hello! amy (buxiban/gina) here and it’s been who knows how long since i’ve made one of these (i mean that literally i cannot find my first follower forever >__<) but i hit my next k and i want to highlight some of the amazing friends+senpais that have kept me on this site for three years OTL. you should honestly follow every single one of these blogs because i can be rather picky since it’s hard to find people who post graphics but these are all koala tea k :D along with the rest of my blogroll 

amigonewareumdown | astrospace | baektaeng | baexlo | blingerishblueous | btseokbyunghunedbyunghunnybwihope | chandonut | chesuyoon | chikwang | chnsoodaedreamingalldae | dahees | dewusional | dokyungs | doujinssifansoofluffybap | g-y-ugkachugyuuri | hakyeone | hakyeunshobikiu | hojoun | homilks |  hoyeu | hseokiejeongmean | jihoops | jjangjojongbyung | jungkooks | jungtaekgoon | kiss-seopkrisimnida | kwangtronic | leftchopstick04leobeans | lhoelittleshitsoo | lockedaces | marktuonmilklu | moonjongupsmyungbabes | myyeolie | naeums | nawonnnielips | nhyung | noctorn | pilsukspitdaepyojamasrxkhyun | ryoue | sehunetc | shinspirit | sighjongs | sugassugashutaenuts | thecaptainbeagle | ukehuns | wealthyhousewife |  what-is-a-luhan | woojiseoks | wooktao | xi-aolu | xiao-xianxiahetic | yadoongyijeongs | yghigh | ziminz

Hi~ my blog just reach the 1000 milestone!! Honestly, I don’t know what to say other than thank you for sticking around, even if my blog isn’t great. Plus, even when I’m not very active here because of personal life, I still want to thank the ones whose blogs are amazing and who I’ve talked to during my time here :)

Bold are mutuals // Forgive me if I miss anyone else

@allenswalkers @amirnizuno @a-sakuras @ayatochii @ayumiko @daiifukuu @datamarluxia @draagneels @escarletes @fairytailwitch @femaleidols @fudayk @fuyus @gainsboroug @hharukas @hikaritsu @hiramaruu @iwazukas @jetzui @kandayuz @kanekkis @kazune @keiko-chan @kirei-na-jinsei @kommaru @komories @kurummi @larimii @lightaga @makotozz @michirro @mmatsuokah @mokacheer @morgianafanaliss @muukamii @preciousghoul @quinsdecim @reijikotobuki @sasukeeuchiha @sekkiie@sexpai@shinspirit@skyphoi@suuzumes@tachibana–chan@the-whitebambi @vorick@yatotrash@youkas@youngbaaes@zetsueen


excuse this shitty edit, i really couldn’t come up with something better ;;
Well, hello and welcome to my first follow forever! I’ve created this blog around June 2013, so I’ve been on tumblr for nearly 2 years, wow, how time flies.
Anyway, I’ve recently hit a little more than 300 followers, which is a really big number to me :) in celebration of that I decided to make my first follow forever. Enjoy!

italic-faves (basically everybody on this list is my fave, lol)
adrenataealatarielzcaiyilincaptainhwasa ღ chanyeof chodyeol ღ daenso   exolutely  femaleidols functiongirls- ღ galaxychen ღ girlgrouped ღ hangeukheyhighfour ღ huailang ღ hyoris ღ hyvnkaiibsul-ui ღ infinitblaq ღ itschangminnie
kingyixingxing kittenluna ღ kmexoplanetkwonyuri kyunglis ღ leetaes ღ lixvre ღ lovenhanced ღ malegroups ღ maomoas ღ mintokkies ღ missamuro ღ mumoos ღ namstalsnugu-s ღ obliviatae ღ ohkrystals ღ ot9s ღ queensunyoung ღ pakjinyoungparklunacy
sehwun ღ seorfboarding ღ shinspirit ღ tiffiana ღ tinyxiumins ღ tipannies ღ viitakissme ღ woheeswuyifancy ღ xoxo-soshi yeowangs ღ yoonvelyz
Special mentions (aka my real life friends)
serei-san ღ sumire-senpai ღ sweetlikevanillia ღ nikki-kirai

Thank you guys for making my tumblr experience so amazing! I might have forgotten someone, so be sure to check my blogroll :)

Lots of love, Julia