For MechanicalCervine - because I got way too into my half of this thing and I’m not sorry.

Jaegers for everyone! Aeris and Tifa are obviously instantly drift compatible and don’t understand why everyone keeps trying to get them to drift with Cloud. They have a small, very fast Jaeger for support and rescue.

Vincent and Red are a long story but at least their color schemes match. They don’t get sent out often because no one knows what’ll happen if Vincent transforms while drifting but also because they have a really overdramatic Jaeger and everyone is embarrassed by it. 

Tseng and Reno aren’t drift compatible but I wanted to draw Reno’s ‘scuffed up wearing half the wrong pieces of his suit’ thing. The two Turk Jaegers are smaller support ones for a more sucker-punch-the-monster-while-a-big-Jaeger-distracts-it sort of fighting AKA the Turks will totally steal your kill because they are obligated to be sneaky assholes regardless of universe.

And then my brothers pointed out I should do other FF characters so you also get a sketch of Celes Cher who is mentoring Quistis Trepe and just being total powerhouses. Kain Highwind is similarly mentoring Seifer Almasy but his progress is slower because, you know, Seifer. The Diamond Dust and Crusader Dragoon are front line heavy hitters.

This probably will be a thing for awhile I didn’t realize how fun Jaeger suits were.

ok its official I am retreating into a 17 year old fandom to do fluffy friendship/maybe shippy pics and I’m not really sorry because this is all the stuff I wanted to draw for these characters when I was a baby fangirl but didn’t have the skill for

OK SO YEAH I always headcanon’d Rude and Elena as ex-Military so here have Infantry Rude and fresh-from-the-academy Elena being bros. The timeline wouldn’t lineup at all so they’re either undercover ironically or this is an AU where they aren’t Turks take your pick.

Rude and Elena being really close is so important to me and it makes me sad when Rude is just an accessory to Reno in fic.

put a character in my ask - Vincent

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  Vincent/Tifa used to be my guilty ship way back when, because Tifa has to fix people and Vincent is a fuckin’ mess. That’s morphed into a BFFs situation these days tho.

I’m actually not sure who I’d ship him with these days?

friendship them with:  Cloud, Red XIII, Tifa. I guess Cid is canonically the party member he’s most friendly with but I don’t particularly care about Cid. Cloud and Red are like his ‘Ex-Hojo’s-Guinea-Pig bros’ also Red is the only one who’s going to also outlive everyone else. Tifa is pretty good with everybody and I think she’d want to help Vincent out if she could after she got over the fact that he used to work for Shinra. So yeah that’s where the whole 'hobo Vincent hangs out at Tifa’s’ thing came from.

general opinions: It’s better now that I’m old enough to take this angst bucket less seriously because holy hell he’s fun to poke fun at but also kind of precious. I mean, depressed ex-assassin who turns into demons is an amazing string of words.

I guess on the one hand you’ve got over dramatic angst, but I mean Vincent did fuck up his life pretty bad so he has every reason to be depressed and weird. 

He could definitely use a change of clothes.

I always assumed Vincent was way better adjusted post game then AC ended up having him be. I also tend to assume he includes all the horrible shit he probably did while he was Turk under his 'Things to Atone For’ list, not just The Jenova Project.

k so spoiler alert I’m thinking of making some nerdy tshirts to sell and I got a few test printed

so today I was wearing a kind of pop art/minimalist Turk tshirt 

and this little old lady complimented me on it, asked where I got it and what band it was

this means

  • shirt has passed the ‘not immediately recognizable as video game thing’ test


  • I need battle of the bands FF7 AU immediately

So when table sketches at Bronycon turned to Final Fantasy jokes I went for these dorks first.

(that’s not entirely true I actually finished Vincent first but I’m still touching that sketch up)

I’ll upload junk for table sketching as I color them, got some cute OC’s out of this year.

put a character in my ask - Yuffie

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  Ehhhhhhh she’s what, 16? I’m not sure there’s an age appropriate ship for her.

friendship them with:  I think she’d act like she was best buds with everyone but she can be really obnoxious so that doesn’t always go over well. Post-coma Cloud seemed to have lots of potential for big brother stuff (that convo about getting motion sickness is so goddamn cute) and Tifa adopts everyone and Barret would be grumpy but like her attitude. Also hell Barret has a daughter so Yuffie would probably hit some of his paternal feelings. Considering Red is actually the closest - maturity wise - to her age they’d be an interesting pair.
Basically everyone in the main cast is best friends, I’m sorry that’s kind of a boring answer.
I do think its weird how often she’s paired off with Vincent, not even in a shippy way. I get that its because they’re both ‘secret’ characters but man would she get on his nerves and I think she’d get bored of bothering him after about ten minutes.

general opinions: I didn’t like Yuffie much until I replayed 7 recently, then I guess a lot of it was circumstantial headcanons + the running joke that she thought Tifa was the coolest, which culminated in Tifa being the only one who kept some materia when Yuffie bolted.
As far as 'Teenagers in a Final Fantasy’ she’s definitely not the worst