shinsengumi peace maker


Shinsengumi PEACE MAKER (2012)

I really enjoyed this stage. Overall I thought the cast was better. I liked the pacing of the play more. I liked the interaction and exploration of Tetsunosuke and Suzu friendship more (helped by the fact SEIYA and Sano are good friends). Also the interaction between Okita and Tetsunosuke was better, but that could have been because Mao was more comfortable in the role a second time around. Plus even the stage direction and production was better ( granted it was also like an hour longer than the first).


Okay. Wow. This one went over my head. Izawa Yuki in Shinsengumi PEACEMAKER 2011 Stage. Apparently this was his debut on stage. I guess at the time I didn’t really know him, or all I knew about him was Here is Greenwood.   Plus I think at the time I was more interested in Hamao (he was the reason why I brought the DVD in the first place) - but there you go.