The necktie and white shirt you bought me. The pants that I haven’t worn for a short while. I wear it by myself and I feel good by myself. The old sticker pictures that I took out again. The pictures where you and I are happily smiling. I look at them by myself and I feel good by myself. Why am I still, why am I still here, why am I still like this?


celebrity crushes: CNU

“The important thing is to not lose your rookie state-of-mind. No matter how much you succeed, if you lose your heart then there’s no meaning is what I think. I don’t want to become a person who can’t stand proudly in front of the family and fans who are looking out for me.” 

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:b1a4 actually thought people would forget about them after being away for a year and they ended up writing a song (called 10 years later) expressing their feelings about it and at their guerrilla concert sandeul was so apologetic for having such thoughts that he started crying and then the others teared up too and they realised how dedicated their fans are since they filled up the whole place with about 2000 people and even exceeded the designated area for the concert by just handing out flyers and promoting it literally hours before and idk i just don't get how people don't absolutely cherish b1a4 because look at how much passion they have in what they do and how much they care about their fans and their career i love them so much please cherish them forever and never let them forget how important they are