t find it, wrecked chain)… yeah. i also bred eevee’s in pokemon X, i dont know how many boxes i filled with eevee’s but it were many. ofcourse i failed to get a shiny. i hope you have more luck than me >v<)