夜 大阪 Night Osaka by Ivan Wan


Osaka, August 2016 by Chrystal Hooi


Night Light by Ted Tsang
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Wish you a wonderful weekend :) **** The night view at Namba, Osaka , Japan


LumièreShinsaibashi [dinner] (continued from here). Continuing with their tend of light dishes, their signature peach on peach on peach dish (that’s peach granita, peach sorbet and peach soup) was nice and clean, and of course, refreshing. I liked the little crispy peach skin garnish. Oh, look Lil, there’s a peach foam!! The caramel flourless tart lacked a bit of richness you would normally expect, however, it wasn’t bad. At this stage we were both a bit full (and pissed from all the wine), nonetheless, petit fours of chocolate lolly pops with popping candy and little panna cotta “droplets” could not be ignored. 

One of the most interesting things about Lumière is Chef Karato’s approach to cooking French inspired food. He chooses to make fairly light dishes, avoiding a lot of cream and butter. I mean, after a fair bit of food, the walk back to Shinsaibashi station wasn’t so bad. In fact, I remember saying I was satisfied but didn’t feel like I had over eaten. Don’t get me wrong, I like heavy sauces and things seared in butter, but sometimes I can feel a bit overwhelmed after eating such things. This was not one of those days. For this and other reasons Lumière is indeed worth a try.  

Good knowledgeable service. Variety of wines was awesome. ¥20000 pp (including wine). Tabelog entry here.