shintarou nishihiro


I’ve wanted to do a sticker sheet for the ENTIRE TEAM+ and now! I have! or well not physically yet but that is a piece of cake!

nishiura! (and friends!)

i’m glad i finally realised my dream of drawing a big oofuri group print *o*


Nishiura’s psychological competitive ability profiles

Those abilities are necessary for an athlete to fully display their athletic skill and talent in competition. 

For each category, the higher the score is, the stronger the following tendencies are:

  • Patience -  Perseverance. Tenacity. Pain endurance. Patience in achieving desired results.
  • Aggressiveness -  Fighting spirit.  Combativeness and a burning enthusiasm in big or important matches.
  • Volition for self-realization - Willing to take challenges to develop potential, ready to do one’s best for one’s own sake.  Autonomous. Independent.  
  • Volition for winning - Eager to win. Emphasis on winning. Hates to lose.
  • Self-control - Self-management. Can play as usual. No physical tension. Not discouraged by setbacks.
  • Ability to relax - Free of anxiety, pressure and tension.
  • Concentration -  Self-possession. Calmness. Focused attention.
  • Confidence - Confidence in own ability. Confidence in fully displaying skills and talents. Confidence in achieving a goal.
  • Decision -  Decisiveness. Quickness in making decisions. Decisions made with no fear of failure.
  • Predictive ability -  Successful strategic planning. Strategic flexibility. Strategy leading to victory.
  • Judgement -  Precise judgement. Cool judgernent. Quick judgement.  
  • Cooperation - Teamwork. Spirit of unity. Collaboration.  Encouragement.

oofurisecretsanta present to: L (whythemadman)

From: cappy

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! sorry this is late (for my timezone) omg ive been away from internet for the past 4 days :’) i really love your art hhnNG and it’s been an hONOR DRAWING THIS FOR YOU i hope you like it >:)

here’s all of them lined up in their dumb sweaters: 

External image

aLSO its probably going to look better in full view 


for the lovely @bokuboks!! an artist who i admire a lot tbh i hope you are having a merry christmas!!! i am your secret santa!

i was unsatsified with the first one i drew so i drew you another oki with a surrounded by snow usagis~ 

i really suck at colors and this was the first time i drew snow but i hope i did well enough

happy holidays everyone~


In 2011, my friends and I did an Oofuri baseball field photoshoot! If I had a cosplay dream, it was this, so I was incredibly happy we got together to make it happen. Any cosplay related thing I do now is honestly icing on the cake at this point. <3