Semi-random Shiny Bagon. I haven’t found a shiny in forever, I’ve been trying forever on my Sun version but no luck. But I can apparently get one on my Moon version without a shiny charm. I was just gonna do a few SOS encounters to see if I could find a Salamence before going home. But nah, I get a shiny instead. And it’s Adamant :v

So 65 Bagons into ally chaining I came across a wild Lv. 9 Salamence! But then to my horror I had discovered that it could not call any Bagons for help. So while I could not get a shiny Bagon, I ended up with a Lv. 9 Salamence who I properly named Natria, because of how salty I am.

Update: So I checked its IVs and it turns out it has 4 perfect IVs in HP, Atk, SpA, and Spe!! Also Impish nature.

Infamy: Chapter 6.5 (request fic)

Hey everyone, I’ve finally finished the first request fic for my giveaway! The prompt was to write an Infamyverse fluffy/sexy hardenshipping short fic, requested by nainairuna! I called it what I did because it takes place in the middle of Chapter 6, but long before that thing happens. But I hope you guys enjoy it! 

(IF you haven’t read Infamy, some of this might not make sense, so you can read that rest of the fic HERE or on my fanfiction page!) 

Pairing: hardenshipping (Maxie/Matsubusa x Archie/Aogiri) 

Warnings: SMUTTY SMUT, (and for those of you celebrating Ramadan who would like a food warning, there is a LOT of food in this), “archie’s ass gets rekt for real this time” (this warning is courtesy of betaadmin thank u so much) 

Summary: Archie’s birthday is tomorrow, and there’s only one thing he wants…a trip to Ye Olde Hoennian Faire.

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So I did a link trade with some dude and this is what I have received:

-A Speed Forme Deoxys which is named KETCHUP

-An Egg (which hatched into a Bagon)

-A shiny male Salandit

-A shiny Hydriegon

Sorry the picture is blurry, but see this? I got a Shiny Bagon over Wonder Trade. I saw that it was level 99, holding a Burn Heal, and named NoMence4U and I had to close my 3DS for a moment and think why would someone do such an evil thing.