ok its official I am retreating into a 17 year old fandom to do fluffy friendship/maybe shippy pics and I’m not really sorry because this is all the stuff I wanted to draw for these characters when I was a baby fangirl but didn’t have the skill for

OK SO YEAH I always headcanon’d Rude and Elena as ex-Military so here have Infantry Rude and fresh-from-the-academy Elena being bros. The timeline wouldn’t lineup at all so they’re either undercover ironically or this is an AU where they aren’t Turks take your pick.

Rude and Elena being really close is so important to me and it makes me sad when Rude is just an accessory to Reno in fic.


For MechanicalCervine - because I got way too into my half of this thing and I’m not sorry.

Jaegers for everyone! Aeris and Tifa are obviously instantly drift compatible and don’t understand why everyone keeps trying to get them to drift with Cloud. They have a small, very fast Jaeger for support and rescue.

Vincent and Red are a long story but at least their color schemes match. They don’t get sent out often because no one knows what’ll happen if Vincent transforms while drifting but also because they have a really overdramatic Jaeger and everyone is embarrassed by it. 

Tseng and Reno aren’t drift compatible but I wanted to draw Reno’s ‘scuffed up wearing half the wrong pieces of his suit’ thing. The two Turk Jaegers are smaller support ones for a more sucker-punch-the-monster-while-a-big-Jaeger-distracts-it sort of fighting AKA the Turks will totally steal your kill because they are obligated to be sneaky assholes regardless of universe.

And then my brothers pointed out I should do other FF characters so you also get a sketch of Celes Cher who is mentoring Quistis Trepe and just being total powerhouses. Kain Highwind is similarly mentoring Seifer Almasy but his progress is slower because, you know, Seifer. The Diamond Dust and Crusader Dragoon are front line heavy hitters.

This probably will be a thing for awhile I didn’t realize how fun Jaeger suits were.