5 blogs you NEED to check out, 1/?

getoutoftherecat - Exactly what it sounds like. A blog dedicated to pictures/comments/stories/videos about cats being where they shouldn’t be.

goodstuffhappenedtoday - again, exactly what it sounds like: this blog is all positive stuff, all the time. Pictures, news articles, videos; uplifting things that restore one’s faith in humanity and are a lovely bright spot even on stressful days.

wtfhistory - okay, there’s definitely some rough language here, but most of us have heard worse I’m sure, and there’s a lot of really passionate, epic history things that make history interesting. And kudos to those of you who can read it dry and absorb it, but I can’t. This though? This I can get on board with; it’s clever, it’s quality, and I definitely suggest at least a peak.

writeworld - suggested it several times before, suggesting it again now. This is a fantastic source of writing advice and resources, And I know more of you follow me are writers to one degree or another, so please take a look. Bookmark it, if you don’t want to follow. It’s so worth your time.

shinraheadquarters - a specific shoutout to the FF7 fandom. This blog needs more attention and more love, because it is a fantastic idea, and they’ve already done a lot of epic things. Seriously. Go look. Now.

Five blogs. Five EPIC blogs. You need to check these out.

*will probably add more in another post sometime in the future*

Grand Opening! Welcome to ShinRa HQ!

Today is the day! The grand opening of ShinRa headquarters to the general public! Welcome one and all, new employees and old, visitors and potential future employees of our establishment.

ShinRa HQ boasts itself to be a hub of activity, meant to spur on the imaginations of those who come to pay a visit. Whether it’s just to hang out, do silly things or get some major work done – we’ll have it all!

If you ever want to get somewhere specific, just go ahead and check the Map.

But before you take a tour of the tower, might I suggest looking over the guidelines and history pertaining to the building? Wouldn’t want you to break regulation now, would we? You’ll also find a handy-dandy schedule, should you need it.

Over here is the Second Floor Shop which is currently in repairs since a recent event where a SOLDIER Third let loose a vinegar bomb that not only totalled half the store, but has left it smelling like a salad.

Available on the higher floors to our more militant branches are the mission boards, which are updated twice a week and once per division. Turks and SOLDIER.

And that’s about it!

Well, there’s obviously more here, but it’s more fun to explore, right? Granted, there isn’t much to find at the moment, but I hope you’ll enjoy your stay.

Thank you and have a good day!