This was my last weekend in Osaka. :( I have lots and LOTS to write but finals are the next three days so I’ll have to try to forge some free time for it. 

Did one more all-nighter Friday as a last hurrah and it turned out basically everyone else from KGU was doing the same thing. This was at club PURE in Shinsaibashi, right next to the Glico Running Man. 

Aaaaa, I can’t believe I’m going home next week :(


夜 大阪 Night Osaka by Ivan Wan


in my 🎒/2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣❗️

It’s 2018, I only speak in Carrie Fisher’s language now; that is to say: exclusively in emojis 💃🏻 🎉  But really, this is an extremely belated “What’s in my bag luggage?” post (after being tagged many times months and months ago, thank you!!) and by ransacking Ramona’s temporary nursery here I’ve found that I have a new penchant for glitter stickers. (Hey, it’s not stealing, she’s a baby, she doesn’t know how to scrapbook yet!!)

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Afternoon Sun in Shinsaibashi von Marco Carag
Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan.


Osaka, August 2016 by Chrystal Hooi
Via Flickr:
Shinsaibashi, Osaka Japan


Street_Shinsaibashi_Osaka_Kinki_Kansai_Japan_街_心斎橋_大阪_近畿_関西_日本_1 by hans-johnson