sakatashit requested: Gintama + ALL THE PAAKOS (is 40 enough?)

Okay but have you considered this

- Hijikata feeding stray dogs and cats secretly, always checking over his shoulder to make sure nobody sees him, sometimes hiding hurt ones in his room

- Kondo giving advice on life to the younger subordinates in the form of sexual metaphors that oddly make sense

- trans men in the shinsengumi being accept completely

- gay men in the shinsengumi being accepted completely 

- Sougo actually feeling like he has a family and just maybe not alone in the world when surrounded by the shinsengumi

- Hijikata leaving mayo by a sick subordinate’s bedside, thinking that’ll actually work to heal him

- Kondo and Sougo fighting over the last snack like two brothers bc the mess hall serves literally the worst food

- (Kondo knowing they serve horrible food and calling in pizza orders)

- Some recruits never knowing what a family feels like, and finally finding that among the shinsengumi

- Some not ever knowing a father figure, but Kondo’s arm over their shoulder or his pat on their back emulating what they think it might feel like

- A funeral service held for every fallen member, no matter how insignificant they were

- shinsengumi movie night

- they show Ponyo

- Hijikata cries