Patchwork Goomies tend to exist in unstable, gooey states. Their bodies usually appear slightly puddled wherever they stand. Even with the enormity of their smiles, this can often make them easy to miss while traveling through the Kalos marshlands. 

Notably, special substances form and crystallize at these Goomy’s heads. If prepared properly, the fragile crystals can make potent mood elevators. (Trainers beware, if consumed raw, the crystals are incredibly poisonous!)

Okay so after seeing bloodsbane’s banette hybrids/variations, I just got inspired so much that I wanted to try to draw my actual pokesona into one of these variations (which was obviously spiritomb) and I will more likely keep it official since I also got bored of the previous design.

Needless to say I also tried another style andd I just… wow, I should probably keep this too.


Hey guys starting today im gonna be on livechatting my wtw! We also might have plans to do livestreaming…? I unfortunately cant until my pixi stik drug ring gets really going but lemme know if you guys wanna see that. I might be able to persuade my people to get the dough fast, if u know what i mean. (What i mean is asking my parents if i could have an early-early birthday present. :p)

Todays gonna be a weird schedule for me, as I’ve got to go a lot of places but I’ll also have a lot of downtime at the places so just check the chat to know when im giving stuff out.

Thanks everyone, and happy wonder trade wednesday!! -Duck

Check out my new and UPDATED list of Rare ball females! It’s been a long time since I’ve  updated this and I’m here to help out fellow Pokebreeders who like Pokemon in cool balls. Obviously some of them are hacked, not by myself since I don’t have the software to but I’ve gotten off GTS, Wonder Trade, etc over the years I’m free today and can do some breeding for you. I like other rare ball ‘mons in return, etc. Hit me up don’t be shy and please share with your fellow Poke-friends!!!!!! Happy breeding.