5 blogs you NEED to check out, 1/?

getoutoftherecat - Exactly what it sounds like. A blog dedicated to pictures/comments/stories/videos about cats being where they shouldn’t be.

goodstuffhappenedtoday - again, exactly what it sounds like: this blog is all positive stuff, all the time. Pictures, news articles, videos; uplifting things that restore one’s faith in humanity and are a lovely bright spot even on stressful days.

wtfhistory - okay, there’s definitely some rough language here, but most of us have heard worse I’m sure, and there’s a lot of really passionate, epic history things that make history interesting. And kudos to those of you who can read it dry and absorb it, but I can’t. This though? This I can get on board with; it’s clever, it’s quality, and I definitely suggest at least a peak.

writeworld - suggested it several times before, suggesting it again now. This is a fantastic source of writing advice and resources, And I know more of you follow me are writers to one degree or another, so please take a look. Bookmark it, if you don’t want to follow. It’s so worth your time.

shinraheadquarters - a specific shoutout to the FF7 fandom. This blog needs more attention and more love, because it is a fantastic idea, and they’ve already done a lot of epic things. Seriously. Go look. Now.

Five blogs. Five EPIC blogs. You need to check these out.

*will probably add more in another post sometime in the future*